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How to Extract Email Addresses from Office 365 Mailbox? Complete Solution

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This blog contains complete information on how to extract email addresses from Office 365 (Outlook 365) accounts.

There are situations in which a user must extract email addresses from their Outlook 365 account. The Reason might be anything personal or professional. Are you too one of them who must do this task? No worries. Read this post.

It is common knowledge that Office 365 is one of the most widely used cloud-based email services currently. This Outlook 365 email client provides its customers with a variety of built-in options and features to make their lives easier. However, Office 365 does not have any built-in options that facilitate the extraction of email addresses in its service. You are going to need the assistance of some kind of specialized program for this.

Therefore, in this writing, we are going to present you with the most appropriate and trustworthy technique to extract email addresses from Office 365 mailboxes. So, let’s begin the post.

Reasons for Extract Email Addresses from Outlook 365 Account

Although there are many reasons why users search for ways to extract email addresses from Office 365, we have listed some of them in the following points:

  • If you are a digital marketer or a businessman, you may need to download your user’s email addresses from your Outlook 365 mailbox. After which you can send offers and promotional emails to your users using those email addresses.
  • If you want to run an email campaign, it can be very helpful for you to download all your sender and receiver user email addresses from your Outlook 365 account.
  • Even if you are a manager in a company, you may need to extract email addresses so that you can quickly send information about the company’s urgent projects, special announcements, and more to your colleagues.

Best Ways to Extract Email Addresses from Office 365 Accounts

When you search for how to extract email addresses from Outlook 365 accounts on Google, you will see there are only a few options available to get this task done. In those, our 4n6 Office 365 Backup Tool is rated as the best. This utility has been designed for users to download all Office 365 email addresses at the same time on a desktop. Also, if you don’t have technical knowledge, no need to worry. This app has an amazing user interface. Any type of user can easily use this tool without facing any type of hassle.

Also, in order to download email addresses, you just have to follow some easy steps. So, please have a look at the below steps to extract all email addresses.

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Learn How to Use Office 365 Email Address Extractor With Screenshots

  1. Firstly, download, install, and run the Office 365 email addresses extractor utility on your Windows machine.
    download office 365 email address extractor
  2. After that, click the “Open” tab given above and then select the Add Account option to add your account.
    add account option
  3. Please fill in the login details of your Outlook 365 account and click on Add.
    enter login detail
  4. Now, you can see that all your mailboxes are populated on the left pane and then if you want to see all the email data, double-click on the email
  5. Thereafter, Click the Extract button from the menu bar and choose Email Addresses from it.
    email address option
  6. After that, choose the location where you need to get the extracted email addresses and click the Save button to begin the process.
    extract email addresses from Office 365

That’s it. By following these simple steps, you can safely extract all email addresses from your Office 365 account. This process of extraction is easy and will only take a few seconds.

What Makes this Office 365 Email Addresses Extractor Best?

The Outlook 365 email address extractor is the finest since it possesses so many attractive features. This application was developed in such a way that it can easily meet the requirements of any kind of user, and its design reflects this. The following is a list of the app’s most frequently used features. Could you please take a look?

  • Extract in Batches: It is the most effective program available to extract email addresses from Office 365 or Outlook 365 accounts. The functionality of the tool includes the capability to extract data in batches. In order to download your email addresses, you will no longer be required to pick data over and over again.
  • Selective Extraction: There are situations when a user has to extract email addresses from many Outlook 365 mailboxes. It allows you to select only the directories from which email addresses must be extracted.
  • Simple and Tested: It is the best and simple utility to extract email addresses from Office 365 accounts. This software is very easy to use and test. Any type of user can easily operate is and get the trusted result without facing any hassle.
  • Provides Preview: Also, this app is best for Office 365 forensics investigations. It provides a preview of Outlook 365 account data in detail. Also, there are no file size limitations imposed on the tool to extract email addresses.

These are simply a handful of the characteristics. There are plenty more. Please download the program and begin using it immediately to get all of its features.


In the above write-up, we have covered the topic “how to extract email addresses from Office 365”. Here, we have provided the most reliable solution to perform this task. With this app, one can easily download all Outlook 365 email addresses without losing a bit of information. So, if you are one of those people who need to perform this task, use the app. It will help you a lot.