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How to Print EML Files with Attachments? Complete Information

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
November 4th, 2022
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Several email client users have emailed us with various questions on how to print EML files with attachments. A Thunderbird user on the social media site asked one such question, which is displayed below.

Specific email clients are connected with a variety of file types. Email clients are the powerhouse of today’s organisations since they handle all of the organization’s communication and data management. When it comes to filing formats that are supported by email clients, EML is one of the most popular.

User Query;

“For study purposes, my team leader sent me roughly 57 Thunderbird EML files.” I’d finished my research and now needed to show it to my bosses. During my study, I discovered ten.eml files that are critical to my mission and that I believe should be submitted to high-ranking officials. As a result, I’m thinking about printing out these critical EML files so that I may make them available on any platform. However, the issue is that I have no experience converting EML files. Now, with a lot of optimism, I’m sharing this issue on social media in the hopes that every one of my profile friends would undoubtedly provide me with a solution. Please assist me by responding to the questions about converting and for print EML files.”

Why does the User Need to EML files Print?

The need to store and print EML files varies from one user to the next. Each user, as well as the company, has its unique set of criteria. However, it can be claimed that PDF is a platform-independent and adaptable file format, which is why most individuals retain their data in PDF.

Furthermore, it is a very safe file format to keep data when considering the security element, since it allows the user to protect the document by choosing several degrees of protection.

The majority of court case files, forensic evidence, legal papers, and other documents for preservation to portable files. This file may also share without issue since the content stays unchanging regardless of the device, programme, or operating system the user is using.

Way to Print EML files in Easiest Way

To save and print EML files into a portable document format, the user may depend on EML File Converter Wizard, a reliable and intelligent solution. The programme enables users to store EML files using a variety of naming conventions and then print them quickly and effortlessly. The programme packs incredible features and functions, making it a powerful tool. The utility can save EML files, as well as the attachments that go with them, to a portable file format.

Steps – How to Use EML Files Printer Software?

Free Download

  1. Download the EML files printer tool given the download now button above and install it on your windows machine
    click on the open tab
  2. After that, click on the open tab and select choose folder/files option
    choose folder option
  3. Thereafter check the preview of the eml files in different four modes
    raw modes
  4. Then click on the Export Option and choose the PDF
    select pdf
  5. Lastly, select the desired location and hit the save button, now your files will be saved in Portable files format.
    enter destination path
  6. After saving your files open files in the Adobe application and click on the Print option. Now your EML files will be print

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Advantages of Print EML Files Tool

  • This tool offer a straightforward and appealing user interface. This makes all conversions a breeze.
  • The software has a batch migration capability. You may print many EML files at once without using any additional software.
  • The utility also provides a variety of file naming choices. Choose the naming choice that is most convenient for you.
  •  A Software Keep track of the EML folder structure on the hard drive. All of the conversions are done while maintaining the folder structure.
  • The solution also allows you to save certain EML files. There’s no need to export the whole folder if you just want to export a few files.
  • A utility is compatible with all Windows operating system versions, including Windows 10, 7, 8.1, 8, and so on.


We have described a step-by-step technique to print EML files in the preceding article. You may also download the TRIAL version of the programme to get a better feel for it. It offers a straightforward and self-explanatory user interface. After that, you may go to the official website and buy the licenced version of the software.