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How to Import PST to Outlook.com Account – Explained Best Ways Here!

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 1st, 2023
Reading Time
4 Minutes Reading

It is an easy process to import PST to Outlook.com. You can complete this process while sitting in one place. How? This is all you’ll learn in today’s blog.

There’s no doubt that MS Outlook has a huge fan following. From college students to technical experts, all trust Outlook email clients for a better workflow. But, saving data on multiple platforms has become a trend. Also, it’s obvious in some ways. Many data threats revolve around us.

Here, you will get an effortless solution to import PST to your Outlook.com account. The process is quick and easy.

None of your information will get altered. Moreover, a guarantee of 100% accurate results. So, without wasting time, let’s dive into the solution.

Know the Fastest Way to Import PST to Outlook.com Account

Outlook PST Converter is an outstanding solution to import PST to Outlook.com account. This utility has no limitations. You can move multiple Outlook emails to Outlook.com accounts at once. Moreover, you can check all the email details before the migration.

The Software Comes with Big Advantages. Let’s Explore.

Milestone Benefits

  • Direct migration of PST to Outlook.com.
  • 100% secure and accurate results.
  • Require Outlook data files (PST) & Outlook.com credentials.
  • Ease your work with Search & Advance search option.
  • Load Outlook emails of all the versions.
  • User-friendly interface and automatic process.
  • Easily compatible with all Windows OS.
  • migrate PST file to Outlook.com with complete attachments file.

Now, you are aware of the best solution. It also comes with a demo version. You can test the utility before the final call. How? Take a Test Drive.

Outlook to Outlook.com migration comes with a free trial. This version allows you to know the software for free. Upload the Outlook emails. Add the Outlook.com login credentials. That’s it.

Using the demo edition, move the first 10 emails from Outlook to Outlook.com. To complete Outlook mailbox migration to Outlook.com, activate the license key.

Steps to Import PST to Outlook.com Account Smoothly

  • Download the PST to Outlook.com migration tool to migrate PST file to outlook.com account.
    download pst to outlook.com import tool
  • Click on Open File. Load the Outlook emails.
    click the open tab
  • Choose the email to check the preview. Click on it.
    preview emails
  • Go to the Export tab. Select the IMAP option.
    select saving option
  • Add IMAP login details. Email address, password, Server Address., and Server Port. Finally, click on the Save button.
    click save to import pst to outlook.com
Important Note: Add IMAP Port no. carefully. It means, that if you have a Secure IMAP account, enter 993 as the IMAP Port number. Enter 143 as IMAP Port No. For not a secure account.

Watch the video to learn the Easy Tutorial:

Benefits of Using PST to Outlook.com Import Tool

  • Free to migrate PST file to Outlook.com with email headers.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly & consistent interface that anyone can access.
  • It supports all IMAP compatible account. Hence you may also import PST files to Zoho, Yahoo etc.
  • Import Outlook emails to Outlook.com without external installation.
  • Your information remains secure with professional utility.
  • Also, you can extract all email attachments from PST files before conversion.
  • Import PST to Outlook.com account profile with all attachments.
  • Save time and effort using the fast Outlook to Outlook.com migration tool.
  • No chances of altered information and error.
  • Compatible with all the Outlook editions data files & Windows versions.

Frequently Asked Questions to Clear Your Doubts

Check some of the frequently asked questions about the software.

Question 1: How do I migrate emails from Outlook 2007 and 2013 versions to Outlook.com accounts?

Answer: It’s quite simple. Follow the steps.

  • Run the utility.
  • Go to Open File. Load Outlook Data file.
  • Check the email preview. Select the folder.
  • Click on the Export tab. Select IMAP as a Saving option.
  • Enter IMAP login credentials and hit Save.

Question 2: How many Outlook PST can I import into Outlook.com account in one go?

Answer: The licensed version of the utility has no limitations. You can move multiple Outlook PST files into Outlook.com at once.

Question 3: Where I will get the resultant data after Outlook to Outlook.com migration?

Answer: The software creates a new label in the Outlook.com account. It contains all of your data.

The Last Words

Now, you’re aware of the best solution to import PST to Outlook.com. Moreover, you can complete the process on your own without any technical expertise. Outlook to Outlook.com migration tool received 5/5 ratings for users. Download it and enjoy a smooth migration.

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