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Export & Convert Postbox Accounts & Profiles into Email File (EML, MBOX & PST), Document File (PDF, HTML, Text) & Email Service (Gmail, Office 365, IMAP)

  • Convert Postbox Accounts & profiles in Batch Mode
  • Export All Postbox emails, Folders , sub-folders, Smart Folders etc
  • Automatically detect Multiple Postbox configured Account mailboxes
  • Supports to Export Postbox email folders : Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts etc.
  • Browse Postbox mailbox data files : .mbox, .sbd folders using Folder Mode
  • Migrate complete Postbox email with attachments
  • Converts Postbox Accounts & Profiles to Email File , Document File & Email Accounts
  • Save Email addresses, Phone numbers, attachments from Postbox emails
  • Examine metadata in 4 different views: Content, Message Header, Hex, Raw Message
  • Search & Selectively Export from Postbox folders by Email fields & Date Range

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Free Demo Version Limitation: Postbox Converter will Only Convert 10 Emails from Each Folder

postbox converter software

Best Postbox Converter Tool

A Versatile Postbox Converter Software

The 4n6 Inc. Postbox Converter Program is widely used and trusted software all around the world. It is a Windows-compatible program that may be used by any user, whether technical or non-technical. It's a completely user-friendly program that allows you to convert Postbox emails even if you don't have a Postbox account since it allows you to manually choose Postbox files or folders from the device.

all-in-one postbox converter tool

An All-in-One Software

The Postbox Converter Wizard is an all-in-one tool that can do much more than simply convert your files to 9+ different saving formats. It allows you to search for emails by time, address, file size, and even subject. It also includes a viewer tool that lets you examine Postbox emails in a variety of ways. Postbox emails may be viewed in Hex mode, as well as their Hex and Raw values, for in-depth research.

4 Steps to Postbox Converter Wizard:

  • Step-1: Download Postbox Converter and Install
  • Step-2: Upload Postbox File / Folders to the Software
  • Step-3: Preview Postbox Emails in 4 Preview Modes
  • Step-4: Select Export Option and Convert Postbox Files

Main Features

Postbox Converter Software - Key Features

Export Postbox Accounts & Profiles

This Postbox conversion tool scans Postbox Accounts and Profiles in Batch Mode and convert them to Email File (EML, MBOX, PST), Document File (PDF, HTML, Text), and Email Service (Gmail, Office 365, IMAP). This app also allows you to fetch Several Postbox setup Account mailboxes and convert them easily.

Export Postbox Email with Attachments

All Postbox email files, including Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts, and others, can be converted with full emails and attachments using the Postbox email converter method. Every attachment's file properties are identical to those found in Postbox files. I.e., in the same format as they were in Postbox.

Convert data from Postbox Profiles

With this Postbox converter software, user can select preferred file / folder for browsing Postbox data , For this purpose, two options are available :

  • Open Postbox Configured Account : Using this option users can fetch profile’s mailboxes directly from Postbox Profiles configured by default.
  • Choose Folder : This alternative allows users to access Postbox data files, including *.mbox files and *.sbd directories, from their default location.

Supports Multiple Extraction Options

The Postbox Conversion Tool allows you to extract data from Postbox mailboxes as required. To extract needed data from emails, use the following extraction filters:

  • Extract only Email Addresses: It helps users to save only email addresses from POstbox files and directories in a Text File (.txt) format. Additionally, filters such as extract email address from attachments and select field to extract from email address are available (From, To, Cc, Subject, Message Body , Message Header)
  • Extract only Attachments : It helps you to retrieve attachments from Postbox messages in the way you want.
  • Extract only Phone Number: It helps you to retrieve only the phone numbers from emails stored in a text file (.txt). Before extracting , this tool shows phone numbers.
  • Extract Associated Email & Phone Numbers: It helps you to collect associated emails and phone numbers to CSV files. prior to exporting, this choice shows the found Associated Email and Phone Numbers.

