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Top-rated Methods to Export Gmail Emails to Thunderbird Mail

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 15th, 2024
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Thunderbird is a free, open source email client that provides cross-platform support and a single place to manage multiple accounts at once. Many Gmail professionals need to add Gmail data to Thunderbird for offline access and/or email accounts integration purpose. In this article, we have described the highest rated methods to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird. Read on to choose from the finest solutions.

Thunderbird is a free, open source email client for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is among the best alternatives to web-based services and is widely used for email management, customization, security, and other top features. Due to its many advantages, many Gmail users want to integrate with Thunderbird and facilitate the email environment for multiple accounts in one place. We have pointed out some of the best features you can enjoy with your Gmail emails through Thunderbird access. Please explore.

Quick Steps to Export Gmail to Thunderbird

  • Download, install and start Gmail Backup Software.
  • Add Gmail account into the software and select folders.
  • Click Export and Select Thunderbird from the saving options.
  • Select Thunderbird Profile and then click Save button.

Advantages of Integrating Gmail to Thunderbird

  • Offline Access: You need to have a proper internet connection to open Gmail and access all messages. Thunderbird, on the other hand, keeps all emails locally and lets you access data even if you’re offline.
  • Backup: Transferring emails from Gmail to Thunderbird can also be part of the backup process. You can create a copy of important Gmail emails for security and data recovery purposes in case of accidental deletion and data theft.
  • Manage Multiple Accounts: Thunderbird lets you add multiple accounts in one place. By adding Gmail and multiple other accounts to Thunderbird, you can make it easier to manage them simultaneously.
  • Multiple Saving Options: In Thunderbird, you may install Add-ons to export single or bulk emails to different file formats. Thunderbird lets you export emails to EML, HTML, PDF, CSV and more.

Export Gmail Emails to Thunderbird with Manual Solution

You can export emails from Gmail to Thunderbird by enabling IMAP settings in Gmail and adding the account in Thunderbird directly. Please find the detailed guide below to easily understand the process.

  • Login to Gmail account and click the setting icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Now, select see all settings and go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • Select Enable IMAP and click Save changes.
  • Now, open Thunderbird and go to File >> New >> Existing Mail Account.
  • Now, enter name, email address and password and click continue.
  • Tick the IMAP (remote folder) and click manual config.
  • Now, you need to enter incoming and outgoing server information.
Incoming: imap.gmail.com / Port : 993
Outgoing : smtp.gmail.com / Port : 465
  • After that click Re-test.
  • If your information is right, the task will be complete successfully. Then, you can create account.
  • Now, you can read your Gmail emails through Thunderbird.

So this is the first way to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird. This method involves adding the entire Gmail account into Thunderbird via IMAP setup. In addition to this method, there is an alternative that allows you to export all or specific folders in Thunderbird. Let’s read it.

Export Emails from Gmail to Thunderbird Mail with Expert Solution 

4n6 Gmail Backup Tool is a beneficial method to transfer emails from Gmail to Thunderbird. This method does not require going through multiple settings in Thunderbird to import emails. This software allows you to directly select all folders or certain folders in Gmail and export them to Thunderbird open source email client directly.

However, IMAP settings in Gmail are also required to add emails in Thunderbird via this software. Below are the steps to use the app to export Gmail to Thunderbird. Please find them.

Steps to Transfer Gmail Messages to Thunderbird 

  • Download, install and launch the software on your computer.
    download tool to export gmail to thunderbird
  • Click the Open button and the select Add account.
    click open and add account
  • Enter your Gmail credentials and then click Add button.
    enter gmail credentials
  • The application instantly loads all your Gmail folders to the left panel.
    visible gmail folders
  • Now, click the Export button and select Thunderbird option.
    select thunderbird option
  • This software will automatically detect the location of Thunderbird. Finally, click the Save button.
    export emails from gmail to thunderbird

This is how you can export Gmail emails to Thunderbird. You can use this application if you find the manual approach too difficult and technical. Unlike the manual method, this application has some advantages, which you can discover below.

Advantages of Using the Expert Recommended Software 

  • Support All Versions: This application supports exporting Gmail messages to any version of Thunderbird. It can automatically detect and export emails to Thunderbird 115.0, Thunderbird 102.0, Thunderbird 91.0, Thunderbird 78.0 and so on.
  • Include Metadata: The software allows you to add emails from Gmail to Thunderbird client with all metadata elements like header, body, attachments etc.
  • Export Selected Mailboxes: Unlike the manual method, this application allows you to export selected folders from Gmail to Thunderbird such as Inbox, Outbox, etc. You can export all or specific ones based on your need.
  • Export in Bulk: This application is a time saver. It allows you to export emails from Gmail to Thunderbird in bulk. You can also export entire account folders in one action.
  • Save Email Header: This utility also allows you to save email headers. If you include email headers during export, you can navigate through the full email path.
  • Manage Multiple Account: This software allows you to add multiple Gmail accounts to Thunderbird. Hence, you can add any number of account into the tool, in order to export their data to Thunderbird Mail.

In Conclusion

In this article, we have explained the best two solutions to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird. Users can either choose manual technique or professional software. Whereas the manual techniques involves many technical aspects, the professional software is easy to use. using Both methods are suitable, and you can use either one depending on ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the requirements for adding Gmail to Thunderbird?

Answer: You must first enable IMAP settings in Gmail. Without IMAP settings enabled, you won’t be able to add Gmail to your Thunderbird account.

Question 2: My Thunderbird app is not working with Gmail, what are the possible issues?

Answer: Make sure you enter the correct IMAP/SMTP information for Gmail in Thunderbird. You can configure it manually instead of automatic setting.

Question 3: What are the benefits of using Gmail with Thunderbird?

Answer: Thunderbird lets you manage multiple accounts and keeps your data local and secure. You can add Gmail and many other accounts in Thunderbird to manage them better.

Question 4: What are the benefits of using professional software to export Gmail to Thunderbird?

Answer: The utility offers many benefits. Unlike the manual method, it allows you to export all folders or specific folders in a short period of time.

Question 5: Can i only add the Gmail inbox to Thunderbird?

Yes. With the software, you can add only Inbox mailbox from Gmail to Thunderbird. On the software right panel, you can select and deselect folder based on your preference.

Question 6: Is it safe to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird?

Yes. It is totally safe to to export from Gmail to Thunderbird as it will serve as a backup of your data. Also, exporting does not affect any existing data in Gmail.