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How to Export Outlook Emails to Yahoo Mail Directly in Easy Steps ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 10th, 2023
Reading Time
5 Minutes Reading

What we’re going to do today is change your perception of data migration. You kind of think that exporting the data is a very tedious and hectic process, don’t you? Well, it could have been, but not now. Don’t you believe us? Let’s say it using the example. We export Outlook emails to Yahoo Mail with just a few clicks. So get ready.

Well, the export can get tedious if there is a lot of data in the account and you choose to use a manual method. Yes, the Outlook account doesn’t give you an option to transfer all emails directly to Yahoo! With the manual function, you can only forward the messages one by one.

But we don’t want you to spend a lot of time on a single job, so we offer you the solution that can easily export Outlook emails to Yahoo Mail all at once. So, take a look at the solution for a great experience.

A Convenient Method to Export Outlook Emails to Yahoo Mail

One method that can change your perception of data migration by doing it like a cake cutting is the 4n6 Outlook PST Exporter. This tool is simply perfect for this task because; on the one hand, it is specially designed for exporting Outlook data and on the other hand it works for you fully automatically and with little effort.

This application is both very effective and efficient, which means that it only takes a few moments to export Outlook emails to Yahoo Mail. As promised, we will now complete this task with just a few clicks.

We suggest you review the manual provided here so you know where to do those few clicks. You go through each step carefully, so that by the time you run the application, you’ll have figured out how to export Outlook emails to Yahoo Mail

Process – How to Use Outlook to Yahoo Mail Exporter?

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  • Download, install and run the application on your Windows compatible device
    outlook to Yahoo exporter
  • Click the Open tab and then select the Outlook account or choose from a folder (if you are not set up with the account)
    choose outlook email folder
  • After all of the specified data has been imported into the programme, you must choose your desired export folders and evaluate the whole preview.
    hex view
  • Select IMAP from the drop-down menu after clicking the Export tab.
    select imap option
  • Click the Save button after entering your Yahoo email address and password, as well as the Yahoo IMAP server name.

In a few seconds, your chosen Outlook data will be exported to your Yahoo account. Congratulation! You have finally exported Outlook emails very flawlessly and conveniently.

What are your thoughts about this solution? Isn’t it perfect to export Outlook emails to Yahoo Mail? Well, wait you just know the process yet. There are still lots of things that can move you towards this application. There are many advantages for you and you need to know them.

See… What makes this application so perfect for this job?

  • It’s Easy to Use: What will impress you most about this app is the user interface. It’s very friendly and there’s no complexity or unnecessary stuff to cause you problems. So use it without any worry.
  • Manually Select Data to Export: Well, this app gives you the option of both selecting the entire account to export as well as manually selecting the data from the device. So whether or not you are configured with an account, you can still export Outlook data to Yahoo Mail.
  • Export Data in Bulk: This application brings you ease and convenience every step of the way as you can export Outlook emails to Yahoo Mail in bulk. There’re no restrictions on the migration of large data. You can export as many folders at the same time as you have in the account.
  • Preview Access of Outlook Email: Well, what can be more beneficial than this quality. You may also examine all emails and attachments before exporting them using this app. Now you can also consider this app as a compatible app to access the Outlook data.
  • Include Email Headers: Would you like to see the full email history after exporting? Well, with this feature you can do it. If you include the email header before exporting the data, you can see the complete email journey.
  • Totally Independent and Compatible: This application is standalone, which means you don’t need to download any other setups to fully export Outlook emails to Yahoo Mail. It’s independent and self-sufficient. On the other hand, it’s compatible to run on any version of Windows, be it Win 10 or any lower edition.
  • We have given you a little idea of the capability of the tool. Well, we’re leaving most of the other features to be explored by you, so good luck with that.


Outlook to Yahoo Exporter turns out to be one of the most suitable applications for you as it brings you all the convenience and enjoyable experience. It’s very reliable and it only takes a few moments to export Outlook emails to Yahoo Mail. So if you need a pleasant trip too, then you must try this app.

Additional Bonus: This application is compatible with a sample version that you may try out to see how good it is. Yes, we would like you to check the effectiveness and processes of the tool first and then purchase the license version.