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Learn How to Migrate Yahoo to Google Workspace Account Directly in Bulk

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Note: Learn here the tried-and-true, simplest way to migrate Yahoo to Google Workspace account directly in bulk with complete steps.

On the internet, we have seen users are facing issues while searching for the solution to migrate Yahoo Mail to Google Workspace account. We have also observed that nobody has written on this topic. But, a request on this subject came in a few days ago, and that’s how we discovered that users are in need perform such migration. As a result, we’re going to capture this topic and offer users the most effective and straightforward answer.

Why Users Want to Migrate Yahoo to Google Workspace?

Several factors may lead users to migrate from Yahoo Mail to Google Workspace. A user’s demands might be better served by Google Workspace’s vast range of features and advantages. Better collaboration tools, increased security and privacy, and access to a wide variety of potent apps are a few of these. With a contemporary style and simple controls, Google Workspace application also offers a user experience that is simpler and more intuitive. And finally, a customer may end up saving money over time by using Google Workspace.

These are the primary reasons why users might need to switch their accounts from Yahoo to Google Workspace. Let’s get to the answer to this question now.

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How to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Google Workspace Account?

Stop your search right here if you’re looking for the manual procedures for bulk migration of Yahoo Mail to Google Workspace. There are no available manual steps. You must use any third-party software for this kind of migration.

One such software we have developed is Email Backup Software for Windows. It is the complete solution available to resolve all the requirements of users. With this software, users can safely migrate unlimited data from Yahoo to Google Workspace account without any limits. Also, the app supports the bulk migration facility which is really good to save time and efforts. With this application, it is also possible to migrate multiple or selective Yahoo Mail folders as per the requirements. Also, this application has the ability to preserves all the properties of Yahoo Mail account data during the migration process.

Many powerful features of the software are included; we’ll list them all below. Before that, let’s take a look at how to use this fantastic tool to complete this task.

Software Walkthrough – Yahoo to Google Workspace Tool

  • Download the software on your Windows computer and install it properly.
  • Run the application and click the Open button from menu.
    click open
  • Choose Add Account option and enter the login credentials of your Yahoo Mail account. Then, click the Add button.
    click add account
  • The software starts analysing and loading your Yahoo Mail folders on the left panel.
    loaded files
  • Click on the loaded folders and preview your Yahoo Mail account data before migration.
    preview data
  • Now, click the Export tab and select Google Workspace here.
    choose google workspace
  • Enter the login details of your Google Workspace account including IMAP Server details. Finally, click the Save button to begin the migration process.

The app starts migrating Yahoo Mail data to Google Workspace account. This migration process will take only some moments.

Once you get the completion message, please login to your Google Workspace account to check the migrated data.

That’s it. This is the process to migrate Yahoo to Google Workspace account.

What’s More We Can Do?

With this software, it is also possible to migrate Yahoo Mail account data to several savings including: Yahoo to Amazon Workmail, Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com, Yahoo to ProtonMail, Yahoo to Office 365, and more.

Explore the Main Features of the Software

  • Simple and Tested: This Yahoo to Google Workspace tool has a very simple user interface. Also, the utility is 100% tested and tried. Users will get the accurate migration.
  • Bulk Migration Feature: With this software, it is possible to migrate multiple Yahoo Mail folders to Google Workspace account at once. This batch feature is useful to save the time and efforts.
  • Selective Migration: If you are in need to migrate only selected Yahoo folders to Google Workspace account, it is also possible. The app load all the folders on the left panel. Now, you can check the required folders you need to migrate.
  • Preview All Your Data: Before the migration, the application provides the detailed preview. You can preview Yahoo Mail content, message headers, hex values, raw messages, and more.
  • Quick Search Feature: Yahoo to Google Workspace tool has a quick search feature for the ease of users. This feature will help you to find out selective emails only.
  • Direct Migration: As we have seen, direct migration from Yahoo Mail to Google Workspace is possible. You can directly migrate unlimited Yahoo Mail folders without losing a bit of information.
  • Windows Compatible: All Windows versions, both newer and more dated, are compatible with this software. For Windows 11 and other prior editions, you can install and use the solution.

If you wish to learn more about the capabilities of the software. Simply download the app for free right now. Freeware will help you to test the app without investing anything.


In the above post, we have captured the topic how to migrate Yahoo to Google Workspace account. Here, we have covered both the reason behind why users should do this and the recommended approach.

The application we have provided is 100% accurate and safe. With this app, you will get the exact results without altering and losing any information.

Thanks for reading the post. For any suggestion, contact us anytime.