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How to Migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 9th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

This technical article explains top ways to add Gmail to Yahoo Mail. Here, you will go through all the settings needed to automatically forward Gmail emails to Yahoo Mail. Also, if you want to migrate Gmail to Yahoo permanently, here is the solution for you as well. So, let’s start with this informative write-up.

How to Forward Gmail to Yahoo Mail?

  • Sign in to Gmail and select Settings in the upper right corner.
  • Now, from the Settings menu, select “View all settings“.
  • A number of header tabs will display when a new Window opens.
  • You must navigate to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Now, from the Forwarding section click Add forwarding address.
  • Enter Yahoo Mail address in the pop-up box and click Next.
  • Confirmation windows will popup asking you to confirm your wish to forward Gmail to Yahoo address. You must click the “Continue” button.
  • A confirmation code will be sent to your Yahoo Mail by Gmail.
  • You must sign in to your Yahoo account and open the confirmation email.
  • Open the link in the Mail and Click Confirm. A confirmation success message will display.
  • Return to your Gmail account and reload the page.
  • Yahoo mail address will now be added to the forwarding section.
  • You must enable the “forwarding a copy of your inbox” to Yahoo address and click the Save Changes
  • Now, emails received in Gmail will now be automatically forwarded to Yahoo Mail.

So, these are the only settings/procedure you need to follow to forward Gmail to Yahoo Mail. You probably already know that through this procedure, you can only add new incoming emails from Gmail to Yahoo. If you want to add old Gmail emails/mailboxes to Yahoo Mail, you have to follow different migration procedures that we have discussed below.

How to Migrate Gmail to Yahoo ?

4n6 Gmail Backup software is the smart solution to migrate Gmail mailbox to Yahoo. This software is efficient and allows you to add multiple Gmail folders to Yahoo at the same time. It is secure and maintains data integrity throughout the migration procedure.
This Gmail to Yahoo migration software is all in one and allows you to perform multiple tasks besides migrating emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail. You can download the tool for free from the given link but before that, please see the working steps below.

Steps to Migrate Gmail Emails to Yahoo.com

  • Download, install and launch the software to migrate Gmail to Yahoo.
    download the tool to migrate gmail to yahoo mail
  • Click the “Open” button and select the “Add Account” option.
    click open and add account
  • Enter your Gmail email address password in the given fields and click the Add button.
    enter yahoo credentials
  • You can now see that all the Gmail folders are now loaded in the left panel.
    loaded gmail folders
  • Now, you have to click the Export button and select the IMAP option.
    select imap option
  • Enter your Yahoo email address and password, then click the Save button to start the migration.
    click save to migrate gmail emails to yahoo

The tool will verify your account credentials, and if they are correct, it will start transferring the data. Once the procedure is completed you will be notified.

So, this is how you can migrate Gmail to Yahoo with the help of the software. If you want to know the advantages of this utility, you can read below.

Key Features of the Smart Software 

  • The software has a simple interface which is useful for both technical and non-technical users.
  • It allows you to migrate all mailboxes from Gmail to Yahoo in one action.
  • Migrate emails and attachments from Gmail such as documents and photos to Yahoo Mail.
  • It has a search bar that allows you to find emails from a specific time frame or headers.
  • It also allows you to check hex and meta values of Gmail emails for forensic purposes.
  • This application is completely standalone and does not require you to download additional settings to migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail.
  • It is completely secure and aims to preserve the email structure while the migration is in progress.
  • This software is all-in-one and can also migrate emails from Gmail to Outlook.com, Office 365, AWS, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can i auto forward Gmail to Yahoo Mail?

Answer: Yes. You just need to add Yahoo email address in the Gmail auto forwarding section.

Question 2: Can i directly add old Gmail mailboxes to Yahoo Mail without any third part software?

Answer: No. There is no direct option to migrate Gmail to Yahoo mail. You have to use third part software such as 4n6 software.

Question 3: I am unable to add Gmail account in the software? What is the possible issue?

Answer: You must make sure that you have enabled IMAP settings in the Gmail. You can not add Gmail account in the tool without enabling IMAP.

Question 4: I want to disable auto-forwarding from Gmail to Yahoo. What is the procedure?

Answer: You need to go to the section where you have added the Yahoo address. There you can either disable the auto-forwarding option or can also remove the address to prevent redirection of emails.

The Final Words

In this article, we have explained a simple way to forward Gmail to Yahoo Mail. The forwarding action is only for redirecting new emails and not old ones. So, if you want to add your old Gmail emails/mailboxes to Yahoo, we have provided the best software for that as well. Using the suggested software, one can easily migrate Gmail to Yahoo easily with all attachments.