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How to Convert Images from WEBP to JPG/JPEG File Format?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
January 29th, 2024
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WebP is a new image format that is supported by Apple’s Safari browser. It’s a JPG-like format that’s capable of compressing images up to 75% smaller than traditional JPG. This means that images can load faster, and consume less bandwidth. That’s great for mobile users who want to download as little data as possible. However, the downside is that WEBP images are incompatible with many other web browsers. In this post, we’ll show you how to convert images from WEBP to JPG — which will make your website compatible with all major browsers.

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User Query;

Hello, I have a lot of personal images on my laptop that I’d want to see on my phone. My friend recommended that I convert numerous WebP files to JPG files so that I could see them on my phone. Is there a trustworthy WebP to JPG converter that can convert images from WEBP to JPG?

What are WEBP and JPG/JPEG Image Formats?

WebP is an image file format created by Google in 2010 with the goal of challenging the dominance of JPG and PNG in the realm of digital image storage and transport. The WebP format was created to increase surfing performance by providing the same quality as JPEG or PNG but in reduced file size. Lossy and lossless compression may be used in WebP pictures. They remain incompatible with certain image viewers and browsers, and analysts often refer to them as “work in progress” – a format that is currently being developed.

JPG or JPEG is one of the most widely used pictures file formats today, and it is often referred to as a standard for uploading and displaying photos online. One of its key benefits is that it produces high-quality images in a little file size that is simple to keep and share. JPG employs a method of compression that prioritises the quality of some picture areas above others, resulting in the best quality/size ratio possible.

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Why Does User want to Change Extension WEBP to JPG?

  • High Resolution: JPEG allows for up to 16 million colours in a 24-bit colour space. As a result, it is commonly used for digital picture compression and encoding with high resolutions.
  • Less File Size: JPEG pictures have an advantage over other formats in that they may compress a digital image to make it smaller.
  • Facility to adjust compression: You may change the compression level of a particular JPG picture.

Universal Way to Convert WEBP File to JPEG Image Format

To convert images from WEBP to JPG, in this blog we will tell you one, not two such methods, with the help of which you will be able to convert your google WEBP image to jpeg in bulk very easily. Now you must be thinking that what is such a way, let us tell you

  • The first solution is automatic and expert-recommended software
  • Using Microsoft Paint for Another Solution

Method 1: Using the Professional Software

4n6 WebP File Converter Tool is the most liked software for convert images from WEBP to JPG. This software is famous for converting many Google WebP files to JPEG without any problem and without loss of their quality. This is offline image converter software, so you can convert any of your important files without any hesitation.

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Know-How to Use WEBP to JPG Converter Software

  • Firstly, Download the WEBP to JPEG Converter software on your computer system and then install it.
    webp to jpg converter
  • After that, choose the WEBP option after clicking the open button in the menu bar and then upload the .webp images in the software panel
    select webp option
  • Preview the WEBP images after uploading the images
    preview webp
  • Thereafter hit the Export button and choose the JPG or JPEG option according to your choice for the conversion process
    select jpg
  • Finally, choose the preferred location for the converted file and hit the Save button
    click save button

Method 2: Using the MS Paint

  • Firstly open the Microsoft Paint and then open the WEBP image which you want to convert them
  • After that click on the File button on top of the Left side and then choose the Save As option
  • Finally, choose the JPG option in the Save as drop-down menu and hit the Save button

Note: By using this method, Microsoft Paint itself says that the quality of your image can go. And in this, you can convert only one image from WEBP to JPEG at a time.


Despite the fact that thanks to technological advancements, our internet access has been steadily expanding. Users may still speed up the loading of their Web pages by including JPG pictures. In this post, we learned how to convert images from WEBP to JPG files using a WebP to JPG converter. Because WebP isn’t compatible everywhere, this conversion is required. So, download this program and begin the process of converting WebP files to JPEG files.