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Save Multiple Yahoo Emails as PDF with Attachments

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Nick Rogers
Published On
February 20th, 2024
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Need to create local copies of your Yahoo emails in PDF format? If yes, then this post is useful for you. Here we will talk about the various ways to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF format with all attachments. Read on to choose from and get the right solution for you.

Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest and most popular mail services for email communications. From giving a secure platform to 1TB of storage space per user for emailing, it attracts users all over the world. Although Yahoo.com has many advantages, sometimes server failure and data theft can be a critical issue that can prevent you from accessing your important emails. However, these problems can be resolved if you previously export the emails in PDF format.

On the other hand, PDF is the file format commonly used to create, manage, and share documents. PDF files are offline files that are also used for backups from other platforms. Exporting your Yahoo emails to PDF as a backup can provide you with continuous access to the data in case of any disaster.

How to Save Multiple Yahoo Emails as PDF?

There are basically two ways to save Yahoo email as PDF. You can use the manual method which is dependent on email application like Thunderbird. You must set up the account on your device, request to add a Yahoo account, and export emails in PDF format.

On the other hand, there is a professional method that is completely independent and does not require additional configuration setup.

We will discuss both manual and automated methods in detail below. You can go through both and decide which one is more suitable for you.

Method 1: Export Yahoo Email to PDF via Thunderbird Client

  1. Firstly; if you haven’t already done so, you should set up the client on your computer.
  2. Now, start Thunderbird and select “Tools” >> “Account Settings”.
  3. Click the “Account Actions” and then “Add Mail Account”.
  4. Enter your username, Yahoo email address, and password.
  5. Click “Continue” and the client will automatically configure the Yahoo Mail settings.
  6. Once the configuration is completed, click “Done”.
  7. Now, click the “Menu” and then select “Tools” > “Add-ons”.
  8. In the Add-ons Manager, search for “ImportExportTools”.
  9. Find “ImportExportTools NG” add-on and then click “Add to Thunderbird”.
  10. Once the add-on is installed, restart
  11. Now, open your Yahoo Mail profile and select any mailbox.
  12. Right click on your Yahoo mailbox; click “Save selected messages” and then PDF format.
  13. Select the location to save the resulting files and click Finish.

This is the manual way to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF file. Before using this manual method, we suggest you go through some of its disadvantages which we will discuss below.

Limitation of the Manual method

  • Installing and managing an additional email client is time consuming and unnecessary.
  • You must have high technical skills as you will need to install multiple add-ons.
  • There are a lot of steps to follow that may consume a lot of your time.
  • There is no option to filter and export Yahoo email to PDF according to certain criteria.

Don’t worry! If you also feel that the given approach is not suitable, we have the best alternative for you. You can read about it below and then decide which one is best suited to download Yahoo email as PDF.

Method 2: Save Yahoo Email as PDF without Supporting Client?

Yahoo Backup Software is the easiest solution to save a Yahoo email as a PDF. With this app, one can save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF at the same time. The software has a very simple user interface and allows users to download Yahoo email messages as PDF with all attachments and other metadata. When utilizing this tool, you will not come across any problems of any kind.

Additionally, you may convert Yahoo emails to PDF with a few clicks. First, just download the application and run the trial version of the software.

Steps to Download Yahoo Emails to PDF Format

  • Download, install and open the software on your computer.
    download tool to save multiple yahoo emails as pdf
  • Click the Open menu, from drop-down menu, kindly choose Add Account option.
    click open and add account
  • Then, you have to enter the login details of your Yahoo account and click on Add button.
    enter yahoo credentials
  • This software will instantly load Yahoo mailboxes on the left panel.
    load yahoo maiboxes
  • Click on Export option and choose PDF as document file format.
    select pdf format
  • Browse the location and enable the other filters. Finally, click on Save button to begin the process.
    save yahoo email as pdf
  • The application starts saving Yahoo emails as PDF format. It will only take a few moments.
    check output

That’s it. This is how you can export Yahoo emails to PDF with the professional approach. This method looks amazing and is easier than the manual method. If you want to know more about this professional solution, you can keep reading.

Why Choose Professional Software Over Manual Solution?

  • The manual solution requires setting up an email account to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF. On the other hand, professional software is completely independent and self-reliant.
  • Unlike the manual approach, the professional software is easy to use and does not require higher technical skills from you to export Yahoo email to PDF.
  • The software allows you to control the entire process. It allows you to export all or just a selective mailbox from your Yahoo.com account to PDF format.
  • You can apply different filters to export data of certain criteria. It allows you to export and save emails from a specific time, date and header.
  • This tool allows you to assign page numbers to the resulting PDF files. It also allows you to save all message attachments to a folder.

Its Time to Wrap Up the Article

Hope you like reading this informative blog. Here, we have provided the two excellent solutions to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF format. You may choose from the manual or the professional solutions. Both the solutions successfully supports to download Yahoo emails as PDF along with all the attached information. You can now easily get this task completed in some easy steps.

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