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Backup Yahoo Mail Emails to a Variety of Saving Options

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 23rd, 2023
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5 Minutes

Overview: If you want to backup Yahoo Mail account, including all of your emails and attachments, then you should follow this guide. It offers a wonderful, expert approach for backing up all or chosen folders from multiple Yahoo accounts with little to no user work or time investment. Please read on to discover the answer, which will save you from having to engage in laborious procedures.

Why Should You Backup Yahoo Emails?

  • A reliable email backup system is essential for protecting your messages. Only by creating a backup you can ensure continued access to your inbox on another device in the case of an accidental deletion.
  • Conversely, backup is an insurance policy against disaster. Issues like a slow internet connection might prohibit you from checking your email. If you have a copy of your emails stored elsewhere, though, you may still be able to see them.
  • Email backup can also protect you from the more dire consequences of data theft, account hacking, and forgetting your password. You may rest easy knowing that your data is safe and accessible with email backups.

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How to Backup Yahoo Mail Inbox? An All-in-one Approach

The most trustworthy and straightforward approach to backup Yahoo mail inbox or other folders is to use Yahoo Backup Software. It’s the most dependable software since it gives you many safe storage alternatives, including your hard disc and the cloud. It’s safe, so your data won’t be compromised while being backed up. We will guide you through the process of backing up Yahoo email using the software. Therefore, review them to have a better grasp of how the tool operates.

download button

Step-by-step Instructions to Backup Yahoo Email

  • Just click the button above to download the best Yahoo backup tool. After you’ve set it up, you can begin backing up your Yahoo inbox immediately.
    download yahoo backup utility
  • When the software has been launched, select Open, and then Add account from the tab’s submenu.
    add account
  • Input your Yahoo account credentials. In addition, you must enter the server address and port number for your Yahoo account. Next, click the +Add.
    enter yahoo credentials
  • After the programme establishes a connection with your Yahoo account, it will retrieve all of the associated information. You may now see your files before you commit the backup.
    preview emails
  • It’s time to choose Export from the menu bar. Select the Save option from the drop-down menu to store your email.
    select saving option
  • Now, first click the “Browse” button to specify where the backup files should be saved, and then click the “Save” button to backup Yahoo inbox.
    click save to backup yahoo mail

Thus, this is how you may utilise our recommended Best Yahoo backup tool to backup Yahoo Mail. Let’s examine why this tool is appropriate for you in further detail. In order to exhibit its full potential, we would need to demonstrate some of its talents.

Find Some Traits of the Yahoo Backup Tool

  • Backup Yahoo Emails to Email Client: This all-encompassing tool offers a variety of saving possibilities. If you want to backup your Yahoo emails in Thunderbird or Outlook, you may back them up to their compatible format such as; MBOX, or PST.
  • Backup Yahoo Email to the Cloud Server: This tool allows you to backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail, Office 365, iCloud, Zoho, and any other IMAP-compatible client in addition to desktop email client.
  • Mass Backup Capabilities: Even if you have a large amount of data to backup, the application will save you time, since it supports bulk conversion. It allows you to backup Yahoo Email in bulk to your hard disc without causing any problems at all.
  • Complete Property Backup: The best Yahoo backup tool enables you to backup email attachments, contacts, and calendar events, in addition to any and all other properties associated with Yahoo.
  • Selective Backup: You are not required to back up all of your Yahoo folders to a hard disc or an online service if you do not choose to do so. This process is referred to as selective migration. You are free to disable any and all mailboxes that are not absolutely necessary.


You can now backup Yahoo Mail emails in an effective and expedient manner. We have made available to you a superb Yahoo backup tool, which can be used to back up emails or folders to a number of different platforms. Using the programme, you are able to create backups of Yahoo folders in a variety of alternatives, including Exchange, G Suite, Amazon WorkMail, MBOX and EML. Furthermore, you must note that in addition to the Yahoo, you may also backup IMAP and other account with the tool. You may complete your backup right now by utilising the programme that you just downloaded for free using the link that was provided above.