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Backup GoDaddy Emails to Hard Drive or Another Platform with Emails & Headers

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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6 Minutes Reading

Summary: Need to backup GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive in bulk? Searching for the best and most efficient way to finish this task? If the response is yes, this is where you will get the right answer.

Users of GoDaddy are able to access their email accounts from any computer or device with an internet connection. It has multiple advance features, including spam filtering, email storage, and customizable email addresses. Also, it incorporates popular webmail programs like Outlook and Apple Mail.

Due to the popularity of GoDaddy nowadays, we have seen increasing in number of queries where users are looking for the way to backup GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive or other platform. Also, creating a backup of your existing email account for future use is always a wise choice.

Thus, before continuing, let’s look at a few common reasons.

The Significance of Backing Up GoDaddy Emails to Hard Drive

It’s crucial to save a copy of your GoDaddy emails to your Hard Drive for a number of reasons. The first benefit is that it gives you access to your GoDaddy emails even if your GoDaddy account is inaccessible or compromised. By offering a backup of all your emails in case something was to happen to your GoDaddy account, it also adds an added layer of security to your account. And lastly, it enables you to save a record of all your emails for future reference or archive needs.

We hope you now understand why having a backup copy of your GoDaddy emails is crucial. Without further ado, let’s attempt to answer the question.

How to Backup GoDaddy Emails to Hard Drive?

Manual and expert ways are available to backup GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive. To do this manually, in the cPanel, choose the email account you wish to backup, click “Backup,” and then pick “Generate/Download a Complete Account Backup.” to accomplish this. Following this, your backup emails will be saves at your chosen location.

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Limitations of Manual Procedure

  • Lengthy and Time Consuming: Manually copying emails from GoDaddy to Hard Drive can take a lot of time, especially if there are many emails that need to be copied.
  • Space Limitations: The amount of emails and files linked to the GoDaddy account may not fit on the hard disk, depending on its capacity.
  • Inefficient: Manual backups are generally inefficient and prone to errors since you have to choose your GoDaddy emails one by one to create a complete backup.
  • Security Concerns: Data loss or security breaches could occur as a result of improper backup procedures because of the transfer of files from the server to the Hard Drive.

How to Overcome Limitations of Manual Method?

Overcome all the limitations imposed by manual method using professional Email Backup Software for Windows. It is the all-in-one application to create a complete backup of GoDaddy email account without facing hassle. With this application, users can easily backup GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive in bulk or selectively as per the need. When you creating backup to Hard Drive, the software preserves all the properties. You can definitely get the accurate results without losing a bit of information.

Also, with this application, you can easily backup GoDaddy emails to most popular savings such as:

  • Email Formats: With this app, you can backup GoDaddy emails to email formats like PST, MBOX, EML, and more.
  • Document Format: Backup emails from GoDaddy to document files like PDF, CSV, HTML, DOC, and more.
  • Email Clients: Backup your GoDaddy webmail data to Thunderbird account.
  • Email Services: You can directly backup GoDaddy data to Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo, Outlook.com, and many more.

It is, in essence, a complete solution for users that need to backup their GoDaddy emails to a hard drive and other platforms.

How This Expert GoDaddy Backup Software Works?

  • Firstly, free download the software to backup GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive account. (This freeware is useful to test the tool without investing anything.)
  • After downloading, install and run it and click the Open tab.
    click open
  • Choose Add Account option from the drop-down list.
    choose add account
  • Here, enter the login details of your GoDaddy email account along with IMAP Server details. Then, click the Add button.
    enter login credentials
  • The solution starts analysing your GoDaddy folders and load them on the left panel.
    loaded folders
  • Click on the loaded files and preview GoDaddy emails, message headers, hex values, raw messages, and more.
  • To backup emails to a hard drive, go to the Export tab and choose the appropriate saving format, such as PDF or PST.
    choose saving
  • Choose the location on your Hard Drive and click the Save button to begin the backup process.

The software starts creating backup of your GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive. You can see the live process on your software screen.

Features of the Software

  • Capable to backup GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive in bulk at the same time.
  • This GoDaddy Backup Software has a very simple graphical user interface.
  • With this software, it is possible to backup selective GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive.
  • Also, while creating backup, the software maintains all the properties.
  • There is no file size restrictions to backup GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive.
  • You can choose the requires destination path where you need to create backup.
  • Also, there is no need to have a supportive app to backup GoDaddy emails to another platform.
  • You can easily get the complete preview of GoDaddy account before creating backup.
  • In addition, able to backup GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive along with all the attachments.
  • With this advance and powerful app, you can easily backup GoDaddy emails including header information.
  • Download and run this GoDaddy backup software on Windows 11, and earlier versions.

The Abstract  

In closing, we just want to highlight the need of having a backup of your data if you use any email account for professional purposes. In the above content, we have explained the process to create GoDaddy email backup to Hard Drive. The software we have provided is safe, instant, and reliable. With this application, you can create the complete backup from GoDaddy emails to Hard Drive along with all the properties.