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How to Split MBOX Files into Smaller Files in Easy Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
November 2nd, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

Have your MBOX files become too large, making it difficult for you to access them quickly and correctly? Do you want to split MBOX files into smaller files to reduce the file size, but you’re not sure how to achieve it. If so, you need to read this article’s material in its entirety. It provides a suitable response to the most often asked question on split MBOX into Individual Messages. Continue reading the post to get the quick fix, as we highly recommend.

Hello, I have a lot of MBOX files that I access using the Thunderbird email client. However, due to the vast size of the MBOX files, I am unable to open them more precisely, and when I try, Thunderbird begins to behave erratically. I’m meant to divide the size of the MBOX files into smaller chunks so that I can access them more easily. So, can somebody explain me how to split MBOX into separate files?


How to Split MBOX Files into Smaller Files?

The 4n6 MBOX Converter is one of the best solutions to split MBOX into individual messages. It’s a fantastic software that allows you to break-down the size of your MBOX files so you can make better use of them. It is an entirely Windows-based application that works with any version. Furthermore, it is fully safe and secure, and it keeps your MBOX files’ general structure intact during the dividing process. We have produced a full tutorial to assist you understand how to use the software to split MBOX into separate files. So, check it out to become acquainted with it.

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Step-by-step Procedure to Split MBOX into Individual Messages

  • Download the recommended MBOX splitter utility on any Windows-compatible device. Install the software, and then start it to split MBOX files into smaller files.
    download mbox splitter tool
  • After launching the application, you must select the Open This will provide the option to Email Data File. After selecting the option, the MBOX files will be accessible. Then, click the Choose file or Choose folder option.
    choose files or choose folders
  • Start by navigating through your huge MBOX files that you desire to divide. Once chosen, you must submit them into the software.
    browse mbox files
  • Once all MBOX files are available in the tool’s left pane, you may preview them prior to splitting.
    preview mbox files
  • Now, you must select the Export tab from the toolbar. Then, either MBOX or EML files must be selected in order to split MBOX into individual messages.
    select eml as saving option
  • Then, you must click the Browse option and pick the location where you wish to save the produced files. Click the Save button to split MBOX into separate files.
    click save button to split mbox files into smaller files

Consequently, this is how you may split MBOX into separate files using the application, which appears to be much simpler. Now, if you’re interested in learning more about the tool, you may review the functions listed below.

Learn More about the MBOX Splitter Tool

  • Break-down in Bulk: This utility allows you to split MBOX files into smaller files in bulk mode. To split up a huge number of large sized files, you can pick them all at once. This application is really efficient and saves you time despite the large volume of data.
  • Preview Function: The app’s preview feature enables you to examine each MBOX file before dividing it into smaller chunks. You may quickly and easily examine MBOX emails and any associated attachments by using the built-in MBOX viewer tool.
  • Multiple Preview Modes: The application allows you to view MBOX files in a variety of modes in addition to seeing their content. You may read MBOX emails in Hex and raw modes for the MBOX forensics.
  • Search Tool: The MBOX splitter includes an integrated search tool. This tool will assist you in searching for certain Text, emails, or attachments. You can locate certain properties from a particular time period, as well as email fields.


We have presented the most effective method to split MBOX files into smaller files. The MBOX splitter tool is the one that enables such functionality. The app is user-friendly and can split MBOX into Individual Messages in bulk. In addition, the finest feature of the tool is its ability to convert MBOX files to multiple formats. You may download the software from the link above and use it initially without cost.