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Search Email in Gmail based on Time Frame, Address & File Size

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

While saving and exporting emails from Gmail may be simple, searching for emails based on a specific date, email address, or even time period may be highly challenging. When the data is infinite, the problem gets really bad. But if you decide to read the article, you might lighten your load. This article provides a thorough explanation of how to search for specific emails in Gmail. As a result, we advise you to read this entire post to find an immediate solution to your problem.

The Best Way to Search Email in Gmail

The Gmail Backup Wizard is a well-known and extensively used multi-purpose application. The application works best when used as a search tool for Gmail emails as well as for exporting them. It is a program that may be run on devices that support the Windows operating system. It allows you to search emails from a certain date in Gmail as well as emails from specific email accounts. Look at the proper description below to completely grasp how to use the tool to search email in Gmail by date.

download button

How to Search for Specific Emails in Gmail? The Proper Explanation

  • Download and install the Email Search Tool for Gmail on any Windows-compatible device. Once downloaded, complete the installation process. Finally, launch it to search for emails in Gmail.
    download search tool for gmail email
  • Click the Open tab, then select the Add account option from the menu that appears.
    click add account option
  • Fill up the necessary areas with your Gmail email address and password, then click the Add button.
    enter gmail credentials
  • The tool will now validate your account credentials, and if they are legitimate, it will load all connected folders.
    loaded gmail folders
  • You can preview the Gmail email folders once they have been loaded into the program.
    preview gmail emails
  • To search for specific emails in Gmail, you must now click on the Search bar.
    click search bar to search email in gmail
  • To search emails from a certain date or time period in Gmail, use the advanced Search option.
    use advanced search option to search for particular emails in gmail

So, with this level of ease, you may search email in Gmail while simultaneously using additional criteria. However, as previously said, the software is more than just a search engine. To fully comprehend the tool’s potential, we recommend that you examine some of the characteristics listed below.

Read Traits to Gain a Better Understanding of the Tool

  • Easy to Use: The application’s best feature is its user interface. The search tool for Gmail email has a fairly simple graphical user interface. Users with no technical expertise, as well as those utilizing the tool for the first time, will have no problems.
  • Preview Mode: In addition to searching emails, the tool excels at reading them as well. In addition to the default mode, you may use the program to view emails in other modes as well. For a more thorough inspection, you can look through Gmail emails in raw, hexadecimal, and header format.

The Best Search Tool: The application’s ability to rapidly and easily search email in Gmail makes it the best search tool. You can utilize the tool to look for emails based on specific criteria, such as;

  1. Search for Specific Emails in Gmail
  2. Search Sent Email in Gmail
  3. Search Emails from a Certain Date in Gmail
  4. Search Email from Particular Email Address
  5. Search File Size by Unit
  • More Than a Search Tool: The application not only allows you to search specific emails in Gmail, but it also allows you to export them. The tool may also be used as a backup tool for Gmail emails. It allows you to convert your Gmail account to AOL Mail, Yahoo, Zoho, and other cloud services.
  • Compatibility: The tool to search emails from a specific date in Gmail is compatible with all devices running on the Windows operating system. You can use the tool to search for specific emails in Gmail on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and below.


While it may be tricky to search email in Gmail; we have made it the simplest for you. The 4n6 Gmail Backup program has been made available for usage. If you wish to search for specific emails in Gmail on Windows, use this tool. In addition to search emails, the application may also be used to export Gmail emails to PST, MBOX, PDF and more file types. We propose you download the tool soon and use its sample version to fulfil your task.