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How to Permanently Erase Browsing History & Protect Privacy?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

Note: This blog is all about how to permanently erase browsing history of any web-browser. Continue reading this article to learn the best way to delete browser history and its advantages.

Whenever you browse a web page or access a web app are always tracked and recorded by the web browser and the websites you visit. Such type of activity store in the form of web history and cache files. Most people think that clearing their browsing history is enough to protect their personal data. But this is not right. A lot of data about your browsing history is stored on your computer, including cookies. You must completely delete all of your browser history in order to make this private forever.

So, how do you completely delete your browsing history? Your mind is mulling over this query. No worries; you’ll find the best solution to your problem below.

Permanently Erase Browsing History with Authentic Software

4n6 Data Erasure Software is one of the most reliable, instant, and risk-free utility to accomplish this task. This software allows you to completely erase the browser history of any web browser. Once the app has finished wiping, no data recovery software can recover it.

One of the best features of this application is its simple user interface. So, even if you have never used software before, you will have no trouble using this application. Also, this software is compatible with all the edition of Windows such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and more. So, download the app on any Windows platform.


To permanently delete your browsing history, you just have to follow some simplest steps. Furthermore, the app provides numerous advanced and powerful utilities, making this utility the best.

Benefits of Wiping Browser History

  • By regularly deleting your browsing history, you greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of cyber-attacks.
  • In companies and organizations with a common workstation policy, such as call canters, it is common for more than one employee to use the same computer. The disadvantage of this practice is that it will result in a significant accumulation of personal data, including the browsing history of each user, on each PC. Organizations should permanently erase browsing history to protect privacy.
  • Everyone loves to browse the internet, but you don’t want these websites to track your identity. In particular, you do not want third parties to track your online activities on numerous websites. For this, it is required to permanently erase browsing history.
  • This will affect the speed of your browser. You can speed up the process by deleting history regularly.
  • In order to prevent anyone from misusing your browsing history, you can simply protect yourself by deleting it.

Why Choose 4n6 Browser History Wiping Software?

Numerous amazing features are offered by the software, such as:

  • Reliable, easy, and tested application to permanently erase browsing history in easy steps.
  • Once you delete your browser history using this software, it cannot be recovered using any other software.
  • We guarantee that the 4n6 Browser History Wiping software will produce the desired results for you.
  • The application also supports to wipe data from Pen Drive, External Hard Drive, permanently erase memory card data, and other portable storage devices.
  • You can use this application on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and earlier edition.
  • It is also possible to wipe free space using this powerful browser history wiping software.
  • There is no file size limitation imposed on the licensed edition of browser history erasure software.

These are just a few characteristics. Simply download or buy the application if you need to know everything about it.

The Abstract

In todays blog, we have explained how to permanently erase browsing history. Here, we’ve listed all the advantages of clearing your browser’s history and the best way to do it. So, without any second thought, just use the suggested application and get this task done without facing any hassle.