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How to Convert EML to Excel Format in Easy Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 15th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Here you will find the best way to convert EML to Excel, with the help of which you will be able to convert your files very easily. Well, converting EML files to any other file format is not that easy, converting it becomes a very hectic task. That’s why today we have come up with a very easy solution, with the help of which you will be able to convert EML files to XLS very easily. Let’s start the blog, but before that let’s focus on a user’s query.

User Query;

“I’d want to convert thousands of EML files to Excel spreadsheet. So that I may import all of my emails into other program that only accept XLS files. I tried a few ways, but I ended up losing some crucial info from that file.
Now I’d want to know an exact way for converting my.eml file to excel without losing any data. Please, someone, advise me in this regard, and I would be grateful for your assistance.”


Why User Need to Convert Files from EML to XLS ?

Excel files are easy to transport and are supported by a variety of program. As a result, consumers have requested that EML be converted to an Excel file format. Here are some of the greatest features of the .xls file format that EML lacks.

  • Each record should have its own line.
  • Good and normal functionality
  • Software interfaces are compatible.
  • Data Documentation Made Simple
  • Fields in the same order

Many customers are looking for ways to convert EML to Excel file format using a reputable tool like EML to XLS Converter.

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Best Way to Convert EML Files to Excel Format

The easiest and quickest solution to convert EML to excel is  4n6 EML Converter Tool. With the help of this software, you can convert your files very easily without any help. If you are thinking that this task will be done manually, then you are thinking right, but doing it is a very headache work because it is not so easy to move the EML files in any other format. Now let’s read how to use this software with screenshots.

Steps – How to Use EML to XLS Converter Software ?

Free Download

  • Download the EML to Excel converter software and install it on the Windows OS Machine
    eml converter
  • After that, click the Open button and then, hit the choose folder/files option
    choose folder
  • Thereafter, browse the .eml files you can preview in different modes
    view messages header
  • Hit the Export option and then select the CSV files format as a saving option
    select csv
  • Lastly, select the destination path in which you want to save your excel files and click the save button.
    hit the save option

Congratulation! See how quickly you can easily convert EML to excel. Now double-clicking this file to access in Excel.

Beneficial Features of EML to Excel Converter

  • Convert Multiple Files at Once: Do you have a large number of EML files to convert? Do you want to convert them to Excel in a matter of seconds? With this technology, this is entirely achievable. The utility effectively converts numerous EML files to Excel at the same time. This function may help you save time and effort.
  • Supports Multiple File Savings: With this app, you can easily convert EML files to Excel, PST, PDF, HTML, MBOX, and other file savings without facing hassle.
  • Maintains All Properties: The program keeps track of all email properties when for convert EML. Users may quickly get the correct conversion without losing any data.
  • Secure and Accurate Conversion: The EML to XLS converter is 100% risk-free. Users may effortlessly convert secure and precise conversions using this program.
  • Basic Graphical User Interface: The interface of this program is quite simple and user-friendly. The conversion may be completed by both technical and non-technical people without difficulty.
  • Standalone Program: This software is totally self-contained. To convert EML format, you don’t need to install any additional software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Is the program compatible with a Mac machine ?

Ans. No, this is just a Windows program. It is not compatible with the Mac operating system.

Ques 2. Is it possible to convert several EML files to Excel format ?

Ans. Yes, this EML to Excel converter program enables batch conversion, allowing the user to convert several files at once.

Ques 3. Can it be possible to convert EML files with attachments using this EML to an Excel converter ?

Ans. Yes, you may use our EML application to convert EML to Excel folders with all attachments intact and without the risk of losing data.


In only a few minutes, this blog covered the whole process to convert EML to Excel. It is a sophisticated tool that does a full conversion as well as all of the attributes. So, what are you waiting for? Download the program and use it to fix your problem.