Conversion to Multiple Destinations

TAs per users requirement & preference , you can select from numerous export types such as

  • Email Files – Convert data in EML, MBOX, and PST (single PST for all folders / individual file for each folder) file formats. Additional exports are available with these export options, such as Create Empty Files, Remove Old Folders, and Include Email Folders.
  • Document Files– You can store Postbox emails in PDF, HTML, and TXT formats. Additional exports are available with these export options, such as Create Empty Files, Delete Old Folders, Including Email Folders, and Include Properties. For PDFs, you get more options like (Show Page Numbers, Save attachments in folder)
  • Import into Email Services (Gmail, Office 365, IMAP)- You must have the following information for this choice: Backup Folder Name, Backup Email Address, and Password. For IMAP, you must also type the destination Mail client's Server Address and Server Port Number

Complete Mail Messages Preview

The message viewer in the Postbox Converter wizard shows whole messages, email directories, Sub folders, and their data objects, as well as formatting relevant messages, attachments, email headers, and meta-properties. There are four panes in this tool: Content, Message Header, Hex, and Raw Message.

  • In Content ViewUsers can conveniently see all of the essential properties of an email in Content View, such as the author, cc, bcc, topic, attachment name, and so on.
  • Message Header View helps to view email messages in detail : X-Mozilla-Status, Delivered-To:, Received:by , MIME-Version: etc.
  • Hex View is a mode that displays data in hexadecimal format.
  • Raw message View helps to view details such as Return-Path, Content-Type, Message-Id, DKIM-Signature, etc.

Advance Filters & Search Option

The Postbox Converter app has a powerful search feature that enables investigators to quickly search through Postbox emails by keyword, date, and name. Any user can easily locate or look for certain words or text information in email data objects using this Postbox Account Converter. This tool also allows you to check for similar patterns of messages within emails using attributes like Name, Date, Time, Subject, From/To, Cc, Content, Property Name, Value & ID, Size size, and much more.

Email Properties Are Maintained

Email features such as email addresses, subject lines, hyperlinks, internal references, and images are all preserved during the export process. When translating Postbox emails to diverse destinations, no changes are made to the message content or structure. Professionals can bulk convert Postbox emails with a tool that is integrated with several multi- functionalities in it. The app can be used by forensics specialists on any laptop that runs the Windows operating system. The Windows edition will be 10, 8.1, 8, or lower.

Software Specifications

Postbox Converter Wizard Tool - Requirements

Software Download

Size: 47.3 MB

Version: 4.2

Trial Limitations

Trial version of Postbox Converter permits you to export 10 messages from each folder.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz Processor

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Electronic Delivery

The product delivery is automatic. You will receive an email with the link to download the product and the activation key within a few minutes after the payment has been confirmed.

Software Screenshots

Postbox Converter Wizard - Screenshots
download postbox converter tool
submit postbox files
Preview postbox emails
select saving option
click save

Software Video

Postbox Converter Tool - Working Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Postbox Converter Software - FAQ

To convert Postbox Account messages, perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Free Download & run Postbox Converter tool.
  • Step 2: Choose Open Postbox Configured Account to fetch profile’s mailboxes directly from Postbox or Choose Folder to browse Postbox data files *.mbox files & *.sbd folders
  • Step 3: Preview Postbox email Messages in Content, Message Header, Hex, Raw Message View
  • Step 4: Choose Destination Export & extraction settings
  • Step 5: Finally select the destination location & Click on Convert.

Yes, you can use this app to store all Postbox email attachments. It has a different feature called "Extract only Email Addresses" that allows users to save only email addresses from Postbox data File and directories to a Text File (.txt) file. Additionally, filters such as extract email address from attachments and select field to extract from email address are available (From, To, Cc, Subject, Message Body, Message Header).

If your Postbox data files aren’t currently configured , then you can simply browse using Choose folder option. The default Postbox data file location is as follows :


You can import Postbox messages directly into email services like Gmail, Office 365, and IMAP. You must have the following information for this option: Backup Folder Name, Backup Email Address, and Password. For IMAP, you'll also need to type the destination Mail client's Server Address and Server Port Number.

Yes, the Postbox data migration service is built to only support one migration to a specific destination at a time. So you can make the conversion one after another.

Users Testimonials

Postbox Conversion Utility - Full Version Reviews