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Trusted Method to Migrate Gmail Emails to AOL Mail Account

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes

Summary: This blog will teach you how to migrate Gmail emails to AOL Account using our trusted method. For the convenience of our readers, we will also outline the step-by-step process for completing this activity.

Let’s begin this topic with the most recent user query we received:

Query We Received: Dear team, could you please provide me a direct method to migrate Gmail emails to AOL account.

I have been utilizing my Gmail account for official purposes for quite some time. However, due to certain constraints, I’ve opted to move to AOL Mail. However, I do not wish to abandon my Gmail data. So, I decided to move my crucial Gmail data to AOL Mail account. I attempted to find the method but was unable. Once I tried your migrating program, it was quite helpful. So, could you kindly give me with a helpful way once more?

Response We Provided: Dear Joan, our Gmail Backup Software is available for you to download and use. This tool will assist you with migrating all of the data associated with your Gmail account to AOL, including any properties that need to be transferred.

After providing him with this application, we decided to post it on our blog to assist others in performing this operation. So, if you are in need to do so, follow the simplest steps mentioned below.

Migrate Gmail Emails to AOL Mail Using 4n6 Software

1. Download the Gmail to AOL program on your Windows-based PC. It is a free edition that allows you to evaluate the program and transfer some data to your AOL Mail account.


2. After downloading, install it properly on your Computer and Run. Then, click Open from menu.

click open to migrate gmail emails to aol

3. Now, you will have three options, choose Add Account from it.

click on add account

4. Here, you have to enter your login details of Gmail account and Gmail IMAP Server details. Then, click Add.

enter login details

5. Once you hit on Add button, the app will instantly load all the mailboxes on the left panel.

loaded folders

6. Click on the email folders if you need to preview your Gmail content, headers and more.

check preview

7. Now, click on Export tab and choose IMAP as saving.

choose aol mail

8. Here, please fill the login details of your AOL Mail account and IMAP Server details.

enter login details

9. Lastly, click on Save button to begin the migration from Gmail to AOL Mail account.

enter login details

Check the Live Working Status

You can view the live transfer from Gmail to AOL Mail on your computer’s display. This process of migrating will just take a few seconds. Therefore, please wait. Moreover, we guarantee that our program will deliver accurate findings. Therefore, feel at liberty when utilizing this program.

Read More About Gmail to AOL Software

It is an application that can move all of your data and emails from your Gmail account to your AOL Mail account completely. One can quickly obtain the intended migration with the help of this program by utilizing the remarkable feature that it offers. Therefore, please have a look at some most incredible features of this app:

  • Migrate Complete Gmail Data: With this utility, users can easily migrate complete Gmail account data to AOL Mail directly. It can easily migrate Gmail emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and other data.
  • Transfer Gmail Mailboxes in Batch: Using our application, you can migrate multiple Gmail mailboxes data to AOL Mail at once. So, there is no need to selected Gmail data again and again to perform migration.
  • Migrate Gmail Email Attachments: With this software, you can also migrate your Gmail emails to AOL including attachments. Also, you can extract email attachments from Gmail account.
  • Preview your Gmail Account Data: Also, with our tool, it is possible to preview your Gmail data before migrating them into AOL Mail account. You can view Gmail content, email headers, hex values, attachments, and more.
  • Migrate Required Mailboxes Data: If you just need to migrate selected Gmail mailboxes to AOL Mail account, it is possible with this app. The app allows you to check only those folders whose data you need to migrate into AOL Mail account.
  • Offer Multiple Saving Options: With our app, you can migrate Gmail emails to AOL and other savings like PST, PDF, G Suite, Exchange Server, Amazon Workmail, and more.
  • Migrate Message Header Information: It is the only application that supports to migrate header information. With this app, you can migrate Gmail emails to AOL Mail including header information.

Some Commonly Asked Queries

Is it possible to extract properties from Gmail account using this app?

Yes, with this app, it is possible to extract properties of Gmail such as email addresses, email attachments, phone numbers, and more.

Do I need to install any supportive app to migrate my Gmail emails to AOL Mail account?

No, you don’t have to install any supportive utility to perform Gmail to AOL Mail migration.

Can I use this software on my Windows 11 machine?

Yes, the application successfully supports all latest and earlier Windows versions like 11, 10, and more.

The Conclusion

You should now be aware of the process for transferring Gmail emails to AOL Mail accounts. The app we’ve recommended has been thoroughly tested and verified to produce accurate results. With the app, one can easily migrate Gmail emails to AOL including attachments, headers, and more. We really hope that the software will be useful to you.