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Convert DBX to MBOX Manually Without Outlook Express Account

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Nick Rogers
Published On
December 7th, 2022
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Because the appropriate email client is no longer accessible, you can’t seem to locate a convenient way to view and manage DBX files. As a result, you wish to convert DBX to MBOX format in order to view them using another email client, such as Thunderbird. If so, you might need a little assistance from us to complete this change. To find a suitable answer to your problem, we advise you to study the entire manual.

Outlook Express files are DBX files that, owing to compatibility, cannot be opened by any other email client. To open through various alternatives, you may need to first convert them to their appropriate format. As is the case with our issue, if you wish to open DBX files in Thunderbird, you may need to first convert them to MBOX format. As a result, to learn how you can accomplish it, please see the section below.

A Clever Method to Convert DBX to MBOX Format

The most efficient and clever method of converting Outlook Express DBX to MBOX files is via an Outlook Express DBX converter. It is specifically developed for converting Outlook Express files to other alternatives. It can convert DBX files to MBOX in bulk on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and other operating systems. The app is also self-contained and does not require you to have a compatible email client to perform the conversion. The functionalities of the Outlook Express files to MBOX converter are listed below. You may learn more about the tool by reading them.

download button

Primary Features of the DBX Files to MBOX Converter

  • It has one of the most intuitive graphical user interfaces for user ease.
  • Using the DBX file to MBOX converter, you may convert DBX to MBOX in bulk.
  • You may view emails and attachments connected with DBX before converting them.
  • You can preview DBX email messages in hex and raw mode for DBX file forensics.
  • The application’s search capabilities allow you to locate certain emails and attachments.
  • It is completely secure and safe and strives to preserve the general qualities of DBX files.
  • Before file conversion, you can apply complex filters such as include email headers.

These are a few of the features that will enable you to learn more about the tool. It’s time to find out how good the utility is at converting DBX files to MBOX now that you know it’s effective. To learn how the tool functions, you can follow the complete instructions below.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Convert Outlook Express DBX to MBOX Files

Note: The tool’s free version may be downloaded via the link above. You may get to know the tool personally and in-depth with the free demo version. Furthermore, you may partially convert DBX to MBOX and examine DBX files. You may use the tool fully by converting DBX to PST, EML, and other formats by obtaining the licence key afterwards.

1. After downloading the programme from the link above, run it and click the open tab to choose either the choose file or choose folder option to acquire and upload DBX to the tool.
choose files or choose folders

2. Begin by browsing the files you want to convert and submitting them to the free tool.
browse dbx files

3. Once all of the files have been imported into the programme, go to the Export tab and choose MBOX as the exporting format.
select mbox saving format

4. Click the browse button to navigate and choose the best location for your resulting files. When you’re finished, click the save button to convert DBX to MBOX.
click save to convert dbx to mbox

So, these are the only procedures required to convert Outlook Express files to MBOX format. Your files will now be converted in a few seconds, and you will be alerted when they are finished.

Take a Look at this YouTube Video for Step-by-Step Instructions


With the aid of the web page, you may convert DBX to MBOX. We have outlined a simple process to convert Outlook Express files to MBOX format. The ideal programme for file converting that includes a sample version is the DBX files to MBOX converter. To convert DBX to Office 365, PDF, Gmail, and other services, you may buy the tool’s licencing version. Therefore, utilise the link to immediately download the utility and use it.