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Top Methods to Convert MBOX to HTML

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Nick Rogers
Published On
March 21st, 2024
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Need to convert MBOX to HTML? Looking for a solution that allows you to process multiple files at once? If yes, keep reading this article. Here, we will walk you through easy steps for the conversion of multiple MBOX files HTML with head and body section at once. So, let’s start.

MBOX (Mailbox file) is a popular format compatible with various email applications, including Eudora, Apple (Mac) Mail, SeaMonkey, Opera Mail, etc. The emails in MBOX files are shown in basic rich Text format. While MBOX files are packed with many benefits, they can only be accessed with the account they are compatible with.

On the other hand, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a format best for structuring Web page and its content. Converting/exporting MBOX to HTML is a viable option for a number of reasons.

Reasons to Convert MBOX to HTML

1. Read on Web Browser: By exporting MBOX to HTML, you can view your data on any web browser. HTML files can be opened by Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. This can give you the flexibility and independence to check your email anytime you want.

2. Multi-Platform Support: You can make your data compatible with any operating system by converting it to HTML. An HTML can be viewed on any operating system and device including your Android smartphone.

3. Offline Access: You can access HTML files without needing an internet connection. You may access them using any standard application such as Notepad++, thus allowing you to access your MBOX email offline.

4. Email Client Independent: As we know that MBOX mailbox files can be opened by a specific email client, thus making them reserved. By converting them to HTML, you can independently review MBOX without the supporting MBOX application.

How to Export MBOX File to HTML ? Manual Method

It is possible to convert MBOX to HTML without using external tools. However, this method is not widely accepted due to reliance on desktop email client and a lot of technical aspects.

You must install and activate Thunderbird (if you don’t already have) to manually convert MBOX text and multimedia to HTML. After that you have to import the MBOX files into application and then follow the further steps:

  • Launch the Thunderbird email application on your system
  • Now, just right click the MBOX folder that you have already imported
  • Click ImportExportTools >> Export all messages in the folder
  • Now, you will now get a list of several options like HTML Format or HTML Format (with attachments).
  • After selecting the option, you must choose where you want to save the output. Then select the Select Folder option.
  • Finally, MBOX emails will be exported to HTML, and you can check them in the target folder.

This is how you can export MBOX file to HTML using a free and open source email client. However, this approach is not widely accepted for the following reasons:

Limitation of the Manual Approach

  • You must already have or install a desktop client which is not worth for a single task
  • You should have at least basic knowledge of the technical aspects.
  • You have to install many add-ons in your email client which is time consuming

If you want to overcome all these limitations, you should consider the best MBOX to HTML converter.

An Easy Way to Convert MBOX File to HTML

Download the free version of 4n6 MBOX Converter Software. The users can use this utility to batch export MBOX to HTML with all attachment and hyperlinks. With this utility, users can also easily view MBOX files before converting them into HTML format. Also, during the conversion process, this solution maintains all the properties.

Also, this application is intuitive and supports all the edition of Windows. One can easily use this MBOX to HTML Converter on all the latest and earlier edition of Windows OS. So, let’s understand how this software works.

Steps for Bulk Conversion of MBOX Header and Body to HTML 

  • Download the MBOX to HTML Converter and install it on the windows OS system.
    download mbox to html converter
  • Select the Email Data Files option and after that hit the MBOX files option.
    click open tab and select mbox
  • Preview the selected emails in different four modes before you export MBOX to HTML.
    read emails before exporting into html
  • Hit the Export option and choose the HTML file option in order to convert MBOX to HTML.
    select html
  • Lastly, choose the destination path and click the Save option to export MBOX to HTML.
    convert mbox to html

Watch Video Tutorial: MBOX Email to HTML Conversion

Benefits of Using MBOX to HTML Converter 

  • Batch Export MBOX to HTML: The MBOX to HTML Converter saves time with batch processing of files. It allows you to convert MBOX to HTML with metadata and linking in batch.
  • Convert with Attachments: This software can convert MBOX to HTML with attachment like image, hyperlinks, and interactive elements. You may save attachments into a separate folder.
  • Supports Multiple File Savings: Also, this incredible MBOX to HTML Converter supports to export MBOX files to multiple file savings such as CSV, Excel, TXT and more.
  • Maintains Integrity: The MBOX to HTML Converter retains all the metadata and properties of the MBOX mailbox. The headers for MBOX emails, including To, Cc, From and Date, will not alter.
  • Export Selective Files as Well: The tool to convert MBOX to HTML has a special function that allows you to selectively move only the required files instead of transferring the complete MBOX mailbox.
  • Compatible with Windows Editions: This extraordinary MBOX to HTML Converter supports all available versions of the Windows operating system. Also, you may open MBOX file on Windows-10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. Both (32 bits and 64 bits) editions.
  • Standalone: The MBOX email to HTML converter is completely standalone. You are not require to configure MBOX-compatible client to convert your files.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1) How can I export MBOX to HTML?

A) You can use the desktop email application to export MBOX files in HTML format. You can install add-ons in account that allow you to export MBOX with multiple options including HTML and CSV.

Question 2) Can I export Google MBOX files to HTML through Thunderbird?

A) Yes. The email client supports all MBOX files. You can import MBOX in Thunderbird be it from Google or any other account and later export it in HTML format.

Question 3) What is the best way to convert multiple MBOX files to HTML?

A) You can use the professional 4n6 MBOX to HTML converter to convert multiple files at the same time.

Question 4) Can I create one HTML file from multiple MBOX files?

A) Yes. You can create one HTML file from multiple MBOX files with manual or professional software.

Question 5) Can HTML Files contain MBOX attachments?

A) During the conversion, the attachments will be saved to a separate folder. They will not be included in the HTML files.

In Conclusion

We have offered you two best ways to convert MBOX to HTML in this article. You may make this using using a email client, or using a smart software. Although, while the manual process is bit technical and suitable for small number of files, the MBOX to HTML converter is suitable to export MBOX files to HTML in bulk at once.