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How to Export Postbox to Outlook PST Format in Bulk?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

When it comes to data migration of the email account, your tools are very helpful, which makes the work a lot easier. Today I have to export Postbox to Outlook, I am confident that I will get a suitable solution for this too. Please help me ASAP. Many Thanks

It looks so satisfying when our valuable customers praise our solution and also trust that we will help them in the most satisfactory way with their different needs. And that’s what praises us for always being available to them and to user like you who has the same needs.

Well, you are here too; maybe you have the same need. Do not worry; your requirement will also be met. Trust us, you are about to export Postbox Emails to Outlook in the easiest possible way. And once you get the solution, we hope you will love it too.

An Appropriate Tool to Help You Export Postbox to Outlook

One of the perfect solutions that will change your view of the complexity of the task is the 4n6 Postbox Email Converter. This tool is the path that can lead you to your ultimate goal. This Postbox mail to Outlook exporter is easy to use and can export Postbox files to Outlook in the easiest possible way.

Now let’s explain why this toolkit is perfect for you and what values it generates for you and why you need to use it to export Postbox to Outlook. First of all, this tool is very efficient, requires very little effort on your part, and can get the job done in no time. All you have to do is select the account and do a few clicks and you’re done.

Do you want to know where to do those few clicks to achieve the goal with this application? Okay, look at the process. We provide the complete guide so that you know what to do when you run the application.

Procedure for Quickly Exporting Postbox to an Outlook Account

1. First of all, you need to Download Postbox to Outlook Exporter to the device.


2. Now you need to install the application by accepting some general terms. Once the tool is set up, please launch it to begin the process. Now you need to click on Open.


3. Click Desktop Email Clients and select Postbox Accounts to load files and folders.


4. You will then see that all the mailboxes from the selected account have loaded in the left pane of the tool.


5. Now you need to click the Export tab, then click on the PST from the drop-down list.


6. Click on the browse button then select the desired destination for the resulting files and then lastly, click on the Save.


You can then see that the process has started, regardless of the size of the data, it will only take a few moments and once the process is complete you will be notified of it. You also get a portal to access the file location directly from the tool.

Your task is now complete. Congratulations!

Now you can see for yourself that the process is so simple and small. Well, we already told you this utility is perfect for you. Now let’s tell you what other value it generates for you. To that end, we are offering you some of the features of the tool so that you look at it and see the benefits of using the software.

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Check out Some of the Features of the Postbox to Outlook Exporter

1. Simple Graphical User Interface: The task becomes easy to perform when the platform on which you are performing the task is easiest. As a result, the tool’s interface is very user-friendly, so you won’t even notice that this is your first time using this tool.

2. Easily Recognizes PostBox Account: This application is completely automated and this thing is reflected in its processes. It can easily recognize the account you configured with the Postbox. Not it becomes easy to upload all of the data at once.

3. Manually Select PostBox Files / Folders: This application can easily export Postbox to Outlook, regardless of whether you are configured with the account or not. You can manually select the Postbox files and folders from the device.

4. Export PostBox Mailboxes in Bulk: Do you know what makes this tool efficient? This tool can export Postbox emails to Outlook in bulk. You can easily select multiple folders to export to Outlook at the same time, with no restrictions. Now you don’t have to sit for hours.

5. Export  PostBox Emails with Attachments: If you have any doubts about this, we need to clear it now. This tool exports all the data and leaves nothing behind. E-mail, attachments, contacts, and anything else, you can export everything.

6. Export Emails Including Email Headers: Need to see the email route? Would you like to see which path this e-mail came from? Well, you can do it easily. All you need to enable the option that says “Include the email header”.

See how useful this application is. Well, there is more to know about this tool. We can only say that there are many surprises waiting for you. So go and get the tool quickly.

In Conclusion

It has now become very easy to export Postbox to Outlook and the reason is the Postbox Exporter. This tool gives you all the convenience you need in getting the job done. This software is reliable and can get the job done in no time. So we strongly suggest you use this tool and experience it for yourself.

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