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Trusted Way to Export Yahoo Mail Folders to Outlook Account

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 2nd, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Learn the easy, best, and reliable method to export Yahoo mail folders to Outlook account.

Are you in need to export Yahoo emails to Outlook account? Looking for the answer and didn’t discover any right one till now? Yahoo Mail has been hacked many times in the last decade. This does not, however, have a negative impact on Yahoo Mail users. Some individuals continue to use it out of necessity or interest. It has remained the primary email ID for a number of Internet users.

If you also use Yahoo mail to send or receive important emails, you should always keep a copy of them. Therefore, in the case of a disaster, you may retrieve your critical emails.

As a result, we are going to address this question in this post. In this section, we will provide you with the most effective software for doing this work. Before we get to that, let’s have a look at some of the other reasons for why users should export their Yahoo emails into their Outlook account.

Reasons to Export Yahoo Mail Folders to Outlook

  • If someone wishes to switch completely from Yahoo to Outlook, they shouldn’t leave their email accounts with Yahoo. Transfer them to your Microsoft Outlook account.
  • Or, if a person wishes to maintain copies of their critical emails in two accounts, they can do so.
  • Even if the user is not connected to the internet, Outlook allows them to view their email and catch up on any backlog they may have.
  • Outlook is a more comfortable alternative than Yahoo mail because of its quick server response time, high level of security, and user-friendly design.

These are merely some of the possible reasons. The requirements for doing this task vary greatly depending on the user. Therefore, let’s make an effort to provide them a comprehensive solution that is capable of satisfying the needs of all different kinds of users.

Solution to Export Yahoo Mail to Outlook Account

You have the option of downloading your Yahoo emails by manually or with the assistance of specialized software. You will run into so many restrictions if you export data manually since they do not permit bulk export. In addition, you are unable to manually export your emails if you lack any kind of technological skill. In addition to this, there are a great lot of limitations associated with the manual technique. Therefore, it is recommended that the work be completed by downloading and utilizing any expert program available.

One such application is Yahoo Mail Backup Software. When it comes to exporting Yahoo mail folders to an Outlook account, this program is one of the most trustworthy options available. With the help of this program, one may quickly and easily download an unlimited number of emails from Yahoo to Outlook. Simply start by downloading the Yahoo to Outlook program for free and then following the instructions that are outlined in the following paragraphs.


Check Out Step by Step Working Process of the Software

After downloading the app, run it and click on the option “Open”

click on open to export yahoo mail folders to outlook

Click on Add account option provided in drop-down menu

click on add account option

This app now allows you to enter Yahoo mail credentials. After filling them, click on Add button

enter yahoo mail credentials

Now, this solution will load your Yahoo Mailboxes on the left panel. You can check the detailed preview of Yahoo emails by clicking on it.

check the detailed preview

Click on the Export option and select PST as the file saving option.

click on export button

Finally, choose the location where you need to save output and click on Save button to begin the process.

saving process

This software program will initiate the transfer of folders from Yahoo Mail to your Outlook account. You will receive a notification of the process’s completion once it has been finished.

Once you got the resultant PST files, open them into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and earlier editions.

Key Features of Yahoo Mail to Outlook Software

Export Unlimited Yahoo Emails: Using it, you can export unlimited Yahoo emails to Outlook account at the same time. The tool successfully supports the bulk export.

Download Your Attachments: If your emails are containing attachments, done worry. This software has the ability to export Yahoo emails to Outlook with attachments.

Export Email Header Information: It is the best tool to export Yahoo Mail Folders to Outlook. Also, the app supports to export Yahoo emails including header information.

Preview Complete Data: Using this advance tool, you can get the complete preview of your Yahoo account data. You can preview Yahoo content, email headers, attachments, hex view, and more. This is the best and reliable tool for Forensic Investigators.

Choose Destination Path: The utility allows you to choose the place where the output PST files should be saved. By selecting the location, it is simple to control and retrieve the output.

Completely Standalone Application: This Yahoo Mail to Outlook software is completely. You don’t need to install any supportive application to export Yahoo Mail folders to Outlook account.

Concluding Words

In the above content, we have captured the topic how to export Yahoo Mail folders to Outlook account. Using the recommended software, one can easily download Yahoo emails to Outlook along with all the properties. Also, the app ensure that it will provide you the accurate and safe result. So, if you are in need to save Yahoo emails to Outlook, use the suggested app. The solution will help you a lot.