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How to Convert PST Files to HTML Code? Perfectly

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Nick Rogers
Published On
February 15th, 2023
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Do you want to convert PST files to HTML format and have come looking for the solution to the same query? So you have come to the right blog post, here you will get the answer to all your questions. What are the ways it can be done, it will also be known? After reading this blog you will not have to go to any other blog. Because you will get the answers to all the questions related to Outlook.

If seen, nowadays is the era of coding, the language of coding is understood by everyone, the most used language in this is HTML, whose full form is HyperText Markup Language. What is HTML, and how to convert PST to HTML? We will understand this in further detail, before this a user’s query has come, let’s see.

User query;

“Hello, I have kept PST files for a long time but now I have to read them, but I am not able to read them because they are kept in PST format. but I know HTML coding language, so I want to convert pst files to HTML. But I could not do my job with a manual solution. Tell me any solution by which I can convert all my outlook account pst files to HTML without any problem.”

On top of this, you read a user’s query so that you must have got a little idea of your problem. That your problem can be solved, so now stay tuned, now read what is HTML coding language. Then they will also know why it is necessary to convert PST to HTML after that. I understand that everyone has their problem, due to which they convert outlook emails to any other format. But those who tell us the user, say some problems or HTML feature, we will keep them in front of you.

What is HTML Code Language?

HTML is a file format that implements the HTML programming language. This is a typical file format for web page development. It’s also Outlook’s default message format. HTML is one of the greatest formats to apply for creating typical documents with different fonts, colors, and ordered and unordered lists. It’s also useful if you want to include some photographs in your inbox message.

Why does User Need to Convert Outlook Emails to HTML?

  1. PST files must be imported into MS Outlook to be opened, however, HTML files may be opened immediately in a variety of web browsers.
  2. Double-clicking does not open PST files, however, it does open HTML files.
  3. Because a PST file contains a variety of email messages, it might be difficult to locate individual emails inside the database. But an HTML file can keep emails independently, allowing users to quickly locate specific emails.
  4. MS Outlook PST files are difficult to edit, however, HTML files may be readily modified using a variety of text editors.
  5. Users cannot send individual emails to other users as attachments in PST files. However, HTML files may be readily provided as an attachment in an email message.

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Way to Convert PST File to HTML Format

The only solution to convert Outlook emails to HTML is the automated method. Which has been invented by the 4n6 company, whose name is Outlook PST Converter. Which is also used in forensics to read emails. This is the only solution to convert PST files to HTML. There is no manual solution using which to export outlook emails. Its software is also very easy to use and user-friendly interface. Let us now see how the outlook to HTML converter software is used?

download button


How to Use Outlook to HTML Converter Software?

  • Download the outlook to HTML converter software and open it in the windows OS system.
    download outlook to html converter
  • After that choose the auto outlook account to configure or choose the folder/files option and upload the files to the software panel
    choose pst folder
  • Thereafter, uploading the pst files you can preview the email files in different modes
    properties preview
  • Click the Export button and choose the HTML option for converting the outlook files.
    select html as saving option
  • Lastly, select the destination path and hit the save button to start the exporting process of PST to HTML.
    click save to convert outlook to html

See, you can convert PST files to HTML in just five steps. But before purchasing this software, you should also know about the amazing features of this software, due to which this software is so famous. Let’s know what are those amazing features

Incredible Features of PST to HTML Converter Software

  1. A distinct feature of 4n6 PST File to HTML Converter is the ability to automatically import outlook email files from the default storage location of set Microsoft Outlook.
  2. If someone wishes to convert preserved PST files to HTML format, this program also has manual choices for loading PST files from the computer, such as Select Files… or Select Folders…, which users may employ according to their needs.
  3. The 4n6 PST file converter is an all-in-One tool that offers you many saving option. With the tool you may also export Outlook calendar to ICS and other formats as well.
  4. If you wish to convert corrupted PST files to HTML format with 100 % accuracy. The utility will begin a comprehensive search of the PST files for email recovery.
  5. After importing the PST files into the software panel, the tool displays a preview of all the PST folders in the software interface. Allowing users to preview their emails in different modes such as Hex View, Message Header, etc.
  6. 4n6 Outlook to HTML Exporter offers a distinct option to disregard the hierarchy of system directories and store converted messages in the same source folder as the original.
  7. This program provides a number of file name conversion options to convert PST to HTML that is useful for storing HTML files in various styles.
  8. Counting the items during the outlook to HTML conversion generates a live conversion progressive report in PST to HTML Converter.
  9. Outlook to HTML Converter is compatible with all versions of Windows, including server editions, both new and old.


Many customers are interested in learning how to convert PST files to HTML format. They haven’t been able to come up with an effective and dependable method for completing the assignment. As a result, we’ve outlined a step-by-step approach for exporting outlook emails to HTML file formats in the preceding section, allowing you to access PST files in Chrome and other browsers with ease. With the above-mentioned software, users may quickly convert Outlook emails to HTML.

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