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Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 with All Email Elements

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 11th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this post, you will find the comprehensive information on how to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 account. Here, we will provide you the most fantastic and reliable approach to migrate Yahoo email to Office 365 with attachment and header information. Let’s begin.

Yahoo! Mail is a popular email service that allows users to create and manage accounts to communicate via email. Yahoo is the oldest and free service that offers lots of features to users like customizable email filters, spam protection etc. Since it is seen as a affordable and useful way for email communication, small business users start using it. However, as an organization grows, there is a need arises for a more productive service like Office 365.

Office 365 currently known as Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based suite that includes popular applications like Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams, SharePoint, etc. It is an advanced service that allows working on email with documents and other productivity tools in real time. We have listed some points that explain why it is beneficial to migrate Ymail to Office 365, you can read them below.

Why Migrate Yahoo Email to Office 365?

  • Best for Big Enterprises: Yahoo Mail is a useful email service for individuals and small businesses. If the organisation becomes large and you need to collaborate with the entire team effectively in real time, then switching to Office/Microsoft 365 is best.
  • Personalized License: Office 365 gives businesses and enterprises a variety of options from which they can pick according to their needs. As a result of its cloud-based architecture, businesses can upgrade or downgrade licenses in accordance with their changing demands.
  • Top-notch Security: Microsoft invests up to $1 billion on the protection of its cloud infrastructure. Office 365 SMB subscriptions provide security features like as spam prevention and multi-factor authentication, among others. With Office 365 corporate plans, you have access to advanced security capabilities including as Intune and Threat prevention.
  • Complete Microsoft Ecosystem: Once you purchase a subscription to Microsoft 365, you will have access to Word, Excel, and Outlook, among other vital apps. Additionally, it will upgrade itself automatically when new versions become available.

So, these are the key benefits you can get when you switch to Office 365 from Yahoo Mail. Now, let’s take a look at the solution to get the job done.

How to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365?

4n6 Yahoo Mail Backup Software is the reliable and smart solution to migrate Yahoo Mail to Microsoft 365. It is an all-in-one solution that allows to migrate all or specific data from Yahoo to Office 365. With the software, you can migrate all metadata such as attachment, header and other email elements from Ymail to Office 365.

This software is time efficient and only ask you to invest a significant amount of time in the migration process. Just follow to the straightforward instructions that we have outlined here to migrate Yahoo email to Office 365.

Steps to Migrate Yahoo to Office 365

  • First, download, install and start the software on your Windows using the button above.
    start the software to migrate Yahoo Mail to office 365
  • Now, click the Open tab. From the drop-down menu, choose Add Account option.
    click open and add account
  • Now, enter the Yahoo! Mail credentials and click on Add button.
    enter yahoo credentials
  • Once you click on Add button, this software will instantly load all the mailboxes on the left panel.
    loaded yahoo mailboxes
  • Now, click on Export option and choose Office 365.
    select office 365
  • Enter the login credentials of your Office 365 account and click the Save button.
    migrate yahoo to office 365

The app initiates the migration of Yahoo Mailboxes to Office 365 account. This migration procedure will just take a few seconds. Once done, you will be notified. That’s it. By following the above simple steps, one can easily migrate Yahoo Mail to Microsoft 365. If you find the tool useful and would like to learn more about it, please explore some of its key features below.

Explore Some Traits of the Suggested Software

  • Batch Migration: Using this amazing app, you can migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 in bulk. In short, you can migrate all the entire Yahoo! data to Microsoft 365 at once easily.
  • Migrate All Metadata: The software successfully supports to migrate Yahoo email to Office 365 with attachments and other metadata elements of email like headers such as To, From Cc.
  • Best for Investigator: This software is best for forensics investigators. The tool provides the detailed preview of Yahoo emails in headers, content, hex and raw modes.
  • Save Selected Mailboxes: Also, this software is good for users who needs to migrate Yahoo to Office 365 selectively. The tool displays Yahoo mailboxes on the left panel. Then, you may check only those folders whose data you need to migrate.
  • Completely Standalone: This software is completely standalone and does not ask you to setup additional email client to migrate Yahoo! Mail to Microsoft 365.
  • Get Accurate Results: When you migrate Ymail to Office 365, this solution maintains the all the email properties and structure. You will definitely get the accurate result.

The Conclusion

Above content provided the best method to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 account. Since there is no manual solution to do the migration, we proposed you a professional software. Using the suggested app, one can migrate all the Yahoo! mailboxes to Microsoft 365 account along with attachment and headers. Therefore, if you are required to complete such a task with ease, download the app now.