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Export Yahoo Emails to Gmail with Contact and Attachment

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Nick Rogers
Published On
March 1st, 2024
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Overview: Do you want to switch from your Yahoo Mail to an advanced and productive Gmail account? If yes, continue with this 4n6 article. Here, we will guide you through the professional and DIY methods to export Yahoo emails to Gmail with attachment and complete contacts. Let’s start.

Yahoo Mail is known to be the oldest and interactive email service that has a lot of built-in tools like powerful search feature and 1TB storage space per user. However, when it comes to Yahoo, it is no secret that there were massive data breaches in 2013 and 2014 that caused hundreds of millions of users to lose their information.

Such an incident prompts people to switch from Yahoo account or at least backup its data to face uncertainties like data breach in the future. On the other hand, Gmail is the free and most secure email service today and the first choice of users to retain Yahoo mailbox data.

An Instant Solution to Export Yahoo Emails to Gmail

4n6 Yahoo Backup is the quick and fast solution to transfer emails from Yahoo address to Gmail address. The software is easy to use and preferable for individuals and admins. Using the tool, you can export all Yahoo content like email, contacts, addresses and other metadata to Gmail at once. This software is initially free and you can download it from the link button below.

How Do I Transfer Yahoo to Gmail with Mail and Contacts?

There are multiple ways to export Yahoo mail and contacts to Gmail account. You can use Gmail’s built-in function to import email and contacts from Yahoo. However, this method may be too technical and lengthy for many professionals.

Alternatively, there is a workaround that lets you export Yahoo Mail to Gmail with all or selective data. The workaround also lets you choose Yahoo labels to migrate to Gmail.

We’ve described each of the manual and alternative methods in detail below. You can check them both and decide which one is most valuable to you.

Method 1: Use Gmail Built-in Function to Import Mail and Contacts from Yahoo

  1. First, sign in to your Gmail account on any web browser on your computer.
  2. Now, click the Settings icon from the top right corner and select “See all settings”.
  3. Go to Accounts & Imports and click Import Mail and Contacts.
  4. A pop-up window will now appear showing Step 1: Log in to your other email account. Here, you need to enter your Yahoo email address and click the Continue
  5. Now a new window will open where you need to enter your Yahoo email address and click Next. Then enter the account password, click Sign in, and then close the window.
  6. Now, there will be another window showing Step 2: Import Options
  7. Select all options: Import Contacts: Import Mail, and then click Start Import.
  8. Finally a window will appear stating Step 3: Finish. Click OK to start importing mail and contacts from Yahoo account to Gmail.

This is the DIY way to export Yahoo emails to Gmail. Although this method is good, it suffers from time efficiency and some other problems. We have described some limitations of this manual method, please read them below.

Downsides of the DIY Method

  • Manually exporting Yahoo email and contact to Gmail can take several hours and even days.
  • There will be no option to export only specific Yahoo labels to a Gmail account.
  • The process is a bit long and technical and not suitable for non-technical professionals.

If you want an easier way to transfer Yahoo email to Gmail with all content, look forward to the next method.

Method 2: Export Emails from Yahoo to Gmail with Pro Solution

4n6 Yahoo Backup Software is the most reliable and well-regarded software to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail. This tool allows users to export all or some important Yahoo labels to their Gmail account with attachment and other metadata. Even if you lack technological expertise, you can utilize this workaround without assistance from a technical professional.

Unlike the DIY method, this solution is time-efficient and allows you to move Yahoo mail and contacts to Gmail with a few easy clicks. We have described all the working steps of the software. Please check them below.

Steps to Export Yahoo.com Mail to Gmail Address with Attachment 

  • Firstly, download, install and run the Yahoo to Gmail migration software on your Windows.
    download the tool to export yahoo emails to gmail
  • Click on the Open tab and from the drop-down menu, click on Add Account option.
    click open and add account
  • Now, enter the login details of your Yahoo mail. After entering the details, click on Add button.
    enter yahoo credentials
  • This software will instantly load all the mailboxes on the left panel. You can also check the preview of data.
    loaded yahoo mailboxes
  • Now, from Export tab, choose Gmail as saving option.
    select gmail saving option
  • Enter the Gmail credentials and click the Save button to export Yahoo address emails to Gmail address.
    transfer emails from yahoo to gmail

The software initiates the transfer of emails from Yahoo to Gmail account. It won’t take more than a few minutes at most. When the procedure is finished, you will get a notification indicating its completion.

As can be seen from the mentioned steps, the workaround makes it easier to export Yahoo mail to Gmail than the DIY method. If you want to learn more about this professional solution and why it’s better than a manual solution, check out the features below.

Advance Features of the Pro Solution 

  • This workaround has the ability to export Yahoo emails to Gmail account in bulk.
  • It allows you to transfer all or specific Yahoo mailbox to Gmail address as per need.
  • You can transfer Yahoo email to Gmail along with contact and associated attachment.
  • Also, it allows you to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail with headers like To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, From Etc.
  • Allows you to export Yahoo address emails to Gmail address from specific date and time period.
  • During the Yahoo to Gmail export process, the tool maintains all the properties.
  • You can get the detailed preview of Yahoo emails, attachments, header etc.

It’s Time to Wrap Up the Article

In the above content of 4n6 blog, we have explained the best solutions to export Yahoo emails to Gmail. Using the Gmail built-in function and aforementioned application, you may transfer Yahoo folder to Gmail with all content like email, contacts and metadata without difficulty. Consequently, if you are one of those who must do such a chore, utilize any of the given remarkable solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) How to export Yahoo emails to Gmail instantly?

Answer: Follow the steps below

  • Download, install and start the Yahoo email backup tool.
  • Enter Yahoo credentials and add an account to the tool.
  • Click Export and select Gmail from the save list.
  • Enter your Gmail credentials, then click the Save button.

Question 2) How to import Yahoo CSV contacts files to Gmail?

Answer: Follow the steps below

  • Go to https://contacts.google.com using the link.
  • Click Import, and then click Select File.
  • Browse and select your Yahoo Contact file, then click Open
  • Finally, click the import button.

Question 3) Can I import a specific Yahoo folder into Gmail using the built-in function?

Answer: No, the built-in Gmail functionality does not allow you to choose the preferred mailbox to import from Yahoo.