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How to Export MBOX to EML File Format? User Guidance

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 24th, 2024
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Synopsis: In this article, readers will find one of the best MBOX to EML converter and its advance working. Users will be able to shift or export MBOX file to EML format with all attachments with the help of the tool that we will provide to them.

If you are looking for a way to export MBOX to EML, this is the perfect option for you. This utility is fully functional in a standalone environment without installing any other programs.

Necessary Conditions to Export MBOX to EML

To know the necessary conditions, it is better to know the requirements of users. Therefore, the need for users is discussed here. Check the user query mentioned below to find out the importance of converting MBOX to EML.

Hi, my name is Scarlett Jones and I have used so many solutions to convert MBOX to EML, but I didn’t get the exact result. Now I’m completely disappointed and just want a simple solution that allows me to export MBOX directly to EML files. If anyone knows how to export MBOX into EML, please suggest the trusted way.

Learn about the Best MBOX to EML Converter

This software to design to export MBOX to EML with attachments. In addition, it offers a dual-mode option for MBOX file to EML conversion (batch migration or selective migration). This tool takes a short time to export the complete MBOX file to the EML mailbox at the same time. In addition, the application maintains folder hierarchy on disk after conversion. This software is a simple, bug-free, user-friendly tool for transferring MBOX data files quickly.

With the trial version of this 4n6 MBOX Converter Software, the first ten items of each MBOX folder may be exported for free. You may also view MBOX files with the free version. To perform an unlimited migration, a user must first purchase the appropriate license and activate the software to convert MBOX to EML.

Convert MBOX to EML Files With 4n6 Software?

  • Firstly, Launch & Run the MBOX to EML Converter and click on the Open File tab to export MBOX into EML.select open
  • Select the MBOX file/folder containing MBOX data components from the Email Data Files menu.mbox to eml converter
  • To get a complete glimpse of MBOX data, click on the email in the MBOX to EML Converter interface.convert mbox to eml files
  • Select the Export option from the drop-down menu. To convert MBOX to EML, choose the EML option.export mbox file to eml
Note: As you may see in the screenshot above there are many export option offered by the tool. Hence, if you think of converting MBOX files to HTML, or think of converting MBOX files to Text, consider his all-in-one app.
  • Browse for the required destination path and click the [Save] button. The application will then starts to export MBOX to EML with header information.selct save

Watch Video Tutorial:

Why Should You Choose MBOX to EML Conversion Tool?

4n6 MBOX to EML Converter comes with many amazing features which facilitate the process of exporting MBOX emails to EML file format. Here we enlist some of these features:

  • Offers Dual Search with Advanced Filters: This software can convert MBOX to EML. You may quickly discover information in the MBOX file using the rapid search option. The provision of sophisticated filters for searching in the relevant messages, on the other hand. Several filters include in the software, including time, date, and email header, among others.
  • Check Complete Preview of MBOX Data: The MBOX to EML Converter includes a message viewer. When you open MBOX files, the tool automatically provides a complete preview of emails, contacts, calendars, notes and more.
  • Provides Compact View Option: To conceal system folders from the software interface, use the Compact view option. This utility only displays user folders, that is, folders that contain MBOX files. To store MBOX emails to the correct location, there is an easy-to-understand tool that any novice can use. MBOX to EML Converter is a simple, quick, and useful application.
  • Export MBOX to EML with Attachments: You may store email attachments in the appropriate place with the aid of our MBOX to EML conversion tool. Because only attachments may share, this function is useful for a lot of individuals.
  • Supported All Versions of Windows: This toolkit is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems. You may convert MBOX to EML on Windows 11 and all the below versions.
  • Simple User-Friendly Interface: The application to convert MBOX to EML files provides a very simple interface. Even people without technical knowledge can use it without any trouble.


The free MBOX to EML Converter software gives permission to export 10 emails from each MBOX folder to EML file format, which is useful for full satisfaction before switching to the pro edition. Users can easily test the software features to export MBOX to EML before purchasing license keys. If required, you may also use the app to convert MBOX to other saving options like PDF, HTML, TXT etc. If you need more information about the product, feel free to contact our support team.