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Bulk Import MBOX Files into Exchange Server Without Crashing

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 17th, 2023
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5 Minutes

Overview: Do you have a large number of MBOX files that were formerly utilized with email clients such as Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Postbox, or any other email client? Do you now want to import them to Exchange server so that you may make greater use of them, but you can’t figure out how to do it in the right way? If you answered “yes,” then you absolutely have to read all of this post. You might come across an incredible technique to import MBOX files into Exchange online in this article; consequently, to acquire it right away, continue scrolling down.

The Benefits of Employing the Use of an Exchange Server

  • Safety Enhancements: With a variety of options at both the server and mailbox levels, Microsoft Exchange was developed with security and privacy in mind. Kerberos is a standard for network security that is used by Microsoft Exchange Server. It provides mutual authentication over a network. Thus if you import MBOX to Exchange online; you may enhance the security of your data.
  • Improvements in the OWA App: New improvements to Outlook’s web interface and mobile app make it easier to keep track of all the many kinds of interactions users have with the program. You may now archive, remove, or move messages with just one click from the reading view in the inbox panel. With just one click, users can undo their most recent mailbox action.
  • Improved Isolation during Failover: For problem-free database operations, Exchange 2016 use DAG to partition database processes. Exchange 2016 failover is sped up by modifications to the code in the transaction log and the passive database. DAG is based on clustering and replication technology developed for Windows Server.

How to Import MBOX Files into Exchange Online?

MBOX Converter Wizard is one of the most intriguing apps to simultaneously import multiple MBOX files into Exchange server. One of the best aspects of the software is that it is originally available for no cost. When you download the file using the button displayed below, you will initially be presented with the trial version. This trial version enables a limited conversion of MBOX files to Exchange as well as additional saving options. Follow the instructions below to fully comprehend the tool’s capability and how to use it to import MBOX to Exchange online.

download button

Step-by-step Instructions to Import MBOX to Exchange 

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  • You can get the MBOX to Exchange migration tool by using the link located above. Once downloaded; Install it and start it to import MBOX files into Exchange.
    download mbox to exchange migration tool
  • Once the software has been started, select the Email Data File option from the Open tab, followed by the MBOX File option, and then either Choose File or Choose Folder from the side menu.
    choose files or folders option
  • Start by browsing through all of the files that need to be imported into Exchange, and then move those files into the MBOX to Exchange Import Tool so that they may be processed further.
    browse mbox files
  • After the MBOX files have been uploaded to the tool, you will have the option to preview them before you import MBOX to Exchange online.
    preview mbox files
  • After you have completed analyzing your data, select IMAP as your saving method by going to the Export tab. Choosing IMAP as saving option will help you import MBOX files into Exchange.
    select imap as saving option
  • Please enter your login details for Exchange. After providing the server name and port number for your Exchange server, click the Save button to import MBOX files into Exchange.
    click save to import mbox files into exchange

It will only take a few moments for your files to be imported, and you will receive a notification as soon as this process is finished. Now, in addition to this process to import MBOX to Exchange online, we would like to demonstrate some of the functionality of the tool to you. Examine them carefully if you are curious about the most important benefits of utilizing the MBOX to Exchange import tool.

Benefits of Using an MBOX to Exchange Migration Tool

  • The application has a very simple user interface for ease of use.
  • It can batch import MBOX files into Exchange Server with complete data.
  • It offers you preview of all MBOX files before importing them to Exchange.
  • You can also view your MBOX emails in Hex and Raw mode for investigation.
  • Offers you a search bar to find specific emails from a specific time or address.
  • You can run the tool to import MBOX to Exchange on Windows 11, 10, 8 etc.
  • It’s completely self-contained and doesn’t force you to download additional settings.
  • It is completely secured and ensures that the integrity of MBOX Files will be preserved.
  • Besides Exchange, you can also import MBOX to G Suite, Outlook, Office 365 and IMAP.


You now have the best option to import MBOX files into Exchange. It only takes a few simple steps to use the MBOX to Exchange migration tool. You can obtain a demo version of it from the aforementioned link. You can import MBOX to Exchange using the free version, along with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, PDF and other savings. As a result, we strongly urge you to consider the application before using it to complete your task.