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How to Remove Duplicate Call Recordings from Mobiles?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 8th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

We record conversations with our friends and colleagues on our mobiles to hear them later. The massive storage options by mobile companies have helped us store almost all call recordings on our mobiles. All the fun and memories we create with these recordings get hampered by the issue of duplicacy. If you are amongst many smartphone users looking for solutions to remove duplicate call recordings from your mobiles, this blog is for you!

We will discuss the reasons and solutions to remove duplicate call recording files, so keep reading this blog!

Reasons to Delete Duplicate Call Recordings

There are many reasons for removing duplicate call recordings from your smartphones, and some of these are:

The first reason for removing duplicate call recordings is the abrupt freezing of our mobiles. Commonly known as the hanging issue, our phones suddenly freeze, and when we force to start them, the saved call recordings get duplicated.

Another way to describe this reason is the sudden factory resetting (or complete data deletion) of our smartphones, and if your call recordings get saved in a memory card, this sudden factory reset will corrupt it, and you get to see duplicated recordings.

Another similar reason to delete duplicate call recordings is the sudden rebooting (or restarting). Our phones suddenly reboot due to factors like overheating, system apps getting disabled, high storage, and too many applications running at once. All these factors lead to the call recordings getting duplicated.

These reasons necessitate the urgent removal of duplicate call recordings, and we will now discuss the solutions.

Manual Solutions to Remove Duplicate Call Recording Files

The manual solution for deduplicating call recordings involves deleting them from your Android and Apple smartphones. We will begin with Android phones, followed by iPhones.

For Android

Android smartphones store all call recordings, even duplicated ones, in the Recorder app (name varies according to the mobile brand). Follow these steps to remove replica call recordings from Android mobiles.

  • Open the Recorder (name may differ in each brand) on your phone.
  • Select duplicated call recordings (with numbers in parenthesis) from the Recordings folder.
  • Click Delete, confirm deletion, and click Delete again to remove duplicate call recordings from your Android phones.

For iPhones

Apple doesn’t have the facility to record phone calls and store them directly. If you are an iPhone user, you must install third-party call recording applications and record your calls. Thereafter follow below steps:

  • Open the installed call recording application.
  • Using the search option to find duplicate call recordings.
  • Choose a replica call recording and Delete it permanently.
  • Repeat the same steps again for another call recording.

Manual Method Limitations

The manual method of deduplicating ringtones on your phones (mainly Android mobiles since the iPhone doesn’t have a direct call recording feature) is successful only if you have a few duplicated call recordings, and it highlights the failure to delete a hundred or more duplicate recordings. Hence, an automated tool is perfect for deduplicating call recordings on your mobiles.

  • It is difficult to find duplicate call recordings manually for deletion.
  • An original call recording may be saved with a duplicate name and users may delete this.
  • Humans can make mistakes while searching and deleting duplicate call recordings.
  • It can remove duplicate call recording files one by one so this is time-consuming.

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Automated Solution to Remove Duplicate Call Recordings

Since the manual method to remove duplicate call recordings proves ineffective due to no rapid bulk deletion, an automated tool becomes the perfect solution for deduplicating call recordings on your mobiles. This tool can remove limitless duplicate call recordings from your mobile while ensuring no harm to the original audio file. This tool is 4n6 Duplicate Remover Tool.


Duplicate Call Recording Remover Features

  • Deduplicate your phone call recordings without altering the original files.
  • Duplicate Call Recording Remover swiftly removes duplicate call recording files in bulk.
  • Use the filters to select duplicated call recording files based on specific data.

How to Delete Duplicate Call Recordings from Smartphones?

  1. Plug your Android phone into your Windows computer (since we discussed Apple’s inability to record phone calls in the above section).
  2. Download the tool, open it, and start deduplicating call recordings on your phone by clicking Proceed.
    select proceed
  3. Select your phone under Select Drives and Folders and click Browse to begin the scanning for duplicated call recordings.
    choose location to scan
  4. Choose a filter to select specific call recordings based on the targeted data.
    file type filter
  5. Click the Scan Duplicates box to scan your phone for duplicate call recordings.
    scan duplicates
  6. You will see the duplicated recordings ticked by the tool, displaying their size and destination on your mobile.
    how to remove duplicate call recordings
  7. Click the blue Remove box to deduplicate call recordings on your Android mobile.
    delete duplicate call recordings
  8. Unplug your mobile and open the Recorder app to view all original call recordings.


Smartphones (mainly Android ones) have immensely helped us listen to the voices of our family and friends by creating a call recording feature. But we all have to face the issue of duplicacy of call recordings due to the reasons mentioned in this blog. We also discussed the solutions to remove duplicate call recordings using the methods described here. The manual solution can deduplicate call recordings only from Android phones (because Apple doesn’t have any call recording feature for iPhone) and only in lesser numbers. On the contrary, the automated tool mass-deletes the duplicated call recordings from your mobile without data misplacement.