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Import MBOX to Hotmail Directly without Hassle

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 22nd, 2024
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4 Minutes Reading

Summary: If you have MBOX files that are difficult to handle and a Hotmail account that you seldom use, you may make them complimentary to each other. If you wish to import MBOX to Hotmail, we can assist you.

A Quick Method to Upload MBOX File to Hotmail

4n6 MBOX Converter is a popular MBOX file-centric software that will let you import MBOX emails to your Hotmail account in a few simple clicks. Despite the fact that it is totally automated, it is really simple to use. Furthermore, it is completely self-contained and does not require you to download additional software in order to transmit MBOX files. You may use the tool to manually choose files and import them directly into your Hotmail account. You may learn how the tool works by following the steps outlined below.
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To Import MBOX to Hotmail, Complete all of the Steps.

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  • Use the link above to download the MBOX file to Hotmail import tool. Install and run it fast, to import MBOX file to Hotmail account.
    download mbox to hotmail converter
  • After launching the tool, click the open tab pick the Email Data File option, then MBOX File, and finally Choose File or Choose Folder.
    choose mbox files or folders
  • Begin by browsing all of the files you need to import into Hotmail and transferring them to the software for further processing.
    browse mbox files
  • You can preview the MBOX files when they have been uploaded to the tool.
    preview mbox files
  • After you’ve finished analyzing your data, go to the Export tab and choose IMAP as your storing method.
    choose imap saving option
As seen in the screenshot above there are many saving alternatives provided by the tool. Hence if you ever need to Import MBOX files into iCloud or Yahoo Mail, you may choose IMAP saving option.
  • Enter your Hotmail account email address and password. Fill in your Hotmail server name and port number, then click the Save button to import MBOX to Hotmail.
    click save to import mbox to imap

Your files will be imported in a matter of seconds, and you will be alerted when they are complete. You’ll also see an open folder option, which gives you access to the location of your finished files.

More Information about the MBOX to Hotmail Converter

  • Import MBOX to Hotmail in Bulk: When it comes to importing MBOX files to a Hotmail account, the tool offers an infinite conversion capacity. You are free to transmit as many files as you wish at the same time.
  • Email Analysis: The software may also function as an MBOX viewer. You may use it to examine and analyse MBOX files before importing them into your Hotmail account.
  • Detailed Preview: The MBOX file to Hotmail transfer Tool provides a thorough preview of the MBOX files. You may open MBOX files in hexadecimal and raw formats for forensic purposes.
  • System Support: You may use the tool on any Windows-based device to import MBOX files into Hotmail. It is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and any previous version.


Can i Import my MBOX files to Zoho Mail with the software?

Yes, the software enables you to import MBOX files to any IMAP compatible account. You may import MBOX files to Zoho Mail and bunch of other accounts as well.

My MBOX files are from a Gmail account that I extracted using Takeout. Is it possible to import Gmail MBOX files into Hotmail?

The application supports all MBOX files, regardless of whether they were retrieved from a Thunderbird account, Gmail, or another.

How many mailboxes can this software export at once?

MBOX file to Hotmail converter can convert an unlimited number of MBOX files. You do not need to consider the number of files before transferring them.

Can I use this tool on my Mac computer?

The software is not compatible with Mac devices, but you may use it on a Windows device to transfer an MBOX file into your Hotmail account.


Import MBOX to Hotmail using the finest MBOX file to Hotmail import tool. It can import an infinite number of files to your Hotmail account at the same time. It features a wide range of functionalities that allow you to do tasks more quickly and easily. The tool also includes a demo version, which you can download from the URL above to try out the tool.