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How to Export Kerio Mailbox to PST without Outlook?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Hi, I am looking forward to opening my Kerio Server emails through the Outlook client, but since Outlook doesn’t support opening Kerio’s file format, I need to export the Kerio mailbox to PST first. So can you please help me find a suitable way as there is no manual method that I can use? Many Thanks

– Jane, Mexico

Does this query remind you of your situation? Are you also having difficulty for export the Kerio mailbox to PST? Well, you don’t have to fight anymore. Yes, we agree that due to the large amount and different file extensions, it will be kind of difficult to convert all of the account data to another email account.

But to make this difficult task easier for you, we’ve come up with the most suitable tool. This tool will help you convert Kerio to Outlook without any problems or hurdles. So check it out quickly and get to know it. So get the tool that is helpful to you.

A Suitable Program to Easily Export Kerio to PST File

4n6 Kerio Converter Software, as you can see from the name, this application is completely geared toward the migration of Kerio data. Well, this app is only meant for handling the Kerio data migration problem and so is very good at it.

This application is very unique and can export Kerio mailbox to pst in a few moments. Now let’s start by explaining to you why this software is perfect for you and what values it generates for you. Therefore we would like to give you the features first.

Features of the Kerio to PST Converter

  • It can automatically detect accounts that you have configured with the Kerio server.
  • It enables you to convert selected Kerio folders. You are free to choose the data.
  • You can also manually select the files/folders, if not configured with the account.
  • It can convert Kerio to PST in bulk. You can convert multiple folders at the same time
  • It can also convert the Kerio server to Outlook with all attachments linked to the account.
  • This app allows you to .choose the location of your choice to save the resulting files.
  • You can preview all the data in the tool before converting the Kerio server to PST.
  • You can include the email header if you want to see the full email journey.

What do you think of this tool now? Do you think this is the most suitable application to export Kerio mailbox to PST? Well, we feel the same way too. But we also have to tell you that these features are just a few of many, it’s just the beginning. Once you run the tool, you will encounter more surprises.

Now we would like to tell you what you must know. Process, you should take a look at it so you can know what steps you need to take to export Kerio mailbox to PST. We offer a complete guide for you, so check it out

Step-by-step Process to Export Kerio Emails to PST

Free Download

1. First of all, Download the Kerio Server to PST Converter to the device on which you are configured with the Kerio client

2. Now you need to click the Open tab and then, in the drop-down menu, click on Kerio Configured Accounts.
open kerio to pst converter

3. You will then see that all the mailboxes associated with the selected Kerio account have been loaded into the left panel of the tool. Once all the Kerio data have been loaded, you can preview it.
emails view

4. Now click on the Export tab and then click PST from the drop-down list
choose pst

5. Click on the Browse button to select the desired location for the resulting files, then lastly click the Save button
save pst files

Your selected mailboxes from the Kerio account will now be converted to PST in a few moments. Congratulations! Your task is now complete.

You know the features as well as the process to export Kerio mailbox to PST. Now it is common for you to have a few questions about it. To solve this problem, we’re putting here some of the questions asked by the users. We hope it can help you solve your query.

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Frequently Asked Questions by the Users

Ques 1 – Do I have to buy the software directly to use it?

Ans. No, this application comes with a demo version so that you can check its quality. You must use the trial version first and then make the purchase of the license key.

Ques 2 – If I need to run the tool on two computers, do I need to purchase a license key for both?

Ans. No, you can run the tool on two devices with the same license key. You just need to register the key on another tool

Ques 3 – Can I run this tool on a MAC computer?

Ans. No, this application is not yet compatible to run on MAC, but you can run it on any version of Windows.

In Conclusion

Now it has become very easy for you to export Kerio mailbox to PST and all because of Kerio Converter. This application is very effective and efficient and only requires a few clicks from you. It has so many features that will make your trip more enjoyable. So, if you are concerned about your convenience, then you have to try the suggested tool to convert Kerio to Outlook.

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