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How to Open MBOX Files on Windows without Supportive Application?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 6th, 2022
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Summary: The purpose of this blog is to address the question of how to open MBOX files on Windows without the use of a third-party tool. So, keep continue with the post to get the instant solution to accomplish this task.

MBOX Files: What You Need to Know?

MBOX is a popular file format for storing a large number of emails in one location. They are specialized text files that hold emails as plain text in a single location, separated by headers. Many email clients, including Thunderbird, Gmail, Apple Mail, and others, support MBOX files. If the files are encoded in a specific way, email attachments and their contents can likewise be stored at these places.

How to Open MBOX Files on Windows?

You could open an MBOX file using specific email applications, which are listed below.

  • Installing a free, open-source email program like Mozilla Thunderbird on your PC will allow you to access an MBOX file. If you didn’t install the software yet, then move ahead and install it.
  • It works with the vast majority of today’s operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux, to name a few.
  • Launch the software after it has been installed and choose Tools from the drop-down menu. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose Add-Ons and click Get Add-Ons.
  • Search for the ImportExportTools Thunderbird add-on in the Thunderbird add-on directory and install it.
  • Then go to the Local Folders tab in Thunderbird and pick the Tools menu item.
  • From the ImportExportTools drop-down menu, choose “Import MBOX file.” Then, by selecting “OK,” choose the file you want to import into Thunderbird.
  • Once the MBOX file has been properly imported, the emails and folders included inside it will appear in your Thunderbird folder hierarchy in the usual way.

It is possible that other email applications will be able to open MBOX files as well, while some may only be able to operate with their own proprietary formats. Check to verify whether the files can be opened by any of the applications that you are now using.

But What If You Don’t Have Any Supportive Email Applications?

We have observed that there are a large number of users who do not have an MBOX-compatible application. They do, however, require the ability to access MBOX files for a number of personal and professional reasons.

What to do in this case?

The solution is a third-party solution that is safe, secure, and trustworthy in all aspects.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to download and install 4n6 MBOX File Viewer Wizard, which you may get on our website. This tool can assist you in opening MBOX files without the need for any other software. Installing the free software will allow you to open and access MBOX files with all of their attachments. The tool has so many advanced features. Also, you can open MBOX files in some simple clicks.

How to Open .mbox File without Supportive Application?

1. Simply, download the software on your Windows machine.


2. Install and run this application properly. Then, click on Open, choose email data files, MBOX files, and then select Files / Folders.


3. Now, browse the folder from your computer which containing MBOX files and click Select Folder.


4. This application will load them on the left panel. Click on it to access complete message with data attributes.


That’s it. By following the straightforward procedure outlined above, you will be able to open an unlimited number of MBOX files on Windows without the need for any additional software.

Congratulations. How to open MBOX files on Windows query has been resolved.

You can Complete this Process Step-by-Step by Watching this YouTube Video

Check Out the Amazing Features of the Software

  • Open Content of MBOX Files: Using our software, users can see all of the header information (including the subject, date and time, to and from), body content, and attachments without any interruptions.
  • MBOX Files Message Header Opener: Important information for evidence analysis is displayed by this amazing application, such as the Delivered-To, Received: by, Internet Headers, Message-ID, MIME-Version, X-Mozilla-Status, and so on.
  • Open Hex Value of your MBOX Message: This amazing feature shows the information included within an email in hexadecimal format. This option is beneficial for a forensics expert to examine the changes.
  • Two Options to Load MBOX Files: This application provides you with two different loading options for your MBOX files or directories. You can use this to access your MBOX files or an entire folder without encountering any difficulties. It is the best tool to resolve how to open MBOX files query.
  • Open MBOX of Any Email App: As we know MBOX files are created by many email client applications. The tool supports all of them. You can easily open MBOX files on Windows created by any email application.

Commonly Asked Users Questions

Ques 1: Can I use this application open hex value of my MBOX message?

Ans: Yes, this application has the required capacity. MBOX file content can be opened in hex format with relative ease.

Ques 2: Is there any file size limitation to open my MBOX files?

Ans: No, there is no restrictions imposed on the tool to open MBOX files.

Ques 3: Can I open MBOX files attachments also?

Ans: Yes, with this tool, you can open your MBOX files along with attachments.

Ques 4: Does the application is compatible with all Windows app?

Ans: Yes, you can run it on every latest and earlier Windows Operating system.

In Conclusion

In the above blog, we have captured the query how to open MBOX files on Windows. If you have an app that is compatible with MBOX, you can do it manually. However, if you are one of those who requires the ability to access MBOX files without the usage of a supporting software, the suggested app can be used. The tool is beneficial in that it allows you to open an infinite number of MBOX files without any restrictions.

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