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How to Batch Convert WEBP Files to GIF Format Without Losing Image Quality?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 18th, 2022
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Today, WEBP is a popular file format used to compress images. The main benefit of WEBP is that it’s very small in size and can be used to save bandwidth when sending images to clients and users. However, WEBP files are still not supported by all browsers. In order to view WEBP files in Chrome and Safari, you need to install an extension. This post shows you how to batch convert WEBP files to GIF files, a standard image format that is supported by all browsers.

User Query;

Our web team activated a plugin that enabled our WordPress site to serve WebP images. The most inconvenient aspect is that I am unable to access my own photographs. They are worthless to me locally when I download them on my PC. Previously, I assumed that Google would offer straightforward tools to batch convert WEBP files to GIF formats so that I could reuse my own images. However, there appear to be no useful tools available on the internet. What I actually want is a way to collect the images I want and then use a quick converter to convert them to GIF files. Please provide a good WebP to GIF converter software. Your assistance will be much valued.

Why Does User Need to Convert Multiple WEBP to GIF Format?

Google created the WEBP image format to make web pages more efficient. WEBP files are designed to make the web quicker while preserving the quality of the images we’re used to by keeping a better quality and lower size. Web pages will load quicker and consume less power if most of the graphics on image-heavy websites are replaced with WEBP files, which is great for mobile viewing. WEBP files are WEBM’s sibling project, and they employ both lossy and lossless compression techniques. File sizes are often smaller, however, they are not appropriate for printing.

A bitmap file known as a GIF (graphics interchange format) is frequently used on the internet. GIFs have up to 256 colours, so they’re not commonly used for photographs, but their lossless compression makes them ideal for website navigation buttons and logos. The ability to preserve animated GIFs, which cycle between pictures to form a brief, looping animation, is a significant distinction between a GIF and another bitmap image file, such as a JPG. These are primarily intended for – and used on – internet websites. You’ve probably seen them before, especially on social media and in image-sharing applications.

WEBP files are digital picture files that have been compressed for usage on websites and browsers. They’re efficient and help web pages load faster, but they’re not supported by every software. GIFs are far more widely identified by many systems and their compression results in extremely reduced file sizes. So, if you want to use your WEBP files in multiple applications while keeping the file size minimal, convert them to GIF formats.

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Beneficial Way to Export WEBP to GIF Files

There is only one way to batch convert WEBP files to GIF, its name is 4n6 WEBP File Converter software, with which you can convert your file from one extension to another without any data loss. This software is offline software, which means that your data will remain with you and will not be saved by going to someone else’s server. This software takes care of your image quality while converting, thereby maintaining the quality of your image.

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Guidance on How to Use WEBP to GIF Converter Tool

  1. Download WEBP to GIF Converter software and install it on your windows computer.
    webp to gif converter
  2. Secondly, click on the open tab and then choose the WEBP option and then upload it for continuing the conversion process
    select webp
  3. After that view your uploaded .webp image in the software panel
    view webp images
  4. Thereafter, click on the Export button in the menu bar and then choose the GIF option for the conversion process
    select gif option
  5. Finally, choose the last destination path for your converted files and then hit the Save button, now your batch WEBP images will be converted into GIF format.
    click save

Advance Features of WEBP to GIF Converter Software

  1. The ability to convert numerous WebP files to GIF without difficulty.
  2. In comparison to online WebP to GIF converter tools, this is a safer utility.
  3. In order to import WebP files into the software panel it comes with two alternatives, (Choose Folder and Choose File).
  4. After converting a WebP picture to a GIF, the image converter software maintains the originality of the output images.
  5. Allows you to save the generated files to any destination path on your computer.
  6. To batch convert WEBP files to GIF allows you to complete bigger migration operations in a matter of seconds.

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We’ve covered all you need to know about saving WebP to GIF format in this article. With the aid of professional software – WebP to GIF converter – we discussed the answer. It allows you to batch convert WEBP files to GIF formats. Also, even after converting, the image quality remains unaffected. So, get this software right now to save Google WebP in GIF format.