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Import MBOX to iCloud With All Attachments, Contacts, Calendar etc.

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 8th, 2023
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4 Minutes

Summary: If you want to import MBOX to iCloud account, you must read this post. It describes one of the best techniques for importing contacts and emails from MBOX into iCloud. Start by seeing the whole data set in order to find the information that is most pertinent to you.

Why Should You Consider Importing MBOX Files into iCloud?

  • If you use Mozilla Thunderbird on a Mac or Windows computer, all of your email correspondence will be saved in an MBOX file. This file is where Thunderbird stores all of the emails, attachments, and other items that are currently saved in your inbox.
  • On the other hand, iCloud takes advantage of the free storage space that is included on all Macs and is readily available to users. It might be challenging to see MBOX files on iCloud because of incompatibilities with the file format. Except in the case where the MBOX file is imported into iCloud.

A Direct Way to Import MBOX to iCloud

You may easily and hassle-free convert all of the emails from an MBOX file to iCloud with the use of a 4n6 MBOX Converter Tool. The manual import of MBOX emails or contacts into iCloud, on the other hand, can need a high level of technical expertise. In the event that you omit even one step, you risk losing all of your data. Therefore, the best choice to import MBOX file to iCloud is to use a specialized tool. To comprehend the functionality of the tool, go to the step-by-step instructions below.

download button

The suggested professional tool is available in a free trial version. This version is ideal for those who want to test the tool before purchasing the licencing version. You may import MBOX files to iCloud as well as email formats such as EML and PST. This version supports to convert MBOX data in TXT, PDF, CSV, and email clients such as Windows 10 Mail and Windows Live Mail. Install the trial version to have a better understanding of the product in person.

Detailed Instructions to Import MBOX Files to iCloud

  • On a Windows-compatible device, first download the MBOX to iCloud Converter. After that, install it by following the on-screen instructions, after which you should start it to import MBOX to iCloud.
    download mbox to icloud converter
  • You have the following options when you run the software: From the Open tab, choose Email Data File. Select MBOX Files and select Choose Files or Choose Folder option.
    choose mbox files or folder
  • Once all the files have been imported into the tool, you may preview them.
    preview files
  • Then, click the Export tab and select IMAP in order to import MBOX file to iCloud.
    select imap saving option
  • Enter your iCloud email address and password. After that click on the Save button to import MBOX files to iCloud.
    click save to import mbox to icloud

This is how you import MBOX file into iCloud account. As you can see, the procedure is clear and uncomplicated, making it a fantastic alternative for you. Let’s learn more about it right now. We’d like to demonstrate some of its outstanding characteristics so you can appreciate its full potential.

Discover Some Traits of the MBOX to iCloud Migration Tool

  • Batch Conversion: You may mass import MBOX to iCloud with this tool. There are no limitations on what data may be selected and extracted from MBOX files.
  • Import with Attachments: In addition to exporting emails, this software also uploads contacts and attachments to iCloud. All of your general characteristics are importable.
  • Preview Files: MBOX files may also be viewed with the tool. It enables you to preview every email, contact, and any piece of information associated with your MBOX files.
  • Multiple Preview Modes: The tool offers several options for previewing data. You can choose to preview in header, raw, or hex mode. Use them as necessary to suit your needs.
  • Search Option: Utilizing the MBOX to iCloud Converter’s powerful search feature, you can easily find certain properties among a huge number of MBOX files.
  • Compatibility: The software is compatible with Windows operating devices. You may use the tool to export MBOX file to iCloud on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 and below editions.


You must import MBOX data before you can access it on iCloud. As a result, we have offered you the best procedure. A specialized tool to import MBOX to iCloud is the MBOX file to iCloud converter. It is the most straightforward ever and offers the greatest features. It is also entirely safe and secure and offers a trial version for the user’s convenience. In the trial version, you may also, to some extent, export MBOX files to other IMAP-compatible accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, and others. Quickly download the software from the aforementioned link and utilize it to the fullest.