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How to Remove Duplicate Photos From iPhone Mobiles?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
July 19th, 2023
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6 Minutes Reading

If you are looking for solutions to remove duplicate photos from iPhone, you have arrived at the right blog. iPhone by Apple is a major smartphone brand, only next to Android, with features like foreground blur in portrait photos. iPhone users love the features Apple gives them for clicking images and videos with the clarity of a camera. If you are an iPhone user, you have the best phone with the best photographic features in your hands. But duplicate photos spoil the fun of using an iPhone for photography purposes.

We will discuss the reasons and solutions to delete duplicate pictures in iPhone mobiles, so keep reading the blog!

Reasons to Delete Duplicate Pictures from iPhone

There are many reasons to remove duplicate photos in iPhone, and some of these reasons are:

  • Conversation apps like WhatsApp and Telegram save the same photos twice since many groups in these apps share the same images repeatedly.
  • Repeating iCloud sync on your iPhone or MacBook is another reason to remove duplicate pictures from iPhone.
  • The default Photos app stores the same image in different formats (like HEIC and JPEG). It counts for duplication and prompts you to remove duplicate photos from iPhone.
  • iPhone has a Burst mode that allows you to click multiple photos. When you use this mode, iPhone takes multiple high-speed images you can later select from. And this burst mode causes duplication since you capture a single subject multiple times to save a perfect photograph.

These reasons necessitate the urgent removal of duplicate photos from your iPhone, and the solutions in the following points will help you prevent the duplication issue!

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Manual Solutions to Remove Duplicate Photos in iPhone

The manual solution to get rid of duplicate photos in iPhone involves using the default Photos app. We will discuss two ways to delete replica images from the Photos app.

#1 First Method

The first method involves deleting duplicate photos directly by selecting them manually. The following steps describe this process more effectively:

  1. Open the Photos application on your iPhone.
  2. Select duplicate photos under Library on the bottom toolbar.
  3. Click the Trash icon on the bottom-right corner and click Delete X Photos.
  4. Confirm the deletion action and the duplicated images get deleted from your Photos app.
  5. Go to the Recently Deleted album and click the Trash icon to delete duplicate photos on iPhone.

#2 Second Method

Since the first method’s effectiveness in removing duplicated photos gets hampered by the time taken in manually selecting the replica images and then deleting them, we will discuss another method that’s more efficient in deleting duplicated images in iPhone devices than the first one.

This method involves the Duplicates folder in the Photos app. Apple has made a Duplicates folder that categorizes two similar photos automatically. This method has another benefit: Merge Duplicates, meaning that your iPhone merges the duplicated images with higher quality while shifting the rest to the Recently Deleted album.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos in iPhone Mobiles?

  1. Open the Photos application and go to Albums.
  2. Select Duplicates under Utilities (below Imports).
  3. Select the images you wish to merge.
  4. Tap Merge and click Merge X Duplicates (X denotes the number of duplicate photos you want to merge).
  5. The photos with higher image quality get merged, and the rest of the duplicated photos move to the Recently Deleted album.

The manual solution to remove duplicate pictures from iPhone deduplicates the Photos app perfectly. But the time taken to delete replica iPhone photos makes it less preferable. Also, you can mistakenly delete other images permanently unless you plug your iPhone into your MacBook/ iMac and use the Time Machine to retrieve them. These drawbacks restrict the usage of the manual method.

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Automated Solution

The manual method for removing duplicate photos from your iPhone is perfect for deleting them, but the drawbacks restrict the usage. Hence, an automated tool is the best solution to remove duplicated images on your iPhone. The tool we are discussing here can deduplicate your iPhone in just a few minutes, ensuring perfect accuracy in removing duplicate photos from the iPhone. This tool is the 4n6 Photo Duplicate Remover.


Features of Software

  • Batch deletion feature to remove all duplicate photos in iPhone at once.
  • Freedom to delete duplicate pictures from iPhone based on specific file extensions.

Steps to Remove Duplicate Photos from iPhone?

  1. Put all iPhone photos on an external storage drive and connect the drive to a windows pc.
  2. Install the tool, run it, and click Proceed to begin deduplicating your iPhone photos.
  3. Click Browse under Select Drives and Folders and select your iPhone for the scanning process.
    choose location to scan
  4. Choose a particular filter for scanning the photos based on specific criteria. The tool has a File name, Extension, Ignore File, File Type, and Size Filter for easy selection.
    file type filter
  5. Click Scan Duplicates to start the iPhone scanning process. The tool will scan and select the duplicate photos with their size in your iPhone.
    scan duplicate photos from iphone
  6. Software is scanning to find duplicate photos from iPhone.
    get rid of duplicate photos in iphone
  7. Click Remove and begin your iPhone deduplication.
    remove duplicate photos from iphone
  8. Open iPhone’s Photos app to view the original photos and clear the Recently Deleted folder.


Apple’s constant innovation in photography and videography for iPhone makes it the preferred choice for many smartphone users. This blog discussed the reasons and solutions to remove duplicate photos from iPhones. The manual solution involves the Photos app on iPhone for deleting duplicated iPhone images using either of the two methods we discussed. Although the manual solution is perfect for deduplicating the images on iPhone, the limitations restrict always using it.

The automated tool mentioned here to delete duplicate pictures in iPhone comfortably ensures quick deletion of duplicated images. This tool has an easy-to-access user interface that benefits users while they deduplicate images from their iPhones.

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