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How to Migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook.com Account?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Note: Get here the step-by-step method to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook.com account directly without losing any of its attributes.

Let’s begin today’s post with a recent user query:

“Hello there, it has been a very long time since I have used my Zoho Mail account. Now, in order to fulfil some professional responsibilities, I have to move all of my data into my Outlook.com account. I have looked all around for a solution, and I have found several. However, when I looked into that option, I discovered that it does not answer to the requirements that I have. Due to the fact that I have a significant amount of data, I will be migrating it all at once. Is there a solution that can simply migrate Zoho Mail to an Outlook.com account directly?”


There are customers that need to migrate Zoho Mail data to an Outlook.com account, according to a recent inquiry we received. Therefore, let us make an effort to find an answer to this question and present you with the most incredible application.

Tested Way to Migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook.com Account

4n6 Zoho Mail Backup Tool for Windows is the most reliable and high-rated application. This software is useful to migrate complete data from Zoho to Outlook.com account without losing data. Users are able to safely migrate their Zoho emails to Outlook.com by using this program, which migrates all of the email’s components including headers, attachments, hex values, and many more. Additionally, the program offers a highly intuitive and straightforward user interface. This program is user-friendly enough that non-technical users as well as technical users may use it without any difficulty.

You will also see that there are a lot of procedures you need to complete if you choose to go with one of the other alternatives. But our solution is trustworthy. It is a straightforward process that enables you to move your data from Zoho Mail to Outlook.com.

Complete Steps to Migrate Zoho to Outlook.com Account

1. Firstly, download Zoho to Outlook.com Migration tool on your Windows computer.

Note: Kindly use the free demo version firstly to test the working and features without investing anything.


2. Click on Open and choose Add Account from the list.

click add account to migrate zoho mail to outlook.com

3. Enter the login credentials of your Zoho Mail account and click on the Add button.

enter zoho mail credentials

4. This software starts analysing and loading your Zoho mailboxes. Click on it to check the complete preview of Zoho Mail data.

check preview of emails

5. Now, click on Export tab and choose Outlook.com as the file saving option.

choose outlook.com

6. Enter the login details of your Outlook.com account and click on Save button to begin the process.

saving process

That’s it. On the screen of your software, you have the ability to view the live functioning status. Kindly wait till the procedure is finished before continuing.

Stay Calm and Confident While Using the 4n6 Software

Our program for migrating from Zoho Mail to Outlook.com is entirely secure and trustworthy. This application is guaranteed to produce accurate results. When our solution migrates your data, everything is preserved. No modifications will be made to the original formatting of your emails. So, feel free while using this software. It will give you accurate migration without losing a bit of information.

Key Features of Zoho to Outlook.com Migration Software

  • Batch Migration Feature: Using this feature, one can easily migrate data from multiple Zoho Mail accounts to Outlook.com at once. There is no need to select Zoho mailboxes one by one to perform migration.
  • Selective Migration Feature: Also, using this app, you can perform the desirable migration. The tool allows users to check only those folders whose data they need to migrate into Outlook.com account.
  • Safe and Simple to Operate: This Zoho Mail to Outlook.com utility is completely tested and safe. Also, working with this software is really easy as it has a very simple graphical user interface.
  • Maintains Zoho Mail Properties: It is the greatest software for migrating Zoho Mail accounts to Outlook.com. Additionally, throughout the migration, this remarkable tool preserves the attributes. You will obtain reliable results, we are sure.
  • Simply Enter Credentials: In order to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook.com, there are no such procedure. You just have to enter the correct credentials of your Zoho Mail account and you are done.
  • Migrate Complete Attributes: This is the best utility as it supports to migrate complete data. The application supports to migrate Zoho Mail emails, attachments, email headers, hex values, and other information to Outlook.com account.

Frequently Asked Queries

Question 1 – Can I use this application to save email attachments from Zoho Mail account?

Answer 1 – Yes, it has the ability to extract all email attachments from Zoho Mail account.

Question 2 – Does the app only supports to migrate Zoho Mail data to Outlook.com only? Or it supports other savings?

Answer 2 – Yes, you can use this solution to migrate Zoho to other savings like Outlook PST, PDF, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange and more.

Question 3 – Can I run this solution on Windows 11 computer?

Answer 3 – Yes, you can download and use it on Windows 11, 10, and earlier editions.

Question 4 – Can I view my emails before migrating into Outlook.com account?

Answer 4 – Yes, the application provides the preview of your Zoho Mail emails, headers, and other properties.

Question 5 – Do I need to download any supportive application?

Answer 5 – No, this software is standalone and doesn’t required supportive application to migrate Zoho to Outlook.com.

The Final Words

Hope you are now aware of the best app to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook.com account. Using the above app, one can safely migrate complete data to Outlook.com account in some easy steps. So, if you want such migration, just go with our solution.