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How to Backup Rackspace Emails & Other Data to Safeguard Them?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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6 Minutes Reading

In today’s blog, we are going to capture the blog “how to backup Rackspace emails?” Here, we’ll give users a comprehensive method that will enable them to backup their Rackspace data to a computer or to an alternative email service without encountering any problems.

Users now wish to backup their important emails to a different platform for a number of reasons, including:

  • In the case of a system failure or other disturbance, to guarantee that crucial emails are kept safe and secure.
  • To get emails faster on a different platform or device.
  • To archive outdated emails in order to free up server storage capacity.
  • In order to decrease the chance of data loss as a result of malicious activity or ransomware attacks.
  • To send emails to various service providers or accounts.

These are the most common reasons for what users need to backup Rackspace emails to another platform. So let’s resolve the issue right away without wasting time.

How to Backup Rackspace Emails?

It is possible to backup Rackspace emails manually or with the help of any professional software. It is a good idea to utilize a professional software like 4n6 Email Backup Wizard for Windows instead of manual techniques to backup your Rackspace emails because it has many benefits. A reliable and safe result provided by professional software, which is not possible with manual techniques. It also provides an automated approach, which removes the need for manual intervention and saves all the time and efforts. The software also includes complex capabilities such as versioning, differential backups, encryption, and compression, which are not possible with manual approaches.

In short, if you need to backup your entire Rackspace account, it is always recommended that you use professional software.

How 4n6 Rackspace Backup Software Works?

There are no such formalities. You just have to follow the basic instructions mentioned below.

  • First of all, download the free demo version of Rackspace Backup App on your Windows computer. This freeware is added to test the app without investing anything.
  • After that, run the software and click the Open button.
    click open
  • Click on Add Account option from the given list.
    click add account
  • Enter the login details of Rackspace account with IMAP Server details. Then, click Add.
    enter login details
  • The solution starts analysing the whole data and load them on the left panel.
  • Click on the loaded files and preview emails, headers, hex values, and more.
    preview data
  • Now, go to the Export tab and choose the required saving option. (We have picked PST as saving for example.)
    choose saving
  • Choose the required Destination Path and click the Save button to begin the process.
    backup process

The app starts creating backup of Rackspace emails to required saving. This process will only take a few moments. Wait until you get the completion message.

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Examine the Email Services and Formats in Which You Can Backup Emails

  • Email Formats: Rackspace to PST, Rackspace to EML, Rackspace to MBOX.
  • Document Files: Rackspace to PDF, Rackspace to HTML, Rackspace to Text, and Rackspace to CSV.
  • Email Services: Rackspace to Gmail, Rackspace to Office 365, Rackspace to Yahoo, Rackspace to Zoho Mail, Rackspace to IMAP Server.
  • Email Clients: Rackspace to Thunderbird

Learn More About the Software

  • 100% Safe and Tested Application: This Rackspace Backup Software is completely tried and tested utility. We give you our words that it will provide you 100% accurate results without losing a bit of information.
  • Backup Complete Rackspace Data: With this advance application, you can create the complete backup of Rackspace account data. The application allow users to backup Rackspace emails, contacts, calendars, and more.
  • Selective Backup is Possible: If you want to create selective backup of your Rackspace webmail, it is also possible. The app loads all the folders on the left panel. Now, you can check the folders you need to backup.
  • Maintains All the Properties: When you create Rackspace backup to computer or other platform, the app maintains all properties. There will be no changes done to the original formatting or content of your data.
  • Standalone Software: In order to backup Rackspace emails to another platform, you don’t have to install a supportive app. The application is 100% independent and reliable.
  • Backup Emails and Attachments: With this app, one can easily backup Rackspace emails including attachments and header information.

After examining some of the app’s most well-liked features, let’s move on to the common users’ questions.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does your Rackspace Backup Software allow me to view my Rackspace emails hex values?

Yes, the application provides the detailed preview of your Rackspace account. You can preview content, hex values, raw messages, and more.

Does the app’s personal license support two computers?

Yes, you can use the personal license on two Windows computers to backup Rackspace emails.

Can I use this Rackspace Backup Software on Windows 11 computer?

Yes, you can download and use the app on any edition of Windows including Windows 11.

How do I backup Rackspace emails to cloud email service?

For this, just follow the below steps:

  • Download, install, and run the app and click the Open.
  • Click Add Account and enter Rackspace login details and click Add.
  • The solution will instantly load all the data on the left panel. Click on loaded data and preview them.
  • Now, click the Export tab and select the cloud email service like Gmail, Yahoo, and more.
  • Here, enter the login details of your selected cloud email service and click the Save button.

That’s it. By following these steps, you can backup Rackspace emails to any cloud based email service. The process is direct and contains no risk.

What is the limitation of the demo edition?

The demo edition allows you to backup first 10 data items only.

The Conclusion

We’d like to conclude by saying that you can download the recommended app if you need to backup your Rackspace emails to your computer or another storage device. The program has passed all tests and is trustworthy. With this app, one can easily backup complete Rackspace data without losing a bit of information.

Hope you liked the blog. Thanks for reading.