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How to Import PST to G Suite (Google Workspace) Account Directly?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 1st, 2023
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6 Minutes Reading

Observation. If you want to migrate all your Outlook emails to your G Suite account, read this article to learn how to import PST to G Suite, (G Suite has been renamed to Google Workspace)

Google introduced the G Suite platform 14 years ago. It is a set of intelligent software that helps in improving user productivity. Today, millions of users rely on Google apps for productivity, collaboration, and more. Also, many companies are considering migrating their existing email clients to G Suite. This is the reason why officially people prefer Google Apps, now called G Suite. Check the marked area.

User Query;

“Hello, There are a lot of Outlook folders with a lot of emails in them. You’ll need to import PST to G Suite. I know there is no manual function for this so I don’t know how to do it. How can I quickly transfer Outlook data files to G Suite? Thank you very much”

Several similar requests have been made on several forum sites, and the support team has received the same requests. Therefore, it is understandable that these migration problems are common today. So we assume that you are facing the same problem and need a solution.

Why do Users Most Trust G Suite / Google Workspace?

Many people believe that Google Apps has made their life a lot easier. We provide many services such as:

  1. Content may be edited and saved as Doc files, sheets, and presentations.
  2. Google Apps now includes Google Voice.
  3. The Group Calendar tool aids in the organization of schedules.
  4. Google Drive allows you to save, save, and retrieve your files.
  5. Google Keep can let you store your clients’ frequently asked questions.
  6. Use the Gmail service to create your own email account.

Now you understand why people switch from email clients to G Suite software. Here are two frequently asked questions. How to import PST to G Suite apps?

Way to Migrate Outlook Emails to G Suite Account

The solution that makes this task possible and easy is the 4n6 Outlook PST Converter Tool. This application can meet all your needs in the best possible way. It is unique and reliable and requires little effort on your part. Yes, you can instantly import PST to G Suite upon request.

This application is fully automated and has many advantages. It consists of many functions that can be used for various purposes. It’s a good idea to learn about them so you can understand the potential of the tools.

Migrating to Outlook G Suite apps is especially for design to migrate Outlook emails directly to your G Suite account. You can complete the work without using any other software. You do not need to install Outlook for this procedure. Throughout the process, the solution maintains the integrity of all email properties and data. You will get 100% correct results. This app is suitable for all users who need accurate data import PST to G Suite.

Instruction – How to Use PST to Google Workspace Converter?

Free Download

  • Download the Outlook to G Suite Migrator Software and Open it in the windows OS system
    download pst to G Suite migrator
  • After opening the software click on the open button in the left corner and choose the outlook to configure option or choose the folder/files option according to your choice
    upload pst files folder
  • Thereafter uploading your emails you can preview your emails in different five modes
    preview messages header
  • After that hit the export button and choose the IMAP option
    select gmail
  • Eventually, enter the G Suite login details and click on the save button to import the files will automatically
    enter login details

That’s all for the procedure; these are the only steps you’ll need to do. In a few seconds, the mailboxes from your Outlook account will be moved to G Suite. Your assignment has now been completed.

How to Migrate PST File to G Suite Using Manual Method

The GWMMO technique is a manual approach for exporting PST into G Suite. Users can read this linked article to Manually Import PST Files into G Suite Using GWMMO Migration Tool. However, Before that, the user must recognize the Disadvantages of the GWMMO Migration Tool. 

Beneficial Features of the PST to G Suite Migration Software

We’ll go through the features of the tool shortly so you can learn more about it in the lowest amount of time. So, let’s make use of these features.

  1. It has a simple interface that anybody can use without any assistance.
  2. It can quickly identify an Outlook account from which you wish to move data. As you may pick the data, you are free to migrate chosen folders from the account.
  3. With email headers, there’s a unique way to import PST to G Suite account.
  4. The Quick Search tool in Outlook emails allows you to search for specific information.
  5. Filter Outlook emails according to your needs. Use the Advanced Search feature to sort emails by cc, to, from, date, and other criteria.
  6. Before switching to G Suite, you may see all emails and attachments.
  7. Comes up with Extract option to extract attachments from PST and extract email addresses from PST files.

Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1. When transferring large volumes of data, does this tool have any limitations?

Ans. No, this tool does not have such a restriction. The demo version does have certain limitations, but after you purchase the license key, you may use it to its full potential.

Ques 2. Is it possible to use the same license key for two different tools?

Ans. Yes, all you have to do is download the tool on the other device and register the same license key that you purchased.

Ques 3. I come from a non-technical family. Is it possible to utilize the solution to import PST to G Suite?

Ans. Yes, both technical and non-technical individuals may utilize the solution.


As you are aware of the solution, you may now import PST to G Suite. One of the finest tools for such migration seems to be Outlook Data Migrator. It’s simple to use and quite effective. It has the ability to simplify even the most complex tasks. This tool is a must-try if you wish to make your travel more convenient.

You now know how to migrate all of your Outlook mailboxes to G Suite in the easiest method possible. The greatest part is that you may complete the procedure in a matter of minutes without requiring any external installation. Using the proper solution to import PST to G Suite / Google Workspace has become straightforward, fast, and painless.

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