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Learn How to Easy Way Generate BKF Files by Using the NTBackup Software Like ABC

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
December 20th, 2022
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3 Minutes Reading

By the way, we all know that the option to create BKF files came in Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000 only because earlier these features were in-built into the Windows system but after that Windows removed these features from their system. But the ntbackup utility is still available on the Internet, with the help of which you can generate BKF files on any Windows platform. Today we will tell you with the help of this utility how you can make BKF file for free, let’s know the complete process step by step.

Why Important BKF File Creating?

  • Users may backup important data on an external disc by compressing and archiving it for later use. As everyone is aware, the risk of data corruption rises with computer storage.
  • You may save between 20 and 50 % of hard drive space by using BKF files to store Windows Backup data. The additional space may then be used by users to store more data.
  • Secure BKF files should be stored on an external hard drive for security purposes. Your data will always be protected since an external hard disc is not connected to a computer or the internet.
  • Using the free Windows NTBackup software, users may simply get internal data that is always accessible and formatted precisely after to generate BKF files for Windows backups.

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How to Create BKF File Without Losing Any Data?

You must have the nt5backup.cab utility to generate BKF files. If you have this utility then it is very good. If you do not have this utility, then you have to first download the nt5backup.cab utility, after that follow the steps given below

  1. Utilize the free Windows NTBackup Tool that is installed on your PC. To run the setup EXE file twice, click it.
  2. Now open the Backup or Restore Wizard screen, to continue, click Next.
    click next
  3. What you wish to accomplish will then be asked of you by this utility. Select the option to backup files and settings.
    click next
  4. Click the “let me choose what to back up” option and then press the Next button.
    let me choose
  5. To see an item’s contents on the right, double-click the item in the left column. the disc, folder, or file that you wish to generate BKF files for, and then tick the box next to it.
    choose file
  6. Then click the Browse option to choose a particular route to your destination.
    choose destination
  7. Press Next after renaming the file.
    rename file
  8. Click Finish after seeing the backup settings that were established.
    finish button
  9. BKF file successfully produced; note the message of success. Select the Close button.
    file created
  10. Finally, get the generated BKF file from the chosen destination directory. The question about creating BKF files is answered.
    generate bkf files

Another Scenario:

If you already have a corrupted BKF file or virus affected BKF file and you are looking for its solution then you can use our 4n6 BKF repair Tool. This software can very easily extract the data of any of your BKF files. Whether it is created with ntbackup software or created with Veritas Backup Exec, this software supports all BKF files.
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Questions about how to create BKF files have now been addressed thoroughly, and there are no more outstanding issues. The windows NT Backup restore utility may be used to generate BKF files by following the processes outlined above. Using this method, producing backup BKF Zip files for Windows is not only simple but also completely free.