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How to Migrate Kerio Server to Thunderbird?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 25th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

In this blog, you will find the easiest and simplest way to migrate Kerio server to Thunderbird. Stay tuned to this blog to know the way and keep reading this blog comfortably. Let us know what is that method. The entire process is explained in this blog in conversation with a client Mr Robert and an expert Mr Jmaes.

Robert: Hello Mr James, how are you? I am stuck in a problem today.

James: Hello Mr Robert, I am fine. Tell me what troubles you are in today, what happened

Way to Migrate Kerio Server to Thunderbird

Robert: I am a manager in a company, now our company has lost some revenue due to covid. Because of this, our company is now asking the mail client on our Kerio server to configure it in Thunderbird to reduce costs. But I don’t understand how to do it. I also searched on Google but didn’t find anything special there. And the data we have is very important. If even a little bit of that data moves around, my company will kick me out. so tell me is there any way I can migrate Kerio server to thunderbird without losing data

James: There is only one such problem, you are getting so worried about it. The number one solution to this problem is the company 4n6 which has created software named Kerio Server. With the help of that software, you can convert any number of mail clients at once. And this software also extracts attachments and phone numbers along with the mail. This software is the best software ever. Try using it and then you will know how good and easy software it is.

Reliable Feature of Kerio to Thunderbird Migrator 

Robert: Oh yes, I have also heard the name of this company, all the software of this company is very good. Their software also gets those features that are not available in any other company’s software. Now you can tell some more features of this software so that I can know more about this software

James: Yes, although it has many features, out of them which is the best feature, let me tell them one by one in points:

  • The first feature of this software is that you get the option to view emails in it for free so that you can view your emails. This feature is most useful in forensics or if someone has raw data lying around.
  • Another feature of this software is that it also gives an option to extract attachments with emails or just extract attachments.
  • If someone wants to extract only email address for marketing purposes then this Kerio to thunderbird converter software also provides this option by using which you can extract only email address also
  • In this you also get the option of advanced filters, using which you can download calendar, contact, email, etc.
  • The most powerful feature of this software is that this software not only provides the option to migrate Kerio server to thunderbird but also convert it into many file formats and email clients.

Demo Edition of this Software

Robert: It is a wonderful feature of this software, now I can’t live without using it, now I want to use it. I have one more question, can I try this software once for free before purchasing it?

James: Yes, you can try using this software completely before buying it. It is very easy to use it. You can try the trial version of this software by using it not once but any number of times. I say try it once and see the result.

Steps – How to Use this Kerio Server to Thunderbird Migrator Software

Robert: I know the features of this software and also came to know how awesome the software is now tell me how can I use it

James: Ok let’s see now how to migrate Kerio server to thunderbird using this software. For this, it has been mentioned in some points below.

Free Download

  • Download the Kerio to Thunderbird Converter software and install it on your windows os system
    download kerio to thunderbird converter
  • After installing the software launch the software and click on the open tab button and click on the “Kerio Configured Account”
    kerio configured account
  • Thereafter preview your emails in different view modes such as messages header
    preview emails before migrate kerio server to thunderbird
  • Click on the Export option and choose the MBOX files format
    select mbox files
  • Lastly, choose the destination path and hit the save button to start the migrating process
    click save to migrate kerio to thunderbird

After doing this open your Thunderbird account and install an addon named ImportExportTool NG in it. After installing it, you can import the data in whichever folder you want to import it.

Robert: I have installed that addon. But can you tell me how to use this ImportExportTool NG addon? Because I don’t know how to use this addon. So tell me this in a few steps

James: Yes, it is very easy to use this addon as well, let’s know that too, I was going to tell you, so you have asked. Let’s know how to migrate Kerio server to thunderbird using

  • Open the Mozilla thunderbird in your windows os system
  • After opening Thunderbird, select the folder in which you want to keep your data and right-click on it and select the option ImportExportTool NG >> “Import MBOX Files”
    ImportExportTool NG addon
  • Select the file you want to import into Thunderbird and click on the OK button.
    choose mbox files


Robert: I have understood everything very well. What are the features of this software? And also know how to use this software.

James: It is a good thing if you understand everything well. Let’s try to migrate the Kerio server to Thunderbird in the described way once you will be done.

Robert: Yes of course I will migrate my Kerio server to thunderbird by following your mentioned method. Because you have told this very easy and reliable method. I will definitely use this. Thank You for telling me everything