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How to Backup Bluehost Emails with Attachments and Headers on Desired Platform?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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Need to backup Bluehost Emails on computer or another email service? Looking for the CERTIFIED, SIMPLE, & RELIABLE Bluehost Backup Software? If yes, you will get the right solution here.

A number of email hosting options are provided by Bluehost. They include reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, shared email hosting, and VPS hosting. Bluehost service provide multiple options, such as spam filtering, webmail access, unlimited email accounts, and more, completely depending on the type of hosting you buy.

It’s crucial to backup Bluehost emails for a number of reasons. In the first place, it helps in safeguarding your important emails in the event of a data loss or other unforeseen problems. Also, backing up your emails gives you access to them across multiple devices and ensures that they are secure.

In other words, it is always advised to make a backup copy of your email if you use any email service for business or even personal purposes and save and organize your email.

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How to Backup Bluehost Emails?

It is possible to manually or professionally backup Bluehost emails. The particular steps for a manual process will depend on the kind of your email account. The Bluehost Knowledge Base contains comprehensive advice on backing up your emails.

It takes a lot of time and is prone to mistakes to manually backup Bluehost emails, thus it is not a recommended method. A reliable backup of all Bluehost emails is likewise impossible to guarantee. Furthermore, manual backups lack security because the data is not encrypted and could be subject to cyber-attacks.

So, using a professional third-party app is your best option to backup Bluehost emails. One such solution is Email Backup Wizard for Windows. It is the highly regarded and safest application available on the internet. With this solution, one can easily backup Bluehost emails to computer or another email services without facing issues. With this app, it is possible to create a complete backup without losing a bit of information. Also, you just have to follow some easiest steps to get this task done.

Step by Step Procedure to Backup Emails from Bluehost with All Properties

Note: It is advised to use the demo version first, which is free. It is quite helpful to evaluate the functionality and features of the application with this free demo version before spending any money. You can also make a backup of some Bluehost emails using this freeware.


  • Now, run the application on your computer and click the Open tab from menu.
    click open
  • Choose Add Account option from the drop-down menu.
    click add account
  • Here, kindly enter the login details of your Bluehost account along with IMAP Server details. And, click the Add button.
    enter login details
  • The application instantly starts analysing the data of your Bluehost email account.
    loaded files
  • Click on the loaded Bluehost emails and preview content, message headers, and more.
    preview data
  • Now, go to the Export tab and select the option in which you need to backup Bluehost emails. (We have selected PDF as saving)
    choose saving
  • Choose the Destination Path where you need to get your emails and click the Save button to begin the process.

Your Bluehost emails are starting to be backed up on your machine and in another account via the software. This backup process just requires a brief amount of time.

Features of the Bluehost Backup Tool That Set It Apart from Other Products

  • Tried and Tested: Feel free to use our application to backup Bluehost emails. The application is completely free from any type of risks.
  • Backup in Batch: With this solution, you can create a backup of Bluehost email account in batch. This feature will help you to save the time and efforts.
  • Selective Backup: The application allows users to backup selective Bluehost emails to computer or another platform. This feature is also helpful to save time.
  • Preview Facility: The software offers so many amazing features. Preview feature is one of them. With this app, one can easily open and view unlimited Bluehost emails including their headers, raw messages, properties, hex values, and more.
  • Standalone Utility: In order to backup Bluehost emails to another platform, you don’t need to have a supportive application. This Bluehost Backup Software is completely standalone.
  • Get Exact Results: We promise that our software will produce accurate results for you. All other attributes are retained when the software creates a backup of Bluehost emails. The original data you provided won’t be altered in any way.
  • Choose Output Location: The software allows you to choose location where you need to save resultant files. This feature is very helpful to easily access and manage the resultant output.
  • Backup Attachments: With this solution, it is possible to backup Bluehost emails along with attachments. So, if your Bluehost emails containing attachments, you don’t need to be concerned.

Questions & Answers

How to use this solution to backup Bluehost emails to any cloud based service?

  • Download and run the application.
  • Click the Open tab and choose Add Account.
  • Here, enter the Bluehost credentials with IMAP Server details.
  • Analyse all your data by clicking on emails loaded on the left panel.
  • Go to Export and select any Cloud Based service like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Now, enter the login credentials of your selected cloud service and click save.

That’s it. This is how you can use this software to backup Bluehost emails to cloud-service.

Can I use the personal license of this Bluehost Backup Software on two computers?

Yes, you can use it on two Windows computer.

Does the software allow me to backup Bluehost emails with headers information?

Yes, the software successfully supports to backup Bluehost emails along with header information.

Is it possible to backup only selected Bluehost folders data?

Yes, the application allows you to choose desired folders to backup Bluehost email data.

The Abstract

We hope you now know which Bluehost backup program is the best. The program that is suggested is just what you require. It is a comprehensive service that makes it simple for you to backup your Bluehost emails to several different storage locations. Thus, download the program right once if you need to backup your Bluehost emails. You will benefit greatly from the answer.