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Convert MBOX File to Excel in Bulk While Retaining Data Integrity

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 8th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

While MBOX files are perfect for storing a large number of emails and their related characteristics, Excel files work best for grouping data into specific segments in a row-and-column style. There are several people that wish to convert MBOX file to Excel for superior data management. Therefore, if you fall into the category of users who are seeking for a way to convert MBOX to Excel, keep reading this helpful blog post.

MBOX files are excellent to store until they are utilized using an email client that is compatible with them. If you just have MBOX files and no appropriate email software, you may have trouble opening them. Excel files, on the other hand, are document files that are simple to access, share, and administer. When you wish to arrange your data according to your needs, Excel files become more useful.

How to Convert MBOX File to Excel?

The MBOX Converter Tool application quickly and accurately converts MBOX files to Excel while maintaining their integrity. The MBOX to Excel converter is a robust tool for transferring MBOX data. It contains several features that interact with one another to make exporting as simple as possible. Furthermore, there are only few steps involved in the method for exporting MBOX emails to Excel. As a result, familiarize yourself with the procedures in advance to guarantee that you do not run into any obstacles when doing the task.

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Step-by-step Guide to Convert MBOX to Excel

  • The link that is listed above will lead you to a download page for the MBOX to Excel converter. Install it after you’ve downloaded it, and then start using it to convert MBOX file to Excel.
    download mbox to excel converter
  • After the software has been launched, pick then the Email Data File option from the Open tab. Then select MBOX File option, and then select Choose File or Choose Folder from the side menu.
    choose files or folder option
  • It is recommended that you begin by going over each of the files that require being converted into Excel, and after that, you should bring those files into the programme so that they can be processed further.
    browse mbox files in order to convert them to excel
  • You will be able to preview the MBOX files after you have submitted them to the tool. This option will become available to you.
    preview mbox files
  • By heading to the Export tab when you have finished analysing your data, you may choose CSV as the method for exporting your work.
    select csv as saving option
  • To convert MBOX to Excel, click the Browse button, then navigate to the directory where you want to save the converted files, and then click the Save.
    click save to convert mbox file to excel

You may now convert MBOX to Excel with such speed and accuracy. The MBOX to Excel Converter is a trustworthy tool that generates correct results without data loss. Let’s examine some of its other benefits to determine its effectiveness.

Discover Some Traits of the MBOX to Excel Converter

  • Batch Conversion: The utility is able to convert MBOX file to Excel files quickly and effortlessly. When it comes to choosing and extracting data from a big number of MBOX files at the same time, you won’t run into any constraints.
  • Analysis Function: Previewing your files is easy with the MBOX to Excel Converter, which doubles as a reader for MBOX files. It gives you the ability to preview all of the data that is included within your MBOX files, including emails, attachments, contacts, and so on.
  • In-depth Analysis: The program gives you the ability to preview the data in several settings, which you may choose between at any time. You may preview your emails in hex, raw, or message header formats, depending on the option you choose. Make use of them in accordance with your needs.
  • Search Function: This MBOX to Excel converter makes it possible for you to locate specific properties across all of your MBOX files; all you have to do is use the advanced search function. If you have a lot of MBOX files and you want to find specific properties across all of them, this is the converter for you.
  • Browse Location: The MBOX to Excel converter does not save the files that are produced in a predetermined location. Therefore you will need to select that location manually. You have the option of choose the place that best suits you.


You may now quickly and simply convert MBOX file to Excel. We’ve provided you with an efficient and easy-to-use MBOX to Excel converter so you can convert every folder at once. Additionally, it has a free demo version that you may use to check out the tool’s functionality. All we can conclude from this is that the programme is a superb option for anyone searching for a simple and quick way to convert MBOX files to Excel.