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Learn How to Backup HostPapa Emails to Computer in Easy Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
Reading Time
5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Learn how to backup HostPapa emails to a computer or another platform in this informative blog.

A webmail account connected to your HostPapa hosting package is referred to as a HostPapa email account. You can use it to send and receive emails, browse and manage contacts, and access additional functions like a task manager, calendar, and spam filter.

We received a request a few days ago from one of our clients asking for a way to back up their HostPapa account.

“Dear team, please provide me a solution that allow me to backup HostPapa emails to my computer. I am currently having storage problems with my email account, which has some extremely important emails. I must make a backup of every one of those important emails with headers and attachments because I cannot afford to lose them.”

After getting this request, we advised him to utilize our Email Backup Software, the most trustworthy program for carrying out such a task. With this app, he was able to backup HostPapa emails to computer along with all the properties.

In this blog, we are going to provide you all the steps to accomplish this task in a right manner. Please consider the significance of completing such a task before moving forward.

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Why Backup HostPapa Emails?

  • Prevent the loss of important emails.
  • To preserve emails for later use.
  • Just to save a copy of emails in case there is a sudden outage.
  • To defend against viruses or malicious attacks.
  • Prevent email losses brought on by employee churn.
  • To make email search more swiftly.
  • In order to transfer emails to a new server with ease.
  • To restore emails that were mistakenly deleted.
  • Keep emails in a format that is simple to access.
  • Making it simple to move emails to another email client.

These are the most typical justifications for why users ought to preserve a copy of their crucial emails. Let’s learn more about the software we recommended after reading the importance.

How to Backup HostPapa Emails to Computer?

  • Firstly, download HostPapa Backup Software on your Windows computer.

Note: We introduced this freeware version to test the functionality and features before making a purchase. This freeware has been thoroughly examined and is risk-free.


  • Once the solution is downloaded, run it and click the Open button.
    click open
  • Here, from the list, choose Add Account option.
    click add account
  • Enter the login details of your HostPapa email account along with its IMAP Server details. Then, click the Add button.
    enter login details
  • This solution will instantly load all the HostPapa email folders on the left panel.
    loaded folders
  • Click on the loaded files on left panel and preview content, headers, and more.
    preview data
  • Now, go to the Export tab and select the required file saving option. (PDF is the best option to backup your important emails.)
    choose saving
  • Choose the location and click the Save button.

That’s it. You can see that the software starts creating backup of your HostPapa emails to computer. This backup process will only take a few moments. Wait until the process completes.

What’s More?

It is a complete application for users who need to backup HostPapa emails to computer or another platform. The software successfully supports to backup emails to several file savings mentioned below.

  • Email Formats: PST, MBOX, EML
  • Document Format: PDF, CSV, HTML, DOC.
  • Email Clients: Thunderbird.
  • Email Services: Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo, Outlook.com, and many more.

What platform do you need to backup the data from your HostPapa email account on then? Just download the app and start creating backup.

That’s not enough. The application offers a wide range of powerful features which make the utility best.

Features of HostPapa Backup Software

  • A Complete Backup: With this software, it is possible to backup complete HostPapa account data without facing issues.
  • Backup in Bulk: The application allow users to create HostPapa backup in batch. You don’t have to select emails one by one to backup emails.
  • Selective Backup: If you are one of them who needs to backup selective HostPapa emails, it is also possible with this app. The app allow you to choose only those folders you need to backup.
  • Backup Attachments: With this HostPapa Backup Tool, you can backup HostPapa emails to computer with attachments.
  • Email Headers: The application successfully supports to backup emails from HostPapa to computer including header information.
  • Standalone Software: HostPapa Backup Software is completely standalone utility. In order to backup HostPapa emails to computer, you don’t have to install any supportive platform.
  • Preview All Data: Before creating backup, the application provides the detailed preview of HostPapa. You can easily preview HostPapa emails, hex values, raw messages, message headers, and more.
  • Windows Based: You can easily install this solution on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and earlier version.

Closing Words

In closing, we would like to encourage users to always make a backup copy of their crucial correspondence. We always work to give people the best means to accurately backup their emails. In today’s blog, we described how to back up all the properties and emails from HostPapa.

The solution we have provided is safe, reliable, and quick. One can easily backup HostPapa emails with attachments, headers, and other properties.