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How to Remove All Data from Windows 10 Before Selling to Ensure Privacy?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for the software that can remove all data from Windows 10 computer? If so, then continue reading this blog. The best way to completely delete all data from your Windows 10 computer and permanently make it unrecoverable can be found right here.

The majority of people with technical backgrounds are aware that simply deleting files from Windows 10 doesn’t mean they are permanently gone. Even if we delete data from the recycle bin, we can still recover it using specialized software.

We are all aware of how quickly cybercrime is growing. Therefore, never simply delete your data and hand over your computer to someone else. Your personal, professional, accounting, and other data could be used improperly for their own gain.

So, what to do ? how to wipe data completely from Windows 10 computer? How to completely erase data from my Windows 10 computer? And the answer is using the well-known and regarded software 4n6 Data Erasure Wizard. We have tested this utility and can assure you that it will deliver 100% results. This application will delete your Windows 10 data in an unrecoverable manner. Windows 10 wiping software comes up with so many amazing features. You can remove required or complete data from your Windows 10 computer. You just have to follow some simplest steps to remove all data from Windows 10 computer.

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Software Walkthrough to Remove All Data from Windows 10 Computer

Read First: The application is available in both freeware and paid editions. This tool’s free edition allows you to test its full functionality and features without spending any money. It will also assist you in wiping data from Windows 10 that is less than 5 MB. The licensed edition, on the other hand, will assist you in completely erasing the Windows 10 machine.

Please follow the steps outlined below after free downloading or purchasing the software:

  • Install and run the application on your Windows 10 machine.
    run the app
  • Now, the Windows 10 wiping software will give you three options. Choose Disk from it.
    choose disk
  • Kindly check you disk and click on Next button.
    choose disk
  • Now, choose the option wipe free space or total space. (If you need to wipe all the data including free space, choose wipe total space option)
    choose wiping option.
  • Choose the method simple, advance, complex, and very complex to remove data from Windows 10 computer.
    choose wiping method
  • Finally, click the Wipe button to begin erasing data.

The software starts removing all data from Windows 10 computer. This Windows 10 wiping process will take a few moments. Please wait.

Please Note: The Start button cannot be undone once it has been pressed. The deleted data cannot be recovered. So, check again before wiping your Windows 10 computer. Do it only when you are absolutely sure.

Remove Data from Other Storage Devices As Well

With this solution, it is possible to remove all data from any storage devices including:

These are a few instances. It allows you to completely wipe all of your devices.

Points to Remember Before Wiping Windows 10 Computer or Other Device

Our Windows 10 wiping utility is a sophisticated and potent tool. Before using this or any other wiping software, you should take the following into mind:

  • Make a backup copy of all of your data somewhere else because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.
  • Your installed software will be completely removed. So please memorize those serial numbers or use .exe.

Some Key Advantages of Windows 10 Eraser Software

  • This app has a very user-friendly interface. You can easily use it to remove all data from Windows 10 without any technical assistance. So, if you are from non-technical background, don’t worry. You can still use it.
  • The tool has no file size limitation. With the help of licensed edition, you can easily wipe complete Windows 10 data without facing hassle.
  • This application is helpful to get the desired results. With this Windows 10 wiping software, you can delete free space only if required.
  • The solution successfully supports to wipe complete data from Windows 10 computer in easy steps.
  • It comes up with different wiping options including Simple, Advance, Complex, and Very Complex.
  • This powerful Windows 10 wiping application has the ability to wipe selected or complete data.

The Conclusion

Nowadays, because crime is on the rise, it is critical to maintain one’s privacy. So, before selling any storage device to another person, please wipe it first so that no one can misuse your data.

In the above content, we have explained how to remove all data from Windows 10. You can use the suggested application to delete data from Windows 11, Windows 8.1, and earlier editions. Also, the application is tested and powerful. You can safely use it to wipe all your Windows 10 data without facing any type of hassle. So, if you must, kindly utilize the advised app. It will greatly benefit you.