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Method to Forward & Transfer Outlook Express DBX Files to Gmail for Individual and Multiple Users

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes

In Outlook Express, DBX is a folder created by the email client to store messages from a specific mailbox such as Inbox, Sent Mail, and more. Unfortunately, one can’t import DBX directly from the application. Now, you’re here to know how to import DBX to Gmail. This guide will help you with an automatic and complete solution for transferring Outlook Express to Gmail. Moreover, you will also

  • Learn to import Outlook Express to Gmail for single user/personal user.
  • How to bulk import DBX files to Gmail for multiple or Enterprise user.
  • Full Overview of Expert Software to Import DBX to Gmail profile.
  • Stepwise method to transfer emails from Outlook Express to Gmail.

So, let’s get started.

Let’s face it: Top Reasons to Import DBX to Gmail Account

Individual or Single User Concern

As we all know, Outlook Express is announced as an obsolete email client. It means you can’t receive new emails in the application. As a result, the individuals are looking for a switch from Outlook Express to other email services such as Gmail. Besides being the most reliable free cloud-based email service, Gmail can also access anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it is a simple and commonly used application. Therefore, anyone can access and manage data in Gmail easily.

Enterprise or Multiple Users Trouble

Now, let’s look at an enterprise query to import Outlook Express Mail to Google Workspace.

“We have a team of fifteen-twenty employees have their email accounts with MS Outlook Express. But, as the email client has been discontinued, users face trouble accessing data in their Outlook Express accounts. The experts have decided to import DBX files to Google Workspace because emails are accessible and safe. We request professionals to provide us with tested and reliable solutions to transfer emails from Outlook Express to Gmail”.

Communication Manager

– Charles Fredrick

The above discussion clears the picture of the need for an absolute solution to import DBX to Gmail. Let’s read about the one-stop software to import Outlook Express Mail to Gmail account precisely without taking much time.

By implementing the 4-quick steps, investigators can search and track specific text in Outlook within a few minutes. None of the supportive application is required to access this freeware. Individuals can use it in offline mode to eliminate the risk of data breach, information loss, etc.

Here’s Presenting #No.1 Solution to Import Outlook Express to Gmail Mailbox

This section provides you with the best and most effective solution for importing DBX into Gmail. For this purpose, 4n6 DBX File Converter will help you transfer DBX files to Gmail account. The software is specially designed for all users who are looking for a way to transfer DBX files directly to Gmail account. The application is easy to use and allows all non-technical users to complete their work without getting stuck anywhere.

How to Import DBX Files to Gmail / G Suite / Google Mail Account Quickly?

  • Free Demo: 4n6 DBX File Converter software, can transfer DBX email to Google Mail, provides a trial version. It can transfer the first 10 items in any folder. Users can purchase a paid version to import DBX into a Gmail account.download button
  • To import various DBX files into your Gmail / G Suite account, you must select the Folder option. Otherwise, you can select a file.open-file
  • Now, the tool will display all DBX files/folders in the software interface. To check the preview of DBX elements, click “Email” in the interface.DBX files/folders
  • Tap on the Export tab. Select the Gmail option to import DBX in your Gmail mailbox.Select the Gmail option
  • After that, enter your Gmail credentials such as email address, password. Finally, click the Save button to start the process.Select the save button
  • Please Note: After completing these steps, you can easily transfer Outlook Express email to Gmail. Now, all you have to do is open your Gmail account and run DBX files.output

Note: If you don’t want to have any problems when converting DBX to Gmail account using this software, start with these instructions.

Enable IMAP

enable imap

How to Create Gmail App Password

Excellent Features of Software to Transfer Outlook Express to Gmail Profile

  • DBX to Gmail import tool is a powerful application. It allows you to transfer bulk Outlook Express emails into your Gmail / G Suite account without restriction.
  • The tool has a consistent interface and maintains a complete email format during the conversion process.
  • The utility helps to import DBX to Gmail mailboxes. Quick search allows you to find information in DBX files easily.
  • At the same time, advanced filtering options can find relevant messages. The software has various filters, such as time, date and email title.
  • Users can easily import DBX email to Gmail with all attachments. This feature is really beneficial for individual and enterprises.
  • The software provides a compact screen for importing DBX files to Google Mail. Using this option, users can view the desired DBX folder.
  • It helps to forward selected DBX items to Gmail. You can use the “File” option selected in the application window to add the selected DBX file.
  • If you are having trouble importing DBX to Gmail email, you can use 24/7 customer support.

The Conclusion

If you want to import DBX to Gmail account, the above guide can easily help you. Using the recommended solution, users can directly transfer Outlook Express emails to Gmail / Google Mail. The app is an all in one and also enables you to transfer DBX to some other alternatives like MBOX, EML, PST and so on. Therefore, quickly download the tool and import Outlook DBX files with attachments.