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How to Migrate Kerio Server to Apple Mail Account? Easiest Solution

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
Reading Time
5 Minutes Reading

Hello, I am your Expert, Johnson. Today I have come to you guys with a conversation with a client on a new query. That query is how to migrate Kerio server to apple mail. Trying to understand this query through a conversation with a client. Let’s see what is that conversation.

Client: Hello Johnson how are you? I have come up with a query today. I have already done a lot of research about it, but there was no solution for it, so I have come to you.

Johnson: Hello, I am fine What has happened that is causing so much trouble? tell me I will solve it

Why Need Migrate Kerio Server to Apple Mail?

Client: The management of our company has decided to convert the email client on our Kerio server to apple mail. As our company is getting very big, our company is trying to migrate Kerio server to apple mail to use the security and premium feature.

Johnson: Well come on, it’s great if you are exporting in Apple Mail or Mac Mail, you know about its feature. Do you know why it is better than Kerio?

Client: By the way, I also know what is the feature of Mac Mail. But don’t know very well can you tell me what is the feature of apple mail?

Johnson: Yes of course why not, Apple Mail has a lot of beauty. I know more about this because I myself use Apple Mail. Let’s know what are the features of Mac Mail:

  • The first feature of Mac Mail is its security, your emails can never be lost and hacked, email and email ID will always be secure.
  • It has the ability to give you alerts. If you use a Mac, Gmail and other email services will not notify you when you get new messages. While their software is capable of doing so on iOS, it is not capable of doing so on OS X.
  • It’s excellent, reliable, user-friendly, and capable of handling several accounts.
  • Its strongest feature is that you can use Mac Mail anywhere anytime on any iOS device whether it is mobile, tablet or desktop.

Client: I know its Apple Mail features, now please also tell me how to migrate Kerio server to apple mail.

Way – How to Convert Kerio Emails to Apple Mail?

Johnson: There is no manual solution to migrate Kerio server to apple mail. To convert this, the very famous company 4n6 has made software named Kerio Server Converter. Using this you can transfer your emails very easily

Demo Edition of this Software

Client: Well then this is very good software. Can I use it before getting the license key?

Johnson: Yes, you can use its demo version before taking its license key, for that you have to click on the button Download Now. The software will be downloaded to your system then you can use it to see. You can convert a maximum of 10 emails in its demo version.

Client: Ok what are the features of this Kerio to apple mail converter software? explain a little bit about it

Features of Kerio to Apple Mail Converter

Johnson: There are many features of this software, some of which are mentioned below. Let us know what are those features and how they are useful for us.

  • Users may batch convert numerous Kerio users’ mailboxes to Mac Mail accounts using the Kerio to Apple Mail Migration application.
  • Kerio Server email files may be viewed in a variety of ways, including Hex View, Content, Message Header, and Raw Message.
  • You may transmit the Kerio Server email of specified data using a date filter.
  • Kerio emails, including all attachments, are successfully imported into Apple Mail via the program.

Client: Wonderful many useful features are there. I got to know the features of this software. Now tell me also how to use this Kerio to apple mail converter software

Instruction – How to Use this Kerio to Apple Mail Migrator

Johnson: Yes, of course, let’s see how to use Kerio to Apple Mail Converter. For this, first, you have to convert Kerio’s email to MBOX format and then you have to import MBOX files to Apple Mail. Let us see how these two methods will be used.

Free Download

  • Download the Kerio to Apple Mail converter and open it in the Windows OS system
  • After you’ve opened the program, click the open button and choose “Kerio Configured Account Option” from the drop-down menu.
    kerio to apple mail converter
  • Kerio emails view in different modes such as hex view, messages header, etc.
    content view mode
  • Hit the export option and choose the mbox option for exporting the Kerio server emails
    mbox format
  • Click the destination path and hit the save option to start the migrating Kerio server emails
    destination path

Now it is known how to change Kerio files in the mailbox. Now let’s see how these mailbox files can be imported into Apple Mail.

  • Open the apple mail application and choose the files >> Import Mailboxes
    import mailboxes
  • After that, choose the other option and click on the continue
  • Thereafter, select the files in the mbox format option >> Continue
    files in mbox format
  • Lastly, choose the mailbox formats files and hit the continue button
    select mbox files

Client: With the help of this software soon migrate Kerio server to Apple Mail. Now I have no problem, now my worry is also gone. All my questions have been answered.