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How to Convert OST to ICS Calendars in Easy Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Do you need to convert so many OST files into ICS format for personal or professional reasons? Have you found the answer yet, or are you still looking for the ideal one? If so, this blog will provide you with the best, most sturdy, and trustable app to convert OST to ICS.

Users may want to convert OST to ICS format for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: OST files are original to Microsoft Outlook, whereas ICS files are compatible with a variety of calendar applications, including Apple iCal and Google Calendar.
  • Back up your calendar data: This will make it simple for you to transfer your calendar data to another application or device.
  • To send other users a calendar event: Since ICS files are created to be shared with other users, converting your OST files to ICS is a great choice if you need to work together on a project or share your calendar events with someone else.
  • Access calendar events in other programs: You must convert your OST files to ICS in order to access your calendar events in programs like Apple iCal or Google Calendar.

Several more reasons exist where users must carry out such tasks, in addition to these. Let’s move on to the solution to complete this work after reading the arguments.

How to Convert OST to ICS Format Accurately?

There are both manual and professional solutions available to convert OST files to ICS format. But, in order to perform this task manually, you have to first convert OST to PST file, which must then be imported into Outlook. After importing the PST file, the user can export the data into an ICS file using the calendar export feature.

It takes a lot of time and effort to manually convert OST to ICS. Moreover, errors and data loss are common. Moreover, batch processing is not possible while manually converting OST to ICS, thus the user must do it one file at a time. For these reasons, manually converting OST to ICS is generally not advised.

Therefore, it is suggested to use the professional application to accomplish this task.

Highly Recommended OST to ICS Converter Software

While keeping all the requirements of users, we have developed OST File Converter Software. With this application, users can safely and effectively convert multiple OST files into ICS format without any limits. The utility allows users to perform this conversion in bulk or selectively as per the requirements.

When converting OST files to ICS calendars, the application maintains all the properties. You will not face any type of hassle while using the app. Also, you can perform this task using the simple steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, download OST to ICS Converter on your Windows computer.
  • Install and run the application and click the Open tab.
    click open
  • Now, click the option “choose file from a folder” and browse your Outlook OST files.
    choose file from a folder
  • It will instantly load them on the left panel.
    loaded ost files
  • Click on the loaded files if you need to get the detailed preview of OST files before conversion.
    preview ost files
  • Now, go to the export tab and choose ICS as the saving.
    choose ics
  • Choose the Output Location and click the Save button to begin the conversion process.

You can see that the app starts converting OST files into ICS format. This process of converting OST files will take only a few moments. Once it done, you will get the completion message.

Have a Look at the Eye-Catching Features of 4n6 Software

  • Simple User Interface: The application has a very user-friendly interface. A non-technical user can also operate the utility without facing any hassle.
  • Bulk Conversion: With this application, it is possible to convert multiple OST files into ICS format in batch at once. There is no need to browse OST files one by one to perform conversion.
  • Selective Conversion: If you need to convert only selected OST to ICS calendars, it is possible. The app allows users to choose only those OST files they need to convert.
  • Preview All Data: Before converting OST files into ICS, you can get the detailed preview. The app provides preview of OST files content, message headers, hex values, raw messages, and more.
  • Multiple Saving Options: The utility successfully supports to convert OST to ICS and other savings like: OST to Thunderbird, OST to EML, OST to MBOX, and more.
  • Extract Option: With this utility, it is also possible to extract properties from OST files such as:

Extract Email Addresses from OST

Extract All Attachments from OST

  • Windows Supportive: The application is compatible with all the latest and earlier editions of Windows. You can run it on Windows 11, Windows 10, and older editions.


In todays article, we have explained how to convert OST to ICS format. Here, we have provided the certified and instant app to convert OST files into ICS calendars without facing issues.

If you want any suggestions, contact us anytime.