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How to Export Yahoo Emails to CSV Format in Easy Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Introduction: Read this post if you need to export Yahoo emails to CSV format. Here, you will receive the right way to get this task done.

Recent research has shown that people are asking for a way to export Yahoo emails into CSV format, thus we have made an effort to develop a solution to this problem. Do you also have the need to do this task? If you answered yes, then you will find this post helpful. Within this post, we have come up with the most reliable and user-friendly program that is able to export several Yahoo mail data into CSV format.

Let’s take a quick look at the user question before we go on to the solution:

“Due to professional requirements, I must save my Yahoo data as an Excel file. I have searched for a solution and discovered several options. However, I am unsure of which option is the greatest. Can someone provide a way for exporting many Yahoo emails to CSV simultaneously? I will be really grateful to you.”

Solution to Export Yahoo Emails to CSV Format

If you need to export your Yahoo data in bulk to CSV, you must use professional software. It is not feasible to manually save multiple Yahoo Mail items simultaneously. In addition, if you begin doing it manually, it will be a lengthy process.

Therefore, it is recommended that you utilize Yahoo Mail Backup Application on your Windows computer. This program allows users to simultaneously save a limitless amount of Yahoo data in CSV format. The program has several advanced and appealing features. With this application, it is simple to export Yahoo emails to CSV along with any attachments. Additionally, there is no file size restriction for this utility. You can do this undertaking without difficulty.

In addition to this, there is no requirement to spend a great amount of time. To download your Yahoo emails into CSV format, you will just need to complete a few straightforward steps. Would you like to know, and if so, come with me to have a look?

Check Out the Steps to Save Yahoo Data to CSV File

Download Yahoo to CSV Converter software on your Windows computer.


Install the application, ensure that it is running, and then select the Open tab.

click open to export yahoo emails to csv

Now, select Add Account from the option that drops down from the top.

click add account

Here, you have to enter the login details of your Yahoo Mail account and click on Add button.

enter login details

Now, this software will instantly load all your mailboxes on the left panel. Click on it and check the detailed preview of your data.

check preview

From Export options, choose CSV as file saving.

choose csv saving

Enter the destination path and enable the required options and click on Save button.

saving process

Now, you can see the live exporting process on your screen. This process will only take a few moments.

Complete List of Top Features of Yahoo to CSV Converter Software

  • Export Data in Batch: This incredible application allows users to export Yahoo mail data to CSV in bulk. Now, there is no need to repeatedly choose Yahoo data.
  • Save Selected Mailboxes: This software has been developed for all type of users. The solution loads all the mailboxes on the left panel. Now, it will allow you to check only those mailboxes whose data you need to export.
  • Maintains Properties: When exporting Yahoo data as CSV format, this software preserves all the properties. There will be no changes done with the original formatting of your Yahoo Mail data.
  • Choose Destination: Yahoo to CSV Solution offers so many advance features. Also, the application allows you to choose the location where you need to save data. This feature will help you to save time and efforts.
  • No File Size Limitation: There is no file size restriction imposed on this Yahoo to CSV Converter tool. With this app, you can export unlimited data from Yahoo to CSV without facing hassle.

Check What All Other Software Can Do

It is possible to export Yahoo email header information using this app?

Yes, the application successfully supports the same. You can easily export Yahoo emails including header information.

I need to view the Hex value of my Yahoo data. Can I do it with this software?

Yes, the application provides the detailed preview of Hex Value.

Does the application allow me to save Yahoo emails to another savings?

Yes, with this app, you can export Yahoo emails to multiple savings like PST, PDF, Gmail, Office 365, and more.

Can I use this application to download Yahoo emails with attachments?

Yes, with this app, you can safely export emails from Yahoo mail to CSV along with all the attachments.

Do I need to install any supportive application?

No, this app is completely standalone. There is no need to download or install supportive application to export Yahoo emails to CSV format.

Some Concluding Words

In the preceding information, we have properly described the software. We hope you like the tool’s user-friendly functioning and great features. Using this application, you may save thousands of Yahoo emails and their attachments to CSV at once. Also, if you are concerned about something, release your concerns now. The program has been thoroughly tested. We guarantee that this incredible tool will deliver accurate and secure results.