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How to Migrate Postbox to Thunderbird Desktop?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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4 Minutes

This article is useful for those users who need to migrate Postbox to Thunderbird account. In this 4n6 guide, we will explain each steps to perform this task without facing any type of hassle. So let’s begin the topic by mentioning the query we received:

Dear 4n6 team, can you please provide me a method to migrate Postbox to Thunderbird account. This task is really urgent for me. Please help

This is the request our support team received yesterday asking for a solution. So, we decided to cover this query in this blog to help those who needs to perform this task. So, without any further talk, let us offer you the efficient and reliable solution for this.

A Reliable Solution to Migrate Postbox to Thunderbird

4n6 Postbox Converter Tool is is the most reliable, safe, and instant method for Windows users. This utility is helpful to migrate complete data from Postbox to Thunderbird account without facing hassle. The tool allows users to convert Postbox emails, attachments to Thunderbird desktop. The tool offers several advance features for the ease of users.

This application is efficient and takes very little time to complete the migration. In some easy steps, you can easily import Postbox data to Thunderbird account. Also, we assure you that this solution will provide you accurate result. It maintains all the properties of your Postbox data when converting into Thunderbird account.

Working Procedure of Postbox to Thunderbird Tool

1. Download the Postbox to Thunderbird Migrator to your device.


2. Now prepare to install the application and launch it. Once you have completed the installation by agreeing on some terms and condition, run the app.

run the tool

3. Now, firstly click on Open tab.

click open to migrate postbox to thunderbird

4. Then click on Desktop Email Clients to select Postbox Accounts.

choose postbox

5. You will then see all the mailboxes from the selected account have been loaded in the left pane. When the loading is complete, you can preview the files.

preview data

6. Now you need to click Export tab and then click Thunderbird from the drop down menu.

choose thunderbird

7. Click the Browse button to select the desired location for the resulting files and finally click the Save

You can now see that the migration has just started. This process will take only some moments.

We assume that you are no longer afraid of the process, since you can see for yourself that it is very convenient and also very small. Would you now like to learn more about the tool to see what else this can do? If so, then you need to take a look at some of the features that we offer you here. These features give you an inside look at the tool, so give an eye on them.

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Learn Some Features of the Postbox to Thunderbird Migrator

1. Manually Select Postbox Mail Data:  This solution is developed for all type of users. If you are not configured with the Postbox account and only have the mailboxes, you can also migrate them. You are free to manually select the Postbox files and folders on the device.

2. Migrate Selected Mailbox from Postbox: This incredible solution loads all your Postbox mailboxes on the left panel. Now, this application will allow you to check only those folders whose data you need to migrate into Thunderbird account.

3. Bulk Migration from Postbox to Thunderbird: Even if you have many mailboxes in the Postbox account, you can migrate them in no time at all. This app is very capable to migrate Postbox to Thunderbird in bulk. There is no need to browse Postbox data one by one.

4. Check the Complete Postbox Data Preview: If you don’t have a compatible application to access the Postbox emails, don’t worry; this application is here to help you. With this tool, you can easily preview the complete Postbox data such as emails, attachments, email headers, and other information.

5. Export Email Headers of Postbox: It is the most amazing application to migrate Postbox to Thunderbird account. The tool has the ability to convert Postbox accounts data such as emails along with header information to Thunderbird account.

These are just a few of the wonderful features of the Postbox to Thunderbird converter. There are many more that may assist users in achieving the desired conversion.

In Conclusion

In the above 4n6 content, you will most the perfect software to migrate Postbox to Thunderbird desktop. The application is useful to export complete data from Postbox account to Thunderbird without losing a bit of information. Feel free while using the software. This amazing utility will give you accurate and safe conversion in some steps.

So, don’t wait more. If you need to perform such task, download the application, and get the conversion started.