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How to Export Email Addresses from Zoho Mail Account in Batch?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
December 28th, 2022
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6 Minutes Reading

Summary: Read this article and learn the easiest way to export email addresses from Zoho Mail account.

Nowadays, we are working for Zoho Mail users who needs to move their data to another platform. While researching customer concerns, we discovered that users require the ability to extract email addresses from Zoho Mail accounts. To better understanding, please have a look at the below user query:

“I’ve been using Zoho Mail for a long time. Now, I’m required to export all email addresses from my Zoho Mail account to meet with official requirements. The problem is that I do not know how to complete this task. In addition, I lack a technical background, thus I am really concerned. Can someone possibly suggest a straightforward and secure method for exporting all Zoho Mail email addresses in bulk?”

No matter why you need to extract email addresses, whether it’s for work or for other reason. The most important thing is to choose the right way to do this task. Therefore, in the following paragraph, we will describe the optimal approach for completing this task. So, just have a look.

Technique to Export Email Addresses from Zoho Mail Account

When it comes to extracting email addresses one at a time from Zoho, it is feasible to do it either manually or via the use of a third-party commercial solution. However, such options don’t work when it comes to exporting all of the email addresses from Zoho at the same time. Therefore, there is a necessity for a solution that is suitable to you and can fulfil the needs that you have specified.

4n6 Team developed Zoho Mail Backup Application for Windows users. It is the complete solution to extract multiple email addresses from your Zoho Mail account at the same time. Also, this software is developed while keeping all users in mind. Users of this software have the ability to quickly apply filters to export either selective or bulk email addresses from Zoho Mail depending on their need.

Additionally, this method is really simple to use. We learnt from the preceding user enquiry that not all users have technical knowledge. They demand a solution that can be utilized effortlessly and without difficulty. Therefore, we developed every 4n6 application with a straightforward user interface. This app requires no technical skills to operate.

Also, to help users, let’s go through the steps of how this software works. If you do this, you can solve your problems in a few easy steps.

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Steps to Extract All Email Addresses from Zoho Mail Account At Once

1. Download Zoho Email Addresses Extractor on your Windows computer.


2. Once the app is downloaded, run it on your machine and click on Open tab to begin the process.

click open to export email addresses from zoho mail

3. Now, choose the Add Account option from the list that opened.

click on add account

4. Enter the login credentials such as email address and password of your Zoho Mail account and click Add.

enter login details

5. This solution starts analyzing data and instantly load all folders on the left panel.

loaded folders

6. You can click on the mailboxes to check the complete preview of Zoho mail data.

check preview

7. Now, click on Extract option and choose Email Addresses from it.

click email addresses

8. Choose the folders, choose required location, and click on Extract button to begin the process. The application starts exporting email addresses from Zoho Mail account.


In a few moments, you can see the extracted email addresses. Finally, click on Save button.

That’s it.

Learn About the Advance Features of Zoho Mail Email Address Extractor Tool

  • Export All At Once: With the help of this application, it is possible to quickly and without risk extract all of the email addresses from a Zoho Mail account. To get email addresses, it is not necessary to choose individual mailboxes one at a time.
  • Also, Extract Selectively: If you want to export email addresses from selected Zoho mailboxes, it is also possible with this app. The app load all the mailboxes and allow you to check only those folders from which you need to export email addresses.
  • Get Accurate Result: While extracting email addresses from Zoho Mail account, this solution maintains all the properties. We ensure you that this Zoho email addresses extractor will provide you exact and desirable result.
  • Choose Output Location: The software allows you to choose the output location where you need to save extracted email addresses. This amazing feature of this Zoho mail email addresses extractor will help you to easily access the resultant output data.
  • Get Complete Preview: This is the best app to export email addresses from Zoho Mail account. Also, before extracting, you can check out the preview of your Zoho Mail data. It provides the preview of content, email attachments, headers, and more.
  • Standalone Application: This utility is completely standalone. There is no need to download any supportive solution to save Zoho Mail email addresses to required place.

Commonly Asked Queries

Question 1 – Can I also use this app to export Zoho Mail data?

Answer 1 – Yes, you can use this app to export Zoho mail into several savings like PST, PDF, Gmail, G Suite, Exchange and more.

Question 2 – Does the app allow me to extract Zoho Mail email addresses on my Windows 11 machine?

Answer 2 – Yes, this app is compatible with all the editions of Windows OS such as 11, 10, and more.

Question 3 – Is there any file size limitations imposed?

Answer 3 – No, there is no limitations. You can export all email addresses from Zoho Mail account.

Question 4 – How do I use this app without investing anything?

Answer 4 – Yes, the app comes up with free demo version feature. With the freeware, you can test the complete software working and features before investing anything on it.

The Conclusion

In addition to exporting emails, users must also extract their data. This article describes how to export email addresses from a Zoho Mail account. Using the recommended application, one may export several or selected Zoho email addresses to their desktop or another location. So, if you are in need to extract Zoho email addresses, just download the app now.