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How to Convert MBOX to EML Easily?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 23rd, 2024
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Overview: In this article we will teach you how to convert MBOX email files to EML. Here you will learn all the basic methods to export .mbox into EML with attachment, header and all email metadata with complete protection. So, without any ado let’s get start.

Although both MBOX and EML are commonly used file formats for storing email messages, they each have their own distinguish characteristics. While MBOX contains bulk quality emails, EML is a single message database file.

Both formats are great for storing email data, but there comes a time when there is a greater need to export MBOX file to EML. You can see some scenarios below, where you may find EML more useful than MBOX to keep your data safe.

Why One Should Convert .mbox into .eml ?

  • Compatibility: EML files re supports by wide range of applications including Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows live Mail, Apple Mail etc. if you keep your data in EML, it will make it easier for you to switch between the accounts.
  • Simple and Portable: If you need to archive or share a single message, an EML file is more useful. An EML file has a simple structure and represents a single message containing all the metadata such as headers, body, attachment, footer.
  • Ease of Data Access: EML files can easily be integrated with other email applications for the purpose of accessing data. EML files can easily be dragged and dropped into multiple applications where MBOX cannot.
  • Low risk of corruption: If EML files get corrupted, it will only affect the single message. While if the MBOX file is corrupt, it may affect a large number of emails and will require a lot of effort and time to recover.
  • Easy Backup and Sharing: Since EML file stores only one message, its backup is more efficient and accurate compared to MBOX. It’s also easy to share due to the small file size.

These are some scenarios where converting MBOX to a single data file is useful. Now, let’s start exploring the possible ways to convert MBOX email to EML file.

How to Convert MBOX File to EML ?

You can convert MBOX message to single EML message file using the Email application. There are many email programs that allow you to create EML from an MBOX file. However, the process may require a sufficient amount of time from you.

Alternatively, if you want to get your job done easily while providing complete data security, you can choose MBOX to EML Software. We have detailed both methods in detail below, please explore and use them based on your suitability.

Export MBOX Files as EML with Thunderbird 

  • If it’s not already set up, download and install application on your device.
  • Configure an account like Gmail in the app.
  • Install ImportExportTools NG add-ons in the application.
  • Now right click the local folder on the left panel and create a new folder.
  • Right click the new folder and select “ImportExportTools NG
  • Now, select “Import MBOX File” and then select import directly one or more MBOX files.
  • Browse and select the MBOX files and click Open. Now the application will import your MBOX files.
  • Now click the recently imported MBOX file, then click on “Save Selected Messages” and select the EML format.
  • Select the location to save the EML files and click Finish.

So, this is how to convert MBOX file(s) to EML with the help of email client plugin. You may follow this routine to accomplish your task, but it has some advantages and disadvantages that you should review now

Advantages of the Manual Method

  • This method is completely free

Disadvantages of the Method

  • You need to sit and give a lot of time and effort converting your files one by one manually.
  • You have to download, set up and then manage the email account unnecessarily.
  • You must have very technical knowledge to follow the process.
  • You need to install a specific extension in Thunderbird to export MBOX as EML.
  • There may be a change in the content structure.

Well, if you don’t want to sit and do this task alone for a long time but want to make this process automated, easy and time efficient, then use the next method.

An Automated Way to convert MBOX to EML

4n6 MBOX Converter provides you the platform to convert multiple MBOX files and folders to EML in one process. The software is time efficient and only requires a few clicks to get the job done. Also, this application is completely standalone and does not require you to download and setup any additional email client.

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This comprehensive software supports all MBOX files regardless of their origin. Also, unlike the manual method, it only takes a few simple steps to convert MBOX file to EML. We have provided all the working steps of this tool, please check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) What are MBOX and EML?

MBOX and EML are both email file formats used to store email messages. Both formats are used by multiple email clients, however, the main difference between both formats is that MBOX can contain multiple emails while EML stores a single email message.

Question 2) I need to extract one message from a large MBOX file, what is the best caution?

You should convert MBOX files to EML, as EML files are suitable for holding a single message.

Question 3) Is there any manual way to convert MBOX format to EML?

Yes. You can use an email application like Thunderbird to convert MBOX file format to EML manually.

Question 4) What is the best way to convert multiple MBOX files to EML at once?

Professional software can be the best path to convert bulk MBOX mailbox files to EML, and 4n6 software is reliable.

Question 5) Does exporting emails to EML affect the ones in MBOX?

No, this does not affect any data in MBOX when exporting to EML or any other format.

Question 6) Can Thunderbird export MBOX as EML?

Yes. All you need is to install ImportExport plugins to export MBOX as EML

In Conclusion

In the above content we have provided you with the two best methods to convert MBOX to EML. You can use the manual method which is email client dependent and time consuming and technical. On the other hand, we have suggested you a professional workaround which is user-friendly and time-saving solution. Please take a look at both methods and use the one that suits your needs.