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Directly Import DBX Files into Thunderbird With All Data

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 27th, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

Thunderbird is the email client that remains at the top of the desktop-based client list owing to its numerous features, such as the ability to save data to several formats via the Add-on function. So, nothing else but it might prove to be the best platform for you to open your abandoned DBX files. So, if you share our sentiments and wish to import DBX files into Thunderbird, let’s examine how this might be accomplished.

How to Import Outlook DBX to Thunderbird Account?

The greatest and most wonderful tool to convert DBX to Thunderbird is the DBX file converter. You may import a lot of DBX files right into the Thunderbird email client using this very simple method. There would be no need to convert DBX to MBOX first before importing files. With the tool, you may discover the direct Thunderbird saving option. You must have a basic grasp of how to use the tool before you utilise it. You may thus look below to learn how the utility functions.

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Step-by-step Procedure to Import DBX Files into Thunderbird

Note: You will be shown the demo version of the DBX to Thunderbird converter after you click the link to download it. To understand the tool better, use this edition. To a limited extent, you may convert DBX to Thunderbird and explore its features. Once you’re happy, you may buy the license key to enable all the features. Additionally, you should be aware that the application can convert DBX files to other platforms including Office 365, Gmail, PDF, CSV, and so on. Use the tool right away to improve the health of your DBX files.
  • Download the DBX to Thunderbird import utility first by clicking the aforementioned link. Finish installing it, and then run it to import DBX file to Thunderbird.
    download dbx to thunderbird converter
  • You must select the Open tab after starting the programme. Once a drop-down menu displays, you must choose the option to choose a file or a folder.
    choose dbx files or folder
  • Now, look over all the DBX files you want to add to Thunderbird and get ready to add them to the application.
    browse dbx files
  • You can choose to preview the Outlook Express DBX files after adding them all to the DBX to Thunderbird converter’ left pane.
    preview dbx files
  • Next, pick Thunderbird as your saving choice by selecting the Export tab.
    select thunderbird saving option
  • You must now pick the files, go to the target directory, and then click the save button to import DBX files into Thunderbird.
    click save to import dbx files into thunderbird

Thus, that is how the tool works. By following the simple instructions above, you may examine DBX files in Thunderbird. Now, we’d like to introduce you to some of the main features of the tool. If you want to know what the tool is capable of, we advise you to review them.

DBX to Thunderbird Converter Free: Explore Its Functions

  • Simplest user interface: The tool’s graphical user interface is the first thing that makes you smile. It’s really straightforward to grasp and pretty basic. Additionally, we guarantee that using it won’t cause you any problems while converting Outlook Express DBX to Thunderbird.
  • Capacity to Convert: The DBX to Thunderbird converter works best when you have a large number of files to convert. The utility allows bulk import DBX files into Thunderbird. The number of files that can be converted at once is not limited.
  • Preview Function: The utility is most useful for displaying a preview of your files. Before you convert DBX to Thunderbird, a preview of DBX files will be presented. If you do not have another application that can open DBX files, you may use this utility as a viewer.
  • Search Function: The programme is also the best for searching for a certain property in DBX files. You may apply criteria to the search box and use it to look for certain text, emails, attachments from a specific time periods or email address.


One of the finest programmes to import DBX files into Thunderbird account is DBX to Thunderbird converter. The programme works well to convert DBX to various file formats, such as EML, PST, and others, in addition to Thunderbird. To enable all of the tool’s features, you may buy the licence key. You may start utilising the programme to convert Outlook Express DBX to Thunderbird by downloading it from the aforementioned link.