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Extract Attachments from OST File in Bulk on Windows with Tested Software

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this informative post, you will get the complete steps to extract attachments from OST files using the tested and safe app.

In the modern era, users frequently export and extract data. They need to do this task with their email accounts data due to business or personal reasons. Extracting email attachments from OST files is the subject of our discussion today.

For a number of reasons, users might need to extract attachments from OST files. For instance, they might need to transfer an attachment to another program or file format, or they might need to access an attachment that is kept in an Exchange mailbox. Users can access the information they require quickly and easily by extracting the attachments from the OST file.

Keep an eye on it if you are one of those people who must complete this task. We will describe how to complete this task below.

How to Extract Attachments from OST Files?

Quit staring if you’re looking for the manual approach. Manually extracting attachments from an OST file is not possible. OST files are data files used by Outlook to store emails and other items when the computer is offline. They must first be imported into Outlook in order to access any attachments because they are not intended to be opened or read directly.

In order to extract attachments from OST files, you have to take the help of any professional solution. One such utility is 4n6 OST Converter Wizard. The application has the ability to extract all email attachments from OST files without losing a bit of information. With this app, you can save the extracted attachments at the desired location.

In addition, to extract email attachments from OST files, you don’t have to install a supportive utility. And, it preserves all the properties of your attachments while extracting them. You will get the safest results in some easiest steps.

Steps to Extract Email Attachments from OST Files using Trusted App

Note: You are advised to download the OST Attachments Extractor free demo edition. You can test the app’s functionality and features without spending any money with the aid of this freeware. You can extract some attachments from OST files with its assistance as well. Once the freeware has satisfied you, purchase it to enjoy unlimited extraction.


  • Now, run the utility and click the Open button.
    click open
  • Click on “Choose File from the Folder” option to browse and load your Outlook OST files.
    choose file from folder
  • The application instantly loads the selected OST files on the left panel.
    loaded ost files
  • If you need to preview your OST files, double-click on it.
    preview ost files
  • Now, click the Extract tab and choose Attachments from it.
    choose attachments
  • Browse the required location where you need to get the extracted attachments and click Save to begin the process.

Live Status

You can see the live working status of extracting email attachments from OST on your screen. This extraction process will take only a few moments. Once it done, you will quickly get the completion message. So, wait until its successfully done.

Why Choose Professional OST Attachments Extractor Instead of Other Solutions?

It is best to use a professional OST attachments extractor because they are made specifically to extract attachments from OST files. Other solutions may not have been created with the same level of expertise and may not be able to successfully extract all the attachments from an OST file, making it less effective and less dependable. Additionally, a professional OST attachments extractor will frequently have extra features and options that can facilitate the extraction of attachments in a simpler, quicker, and more accurate manner.

Have a Look at Some Powerful Features of 4n6 Software

  • Extraction in Bulk: Our application successfully supports to extract all email attachments from OST files in bulk. You don’t need to browse your OST files one by one to extract attachments.
  • Selective Extraction is Possible: With this utility, it is also possible to extract selected attachments from Outlook OST files. This feature will also save your time and efforts.
  • Export Is Possible: Along with the extraction, you can also export data from OST files to another savings such as: OST to Thunderbird, OST to Office 365, OST to CSV, OST to HTML, OST to ICS, OST to vCard, and more.
  • Completely Standalone: This application is completely standalone. In order to extract email attachments from OST files, you don’t have to install any supportive utility.
  • Get Complete Preview: Before applying extraction action, you can preview your OST files in detail. The app load your OST files into the software panel. Now, click on it and preview OST files in detail.
  • Windows Compatible: You can safely and easily run the software on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and earlier edition.
  • Choose Output Location: This feature is really helpful to get the resultant output at required place. It helps users to easily access and manage the resultant output.

Final Words

Hope you are now aware of the trustworthy app to extract attachments from OST files. We ensure you that our solution is tried and tested. It will safely get all attachments from your OST files without losing a bit of information. Hope you will find the utility helpful. Thanks for reading….